i'm sick and tired,but here i stand

i think that the majority of you know that i have been seriously ill for some time...i mean, a long time...i mean, it feels like forever. now don't get me wrong here, i prefer this to the alternative, and i don't mean to whine and fuss like a two year old, but four years is a long time.

i went into the hospital on July 21 and i came home on August 5. that's a long time to be in the hospital. i was admitted with 105 degree temp, and altho, in the past year i have been admitted about eight times, this was the time that i thought i wasn't coming home. i truly believed that i would die there and i prayed and begged to every saint and entity that i could think of. i realized that even if 4 years is a long time and even if 2 weeks in the hospital is a long time, neither is as long as the eternity i could be spending.

well, i'm home now, and altho i don't feel like a million bucks, i could feel much worse, or i could feel like nothing at all. i just want to let you all know that i missed you, and i have been looking forward to saying hey, and without sounding like a 2 year old, no whining, no fussing. i may be sick, but at least i'm here. juliek



hey you guys, thanks for the thoughts and prayers! when i'm asked how i'm doing, i can say for sure that there are many who are in a worse place than i am, and i remind myself to always offer a thought or a prayer for them.and as someone offers a prayer for me, we can really get something good going with all those positive vibes building momentum. thanks for your thoughts, everyone...i feel you. juliek

 Hi Julie!

I wanted you to know that I woke up this morning and you were the first thought I had.  I was wondering how you were doing.

I sure hope you are smiling!

Thinking about you,



If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

Aww Julie your really putting up one good fight. My prayers are with ya. By all means your blog and if you need to rant and rave I know everybody is here for ya. God Bless You!


"The one who is worth crying over is the one who will never make you cry."

 beautiful lynn!  im glad you are feeling better girl!  's hug was too cute, so i will give you one too  **hugs**   the support here on gug is unbelieveable, so we are here if you need anything ;))))


Glad to see your back!

You're allowed to whine, fuss, vent or whatever else you feel like doing!



Welcome back Julie!!  Glad that you're at home...and among all your online friends again!  

Lynn...your post gave me goosebumps...dang you guys w/ all your sappy stuff.  Actually I like it, so don't stop!

What you do in this life, will echo for eternity.

I'm glad to hear you're back, Julie!  I was out of the loop for a bit, and I wasn't aware you were ill.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.  And as LadyCerridwen said, it's called VENTING, certainly not whining!  We all have pretty broad shoulders around here...we've all had our days that we've needed someone to listen.  So don't ever feel like you can't share what's on your mind.  Internet friends can become some of the strongest relationships around...after all, we get to know each other for WHO we truly are, without any of the typical BS we deal with in the "real" world.

We're all just glad your back! 

you guys have me crying, but it's a good kind of cry, happy in it's own way. thanks for the caring that gives me strength, juliek


Going to try and post this before my comp dies on me.

LadyC is right. No one will think less of you. You have everyone's support here. And let me tell you, the support here, is worth more than all the money in the world.

What you are going through is not as petty as me losing my Gaia account this morning. It was a silly thing for me to be upset about, but my friends came to my rescue.

I have not gone through what you are going through.

I have, however, been through several years of torment physically and emotionally. The emotional part was the worst. I couldn't go anywhere.

I couldn't use the bathroom by myself. I couldn't bathe myself. I couldn't cook for my family. I couldn't even barely walk without assistance.

Even my son, would have to help dress me and help me to the bathroom. Boy, what a son I have. To do all that for his mother.

But I have paid with a lot of emotional stress. A lot. My son lost out on a college education at the School of Mines because he was taking care of his mama. Today must be my day for crying, boy. I'm at it again.

I cry because people hurt or are in pain. Earlier I cried because I was mad. I am crying now because of your post and how you feel and what you are going through. I don't know what I can do to help, but atleast take my tears for the kindness they offer and the comfort they want to give you.

I want you to be well. I want you to be happy. Just imagine all of us here at GuG with our arms around you, because they are.

Atleast with us, it's okay to not feel like a million bucks, most of us have been there.

Hugs for you!



If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

Welcome back!!!


It's incredibly frustrating to be sick for a long time. It's called "venting", not "whining", and if you need to do a little of it, nobody will think any less of you for it.  Wink


"He sounds different. It's the only reason they can hear him at all."

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