Hypocrites, WNBA, and the Importance of Planning


Okay... so you know what... I have a confession... when I came to GuG, it was looking for codes to get into a private myspace page... that was almost a year ago.

Who's page you ask? (because I know you did)...  Some chick... aka, Boyfriend's "Best Friend"... now... this isn't why I dislike her... no, I hate her because of her personality... she's just one of those people I would hate no matter the circumstances of our meeting.  She got knocked up when she was a teen... got married and (surprise surprise) that didn't last... boyfriend met her because he wanted to... umm... how do I say this tactfully... sleep with her?... Whatever... I don't care, that was before I met him.  So anyway, she goes out partying all the time (leaving her kid with whoever... at least when I met her.. evidently she's 'changed' recently)... dressed like someone who should work on the corner of a street... I'm not exaggerating... she also was a 'Suicide Girl'... wow, what a role model she'll be for her daughter.

Before Myspace had the option to make profiles private, she had her page set to 14 years old... and as soon as it was an option, that box was checked too... up until recently (I'm talking, like last 2 months) her page has alllllways been private... since the beginning of time... (boy was I happy when the codes were out working)... so why am I ranting about her?

Well besides the nekkid pics of her I found on my boyfriend's computer recently (he says he didn't know they were there... ummkay)... her newest blog... let me quote a line...

"What the f***....everyone has private profiles now. Kinda defeats the whole purpose of this website doesn't it? Unless you're on the witness protection program or some sh**....your myspace page isn't that f***ing important. "

*edited for this blog

Well, evidently they are important to her if she's complaining about it...  

I actually started giggling... and then laughing until my sides hurt.... It wouldn't have been so funny if she hadn't already earlier in the same blog been hypocrite to all the young girls that go to her work dressed the way she used to... (used to meaning up until about 2 months ago.. again lol) Maybe she's just jealous that she can't fit into those clothes. 

Anyway, that's my rant... 

Last night I went with boyfriend to go see the Silver Spurs... I thought they were the dancers for the Spurs... but we actually have a women's basketball team... who knew?  6th row... pretty nifty... yeah, I'm not a sports fan, but it was kinda cool... although I freaked out when they wanted to check my bag before we went in... I spazzed for some reason... felt like airport security lol...

Afterwards we went to the Comedy Club... but the next show wasn't for an hour and a half, so we decided to go to the movies... well, first one was sold out... second one was just completely packed... so we went barhopping a bit... then came home.. very long night, and I'm still sleepy...

Needless to say, we discussed importance of actual specific planning lol... not our thing, but hey, we need to avoid weird situations like that in the future...

Okay, Ramen time... I'm hungry again :) 



Yeah, and he wonders why I don't want to hang out with them


wow that's really disrespectful. and innappropriate.

I guess... she's tolerable... but when they're together and I'm around I get excluded... boyfriend has this habit of literally turning his back to me and pushing me out of the way... also pretty much forgetting I'm there... I've had times where I just stand against a wall while they go around playing pool, or on the computer or whatever... different situations, different exclusions


I hate female "best friends".... I've had some really bad experiences with that euphemistic bullcrap...

it's usually worse when the girl is an ex, though.

is she nice to you at least?

He originally met her as a result of hitting on her.. but she was married so nothing ever came of that.


Did he ever succeed in his goal of sleeping with Ms. BFF? Or has their relationship been purely platonic.

lol, I care very much about him... I know I sit here and rant about him all of the time, but it's for venting reasons... I don't ever seem to need to vent over good things....

So as terrible as I seem to make the relationship appear, it's not that bad... and I don't actually see us separating in the future... at least not at the moment.


Since you are both together is it safe to assume that you still care about him?  You are so pretty and from reading your blogs, you have such a strong, deep personality.  sometimes men tend to be intimidated by that...and then they grow up....eventually..(no offense to all the good ones out there)


 To err is human, to forgive divine

Yep... and if he decides to screw me over for any particular reason, I'm sure his family would like to see this side of their son... seeing as he has a tendency to make me look like I'm the horrible one... He won't break up with me, he wants it to be 'my' decision if it happens... I figure it will be, and I have many reasons in my flashdrive as to why I don't need to be with him... 

Granted we're on good terms right now... this is just in case...


I haven't deleted them... I copied them to a flashdrive of mine... leverage... you understand lol

Exactly what I would have done. Leverage, because they will eventually come back saying they are sorry. And thus, it begins again.


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

Well this harddrive is from when he went around house to house collecting music and pics right before he went to Iraq (about a year ago)... so they're all old... and he may honestly not have known of them (strangely I found a photograph of him and some unknown girl and him making out with her, and messing around with her top off... this was right when we first started dating... sadly, on my birthday when he told me he was at work...) 

I haven't deleted them... I copied them to a flashdrive of mine... leverage... you understand lol 


If you haven't deleted the pics of his ex yet, go to the thumbnail and right click it. Go to properties. Look for the dates. They aren't necessarily accurate but it might give you a ball park time frame. If the dates are from a few days ago he's either lying or has a really bad memory. Keep in mind on one of my pictures in my computer it says it was created mid January 2007. It was taken a week ago. The modified date is correct though. 

"I'm just like you only shorter."


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