I just love being loved by so many

Well, now since I have been followed here by some "admireres" I figured why not say a great big warm welcome and yep, its me. I am known as green here and these are all my GuG friends. I have been here for almost 2 years (I think?) so go to my profile, visit my track page and see everything I have posted for the last 2 years. You may even find a few fun things here about you. I am a bit protective of my little corner away from the world, so keep it nice and perhaps you will learn a few things. For example the ways I have been able to see exactly what you and your peeps have been doing behind private profiles. Your pictures of drunken nights and some super private ones (new tattoo?). Pull up a chair get comfy and make yourself at home.... I double dog dare ya


*disclaimer= any reference to you is simply a coincidence 



I will now just take a bow and exit with class... thank you for your love and admiration




~Proud supporter of FATHER'S Rights~




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