hmm -makes you think.

1.  If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one ability or
quality, what would it be?

2.  Would you be willing to become extremely ugly physically if it
meant you would live for 1,000 years at any physical age you

3.  Would you be willing to murder an innocent person it it would
end hunger in the world?

4.  For an all-expense-paid, one-week vacation anywhere in the
world, would you be willing to kill a beautiful butterfly by
pulling off its wings?

5.  If you were to die this evening with no opportunity to
communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having
told someone? Why haven't you told them yet? 

6.  If a new medicine were developed that would cure arthritis but
cause a fatal reaction in 1 percent of those who took it, would
you want it be released to the public?

7.  You discover your wonderful one-year-old child is, because of a
mixup at the hospital, not yours. Would you want to exchange
the child to try to correct the mistake?

8. You are given the power to kill people simply by thinking of
their deaths and twice repeating the word "good-bye." People
would die a natural death and no one would suspect you. Are
there any situations in which you would use this power?

9.  If at birth you could select the profession your child would
eventually pursue, would you do so?

10.  You have the chance to meet soneone with whom you can have the
most satisfying love imaginable -- the stuff of dreams. Sadly,
you know that in six months the person will die. Knowing the
pain that would follow, would you still want to meet the person
and fall in love? What if you knew your lover would not die,
but instead would betray you?

11.  Would you rather be given $10,000 for your own use or $100,000
to give anonymously to strangers? What if you could keep
$1,000,000 or give away $20,000,000?

12.  Your house, containing everything you own, catches fire; after
saving your loved ones and pets, you have time to safely make a
final dash to save any one item. What would it be?

13.  You are offered $1,000,000 for the following act: Before you
are ten pistols -- only one of which is loaded. You must pick
up one of the pistols, point it at your forehead, and pull the
trigger. If you can walk away you do so a millionaire. Would
you accept the risk?

14.  Would you be willing to have horrible nightmares every night for
a year if you would be rewarded with extraordinary wealth?

15.  Is there something you've dreamed of doing for a long time? Why
haven't you done it?




1. If I could have any one quality it'd be "self-belief"/"confidence".

2. I couldn't stand to exist so long that everyone around me passed away before my eyes.

3. No way, my consience would kill me first.

4. And again, no way, my consience would kill me first.

5. Frank Sinatra once sung "regrets, I've had a few but then again too few to mention" - that sums things up I think. I'm usually too open with my feelings and thoughts I tend to let my loved ones know so and appologise for the things I've done and/or said.

6. That 1% each have family who would feel the pain of their death - I couldn't give my consent for that.

7. Hmmm... you hear about this kind of thing all the time on TV and in magazines but I'm not sure how in actual fact I'd react or what I would do. I know for sure that I would feel cheated by the whole affair but whatever decision I made would be based on whatever is best for everyone else involved.

8. There are moments when I would consider it, I know that much...

9. No, freedom to grow is extremely important.

10. They say, it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all - I guess. Though I'm not saying that the pain from either scenario wouldn't drive me mad.

11. Does giving the money to my "wife-to-be" count? That way I'd get half of it anyway! Seriously though money isn't all that important to me, making people happy is so I'm sure you can guess my answer.

12. Perhaps the fire estinguisher in my hallway would be good choice? If not then the first picture of me and my fiancé Rebecca.

13. Erm... can a million really buy you that much these days? No I wouldn't.

14. When I was three years old my Dad had an accident that paralyzed him for life - he got a large amount of compinsation from his workplace (as did I as to a significant degree it affected my childhood) but every night I have nightmares about his accident. If I could give up the money for him to walk again I would. Nightmares can affect your life in such horrific ways.

15. Retiring! I've dreamed of having three children (two girls and a boy if lucky), providing for a lifetime for my family and then retiring. Why haven't I done it? I'm only nineteen years old right now!

You're brave. Being Psychic would scare me!

Thoughts are ofter primitive and not fully formed (how often do you think or imagine things before you fully understand or mean them - I do that a lot) and I think being able to read peoples minds would make me even more confused by them than I already am.

1. I would want to be psychic
2. No
3. No
4. No
5. Would regret nothing anyone that means anything already knows how I feel and am a very big believer in saying I Love You everytime we part ways be it the phone or in person or chatting online.
6. Possibly
7. Wow thats a really hard one, by that time you would be so attached to the child you have.
8. No life is to precious
9. No they should be able to make up their own minds how they want to live their lives when they get older.
10. No. and No.
11. I would rather give it away. There is so much joy in helping others less fortunate.
12. My Bible. Was given to me when I was 16 in memory of my great grandmother and it means the world to me.
13. No
14. No
15. Wanted to move south where its warm for a long time. Patiently waiting for my oldest kids to graduate high school so they don't have to move in their senior year. soon tho June is approaching fast.

i would agree i with miz. very tricky questions & my answers i couldnt even come up with.  On road trips, we take this book called, " Book of questions".  It has hundreds of pages & very interesting situational questions.  There is also one called, "The book of questions:  Love & Sex"  -i highly recommend this one! its fun ;)  One of the questions is:  If your lover kept a private journal that was easily accessible, under what circumstances might you read it without their permission?  For example, what if your relationship were on the rocks & you were confused about your partner's feelings? 



1. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one ability or
quality, what would it be?

2. Nope not at all because I really wouldn't want to live that long.

3. Absolutely not I think murder is absolutely wrong for whatever the reason.

4. No, I live without vacations now. lol

5. I don't regret anything. So I would say that I tell my family I love them very much every time I have the opportunity.

6. If a new medicine were developed that would cure arthritis but
cause a fatal reaction in 1 percent of those who took it, would
you want it be released to the public? Why not a lot of medicines now have serious reactions. You couldn't really say unless you were face with that problem.

7. I would say my own child, but keep the bond going with the other child. That would be really bizarre but now a days it happens.

8. Nope.

9. Well I think parents do that now. Some kids have their futures planned out for them and they do take that path. But I wouldn't want to do that I want to guide my kids in the right path but I want them to choose a job that suits them and makes them happy.

10. I've always heard this saying " I would rather loved and cried than never loved at all." Of course I would want that relationship I think the most satisfaction out of it knowing that that person had the most loved filled relationship right before they passed. No I wouldn't want to be with somebody who betrays me. I think when your growing up that one thing you always fear somebody doing to you.

11. Well I'd have to say keep the money right now because living pay check to pay check just isn't cutting it. But if I didn't need the money of course I'd give it aways.

12. My camera because it has all my memories.

13. Love life to much to do that.

14. Nope can't stand nightmares. I have them parlayed dreams that I hate and no moneys worth that.

15. I dreamed about going to school and providing a stable future for my family and I'm doing that now. I just can't wait to accomplish something so big.

1. I would like to gain the ability to find peace in simple things.

2. I guess I would say no to being "extremely ugly physically." So much of who we are in society is projected by what we look like and limits our connection to people because many are very biased. As unfair as that is. Living that kind of pain for any length of time is not something I could do.

3. I could never murder anyone. Karma is a beeeiotch!

4. I don't need a vacation badly enough to hurt even a butterfly. I am caring to a fault, I think.

5. I don't know if I would regret not having said something to someone. I am pretty open with my feelings and thoughts. If I love someone, I say so. If I'm sorry for something I did or said, I say so.

6. There is always potential harm in any medication on the market. I believe in freedom of choice. People would simply exercise their right to take something potentially fatal if that's what they wanted to do.

7. I would keep the children in mind. They have established a relationship with people, even if they were the wrong parents from the gate. I would hope to have it out in the open and have a connection with my birth child, but I would never take his/her parents away from them. Nor would I want to give up the child to whom I had developed love for since birth.

8. There have been many times I wish I could say "die MF'er" and have it happen but like I said, karma is a beeeiotch. And there have been a few times that I have uttered those words in heated debate only to wish I had never said them. You can't take back death.

9. I wouldn't want to choose a profession for my child. I believe everyone has the capacity for different things and who I am to say they should be doing one thing or the other? And anyway, it doesn't seem to work for people who expect their children to do what they tell them to do.

10. I would rather have a piece of the pie than nothing at all. The chance to experience "the most satisfying love imaginable" is worth it's weight in gold.

11. Okay, so everyone likes money. If I accepted a large amount of money for myself instead of more to give away, I could probably do more good in the long run with mine. I could still help people because people need more than material possessions. And no amount of money could ever satisfy all of anyone's needs. Money doesn't last forver. There's a saying like that. "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime."

12. There is a box of pictures of my girls taken while they were growing up, under my bed. These were taken before digital and are in print form. These are precious to me and irreplaceable.

13. I would never jeopardize my health for money. It has repercussions, not the least of which is the long term effect on my family. That's why I choose therapy and medication over suicide. Death has not been an option since I became a mother.

14. I have always had bad dreams and have learned how to talk myself awake when they get too scary. If I could still have that ability, then I would take the nightmares for money. Like I said, who doesn't like money?

15. I have always wanted a house by the water. In perhaps 6 months or so that's where I'll be! YAY!

^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^
do not meddle
in the affairs of dragons
for you are crunchy
and taste good with ketchup

^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^

Insight is really tricky. Most of the questions could never have an ultimate answer because at any given moment I think we are prone to changing our minds. For me, I'd consider it as long as it was something that wouldn't affect anyone else. Not even a little butterfly.

^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^
do not meddle
in the affairs of dragons
for you are crunchy
and taste good with ketchup

^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^

1. The ability to make myself go to college and actually study.

2. I don't think I'd want to live past 120 years old.

3. No

4. No

5. I think I'd have no regrets as far as things I'd say to people. I always tell the people I love that I love them. 

6. There are medicines released all the time that end up being pulled because they cause deadly reactions. When you test a product on animals you can't expect the results to be the same in a  different species.

7. I think 'd want my child. I'm not saying I wouldn't miss the other child but I'd want mine.

8. Yes.

9. No.

10. I think I would say yes. I'd still want to have met my fiancee even if  she were to die later. She'd better not die though, I plan on keeping her for a long, long time.

11. Right now I'd say keep the money but that's cause I'm broke right now.

12. My ladyfirend's grandmother passed recently and one of her baby dolls now lives here. I'd get that. I'm not that nostalgic so I could replace my stuff and be fine but that doll means a lot to the lady friend and now means a lot to my daughter.

13. Money ain't worth my life.

14. If someone could actually make me dream I'd take some nightmares.

15. Right now there's not really anything I've dreamed of doing that I haven't done or won't do in the near future. Travel, well I always want to travel but I'm going to Hawaii in three months. Retire? Well, I'm still a little young and broke for that. Going back in time is not possible (yet) so I can't do that.  

"I'm just like you only shorter."

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