If I had money, tell you what I'd do, I'd go downtown and buy a Mercury or two

Truth be told, I've never been "crazy 'bout a Mercury", my tastes have always run smaller, sportier, and well, slightly more practical than that.  But it'll do.  For now, anyway. 

Right now, Boyfriend and I don't have a car.  Haven't had one for over 3 years now, partly due to circumstances, but mostly by choice.  For the most part, I don't mind it.  I live in a big city, there's very little I need to do that I can't accomplish on the bus or in a cab.   The supermarket's only 6 blocks from my house, I walk there and cab it home.  North Broad street has just about anything I could possibly need, and I don't mind walking around in and out of all the shops with my environmentally friendly, re-usable cotton shopping bag (I made it myself! Tongue out ), in fact, I kind of enjoy it, if the weather's nice.  For craft supplies, I hop on a bus, and $2 and 30 minutes later, I'm at AC Moore, without the stress of having to actually drive on Routes 1&9 myself.  Boyfriend takes the bus to and from work, we've learned that the $58 a month for the bus pass is cheaper than the gas it would require for him to drive there and back every day, and he doesn't get home much later than when he was driving.  The downside to not driving is mostly social.  We live about an hour from most of our friends, so we don't get to go out with them all that often.  We rarely get to go out to dinner together, instead, we have IHOP delivered (yep, my IHOP delivers, you know you're jealous!!!).  The worst part is family, to be honest.  We almost never get to see them.  My Dad's in poor health, and can't always drive the hour to visit us, and my Mom, well, let's just say highways frighten her.  As for his mother, she's afraid she'll be carjacked at a light on her way to visit us, so she simply refuses to come over at all, ever.  Big bad scary 'hood. *shrug*

So, after some long discussions, lots of calculator assisted number crunching, and some soul searching, we decided it's time to get a car.  I don't want one, I really don't.  But, I recognize that we need one.  And once we move, we'll EACH need one.  OMGs, we'll be a 2 car couple!  But, that's a ways off yet.   For now, we'll get by with something we can share. 

Our plan was to save up money and buy a Jeep Wrangler.  Four wheel drive isn't necessary at all where we live now, but it won't even be considered optional once we're in NY.   It's only the two of us, no sticky kids to schlep around, a Wrangler would have been ideal.  But, no.  Instead, "I'm going to buy me a Mercury and cruise it up and down the road".  A freaking MERCURY!!!  My inner hippie is cringing.  She may have even died just a little bit as I actually agreed to purchase it. 

A friend's neighbor is selling his 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis.  "Land-yacht", I believe, is what Dad blurted out when I told him.   Older gentleman, recently retired from the inspection department of NJDMV.  He bought the car new in 1990, gave it to his father in 2004 when he bought himself something new.  His father recently had his right leg amputated from the knee down due to diabetes, so, driving is now a bit more challenging for him.  Anyway, we drove it the other day, and I have to say, I was relatively impressed.  It's been sitting untouched in his garage for 2 1/2 months, since his father had the operation.  I turned the key, it started effortlessly, quiet and smooth as could be.  Drove it around town a bit, brakes are good, tires are new, and the entire time, the engine was as smooth as glass.  Glance at the dashboard, whoaa, this thing's only got 89k on it!  Eighteen year old car, less than 90,000 original miles.  And the best part?  He only wants $700 for it!  We can actually afford it!

But...it's a Mercury.  A Grand Marquis, even.  Big eight cylinder engine.  A sedan.  You could fit half of the cast of "The Sopranos" in the trunk, 22 cubic feet of storage space, no $hit!  It's far more car than the two of us will ever need.  Granted, it's got the 302, so as far as V8's go, it's not terrible, but it's still a V8, still only gets 15 city and 22 highway according to www.fueleconomy.gov.  Could be worse, I suppose, it could be an SUV *shudder*.  So, we'll go make the actual purchase over the weekend, spend next week wrangling up some insurance, and go from there.  




 My mother had a Mercury and I'm pretty sure it was a Grand Marquis. They are huge! But it sounds like you got a good deal and I don't think your insurtance should be too bad (as long as you guys haven't  crashed lately, but how could you, you haven't had a car!). Anyway , good luck with that boat!...juliek

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