Here comes the sun

A 3 day weekend come and gone.  I have spent the last two days locked up in my apt somewhere between sleep and reality.  Have had a fever.  Been listless.  And surprisingly, really hungry.  It's been beautiful weather so feeling blue that I haven't been able to enjoy it.  Have had people annoy me, confuse me, anger me, hurt me, all without ever leaving the house.  Needless to say, not a great weekend.  But in spite of my delirious condition due to a fever that, while not high, is enough to be bothersome I am excited about the upcoming months.  I absolutely love the fall.  Look forward to Halloween (ties with Christmas as my favorite holiday.  Other than my b-day that is.  Yes, my birthday is my own little holiday.).  Have a mini-vacation planned.  Which Lord knows I need.  Hoping to find a new apt soon.  Going to get that much deserved raise.  And pretty soon I can start thinking about gifts to give for Christmas.  I love buying presents!  And though being stuck at home for the last few days has not been ideal, it's given me time to sort through some conflicting feelings.  Now just need to find the courage to put words to those feelings.  Aside from that, the season changing soon brings new and wonderful possibilites of it's own.  And I can't wait to see what happens!




hope you feel better soon.  Laughing

missb can't wait for you to get back!  We've got lots to catch up on babe.  Hope you're having an awesome time with the family.

"You've got to be crazy, gotta have a real need."

Thanks guys, you rock. 


"You've got to be crazy, gotta have a real need."

Feel better love.


---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

Like Tuna said, just look ahead and don't turn back. Keep your head up high and find yourself a cute coat to go with those boots ;)

-Pain is weakness leaving the body- USMC OOrah!

you've come a long way baby! no looking back. just forge ahead. as women, when we have too much time on our hands, this is what we do.....think way too deep. put on those winter boots babe and walk all over it!

Tuna ><(((( '> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

Awww MIW, sorry to hear you were under the weather, but at least you put the time to good use.  I'm sure things are going to get better for you.  Im still on vacation,so I dont have as much access as I usually do. I'll be back next week.  Miss you girl!


What goes around comes around..don't forget it!

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