Here's my dress!


That's not me of course.  It's the photograph off the stores website.  It cost a little more than we expected, but I fell in LOVE.  My mom paid for a corset back to get sewn on it.  Originally it was just a zipper, but the corset really looks great, and it defines my waist big time! :)  I was happy and blessed that she offered to pay for it.

My ring is on my myspace, so check it out if you have a free minute.  (I have alot of ya on there, I think.)  There was a jewelry store closing, Whitehall, I think it was called, and we got all tha rings 60% off, plus an extra 15% for the weekend.  We got a great deal!!  






wow! congrats. much happiness! and im sure your day will be perfect. enjoy every second

Thanks everyone!!


juliek, I'm gettied married on Jan 16th... reception is the next day... :)



 Your dress is really beautiful.  A corset looks great.  I know the stress made me lose weight right up until the day - with a corset, you don't have to worry about pissing off your seamstress. :)

I'm so glad you got a such a great deal on your ring.   You sound like you are glowing.


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 LBL, What a beautiful bride you'll make! The dress is just gorgeous! You must be so excited and don't get me wrong, I'm sure you'd make a beautiful bride in jeans, it's just that the dress is awesome!

You may have mentioned this already, but when is the wedding?

I love your dress! Its awesome!!



Simply BEAUTIFUL! I love it.

Elegant. Not too busy just perfect.

i love the idea of the corset!  i actually logged into ms last nite and saw one of your bulletins.  you're wearing the ring, right?  very pretty.  the dress is lovely as well.  simple, classic.  you'll make a beautiful bride.  :)


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stunning! can't wait to see pics of you in it. you will look radiant !!



That's gorgeous!  Love the fact that it's going to have a corset look too :o


Congrats! :)

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