Ideology- well not really.

So a friend of mine sent me an email today with all the differences between an east coaster (NY) and a west coaster (Cali), in their opinion.  In an attempt to get me to change my mind about moving.  (No I'm not moving to California.  Doesn't interest me.  No offense meant at ALL Cali peeps.)  I found it a bit amusing and began to wonder- "Gosh am I really that much of an a-hole?  Lol.   Maybe.

According to said friend these are some of the things to consider-

East coasters will say "F#&k you" to your face.  West coast people will smile at you and be thinking "F@%k you."

West coasters will stab you in the back.  East coasters will punch you in the face.

East coasters will let you know they hate you.  West coasters will pretend to love you.

They went on to ask if I really thought I could live my life being laid-back, mellow, bright and cheery all day long.  I replied- "I thought I was those things for the most part."  They said I was much more so than some other people but that I'd still never fit in anywhere other than here.  Could I give up wearing black all the time?  Could I walk behind someone who's moving along at a slow pace without tackling them to the ground, in order to get in front of them?  I get annoyed when a tourist stops in front of me to take a picture.  "Get out of my effing way!  You suck!"  (Never said but often thought.)  Could I stop and chit-chat while doing my grocery shopping?  Here no one talks to anyone.  If someone tries you give them a weird look and get ready to pull out your mace, lol.  We're suspicious of everyone.  I have this crazy hippie mentality but, at the same time, I've got that- in your face thing going on.  A result of where I'm from.  You can't be a wimp and make it in NYC.  I think it comes out even when I don't mean it to.  It's our way of playing.  That aggresive teasing is just that- teasing.  Maybe only an east coaster can understand?  Could I change change that about myself?  It can be oh-so fun.  Could I put that wall down, my friend asked.  I mean, can anyone change who they are after a certain point?  Or can you just improve yourself.  Acclimate?  I think it's worth a shot.  I just find it funny to study yourself thru another person's eyes.  Someone who is similar to you in their behavior only because you were both raised in the same place. 

My friends are all kind-hearted people.  We would all give the shirts off our backs to someone in need.  But we're not fake.  We don't pretend.  If we don't like you you'll damn well know it.  There's no time for bs.  That seems to be the case around these parts.  New Yorkers trust no one when they first come along.  We're weary of everything.  Maybe we're not used to the kindness of strangers even if we, as individuals are kind.  And these things may be more the reason to wander, to explore.  To get a taste of what life is like outside the cynical.  The neurotic.  Because deep inside I really do have that whole- 'smile on your brother', peace & love and hearts & butterflies thing going on.  I'd like to give it a chance to come out and play.  I mean, the beeeiotchiness will still be there a bit.  :)  Can't let all the fun go.




i figured out where your headed and i wanted a favor.  so when you move and get settled in to alaska, can you hook me up with sarah's digits?  lol!  kidding.

no but joking aside, where ever you go youll always be you.  just "when in rome..."  you'll acclimate or not.  but its going to be awesome.  ok i had room for one more joke.  lol.

This is great. I'm all East Coast. In skateboarding you see comparisons between East and West Coast skaters. Out West they're more jock like and snub any skate spot that's not perfectly smooth. Definitely more industry oriented out there. Here in the good, uh I mean East Coast skaters are tougher. Complain less and can generally skate anything, crusty and uneven or not. We have (real) winter so summers mean more to us.

I say East coast is the best and I will rep it forever. DFFL.

I don't want to die without any scars. 

lol!  i need about 15 states between me and paris hilton.  i'm not going to cali.  it was just the place my friend chose to compare NY to. 

this also wasn't a literal representation of all people from here...mainly a little off-colored insight and sarcastic comedic relief from a friend of mine.  i think everyone should visit NY at least once in their life.  so come on over.  i know great places to eat.  the food here is one of the things i will miss the most.  so much diversity.  so many new things to try.  i'll take you to chinatown for some authentic chinese food.  spicy orange chicken to die for!

lmao at your high school recollection. 



"Lately it occurs to me- what a long, strange trip it's been..."

an internet connection, yay!  lol

there is an attitude fortunately?  unfortunately?  that you acquire from living where we do.  you're not that far from NY.  and there are similarities.  the changing from one extreme to another could be quite a challenge.  but change can be fun!  as long as you don't lose who you truly are, that is!


"Lately it occurs to me- what a long, strange trip it's been..."

I say go for it and move!  Who wants to fit in anyway? Being part of the crowd is boring...

Coincidentally, I had an almost similar situation in highschool... I transferred RIGHT before highschool to a 'west coast' version of my 'east coast' lifestyle... though the schools were only 35 miles apart... very different... my old school was very straight to your face... everyone said what they thought whether it was offensive or not... couldn't handle it? Then leave... Get too close to my boyfriend? I hope you stocked up on your heavy duty concealer...

The school I transferred too... everyone was oh-so-fake... you'd think everyone was your friend... all smiles and lies... everyone talked behind your back... I... stood out a bit... I even recall getting threats through people on a week I decided to wear a letter jacket of our long time rivals... I had to seek them out to call them out on the threats in person... they denied. (shocker)

I moved back to my old district my senior year and had the ability to transfer back (well I was *supposed* to)... I chose not to... I enjoyed being the a**hole of the school... the black sheep... whatever... so I commuted just to make others uncomfortable... made highschool a bit interesting.

Blah... and that was just highschool... I'm sure a move from New York to California would be a little more severe...

If I had the chance to move somewhere completely different than where I'm at... I'd jump on it... actually I'm straining every resource I can find in order to do so right now... it might take a while, but I'll do it lol...

As for California... I need a couple of states between me and Paris Hilton... I don't know if that's the case for you... she's enough of a reason never to go there for me, though.

I'd like to hit up New York to see where my personality fall in... or doesn't... If anything I just want to try the food. Nomnomnom... I'll be sure to stop by and bug you when I get there... You can trust me... I'm from the South lmao


I've lived in both the East Coast and West, and visited everywhere in betweem. People are people pure and simple. You find a mix everywhere you go. In CA, for example, a huge part of the population is from other parts of the country/other countries, so you can't pinpoint how people are going to act based on where they are from. Personally most of my friends are sarcastic, straightforward, and hat chitchatting in groc. stores. I am the opposite.

It's the same up here! Still east coast, just a different city. Nope, I could never change.

Be yourself...... Everyone else is taken!

I know. I was just talking west coast vs. east coast in general... And personally, at least down here, telling someone to f*ck off would be considered being a jerk or an ass. Maybe its a Georgia thing. *shrug*


---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

i think i specified NY in my blog.  and being straight-forward and to the point does not a jerk, or ass, make. 


"Lately it occurs to me- what a long, strange trip it's been..."

I'd just like to add that the forward, be a total ass thing isn't true all over the east coast. Here in Georgia, southern hospitality is alive and well. We're all about helping your neighbor and (trying) to be as kind as possible. Hell, I'll even help the stupid tourist figure out where their going. And that says something. (I hate tourist) Anyway, just know that it depends on the region. Not all on the east coast are standoff(ish) jerks.


---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

funny! nearly all of that (your blog) i have heard as well. never hurts to explore new areas and figure out or not if you are a fit. if not, then you simply move on. remember that someone's opinion is about 95% their own experience.



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