In a couple of years they have built a home sweet home

There will, however, be NO KIDS running around the yard of this Lady and her Mr. Jones.  And Boyfriend has come up with the perfect way to keep them out.  But we'll get to that, by way of NASA and Eddie Izzard.

My Dad's not always up to date on pop culture, but doesn't want to admit it to people all the time.  So, he'll often call or email me with strange questions to avoid embarrassing himself.   Saturday, the subject of the email read "Who the f*$k is Eddie Izzard?"  Turns out, Dad has a friend, R., who works for NASA.  Well, technically, he's the Director of Marketing for the Houston Space Center.  Anyway, R. emailed Dad a photograph of himself, a coworker, and a blonde man.  Dad had never heard of Eddie Izzard before, and wasn't sure which other person in the photograph was the coworker, and which one was Eddie.  Funny dude!  So, I dug up some of his older stand-up routines, and emailed them to Dad, to catch him up.  My personal favorite is his "Stonehenge" bit.   In case you haven't seen it:  click here

Well, turns out Boyfriend had somehow missed that particular bit.  He laughed like mad, and walked around the rest of the day quoting "No one knows what the f&%k a Henge is" and giggling.  Then he came up with the idea of building his very own Henge once we move.  Conversation then drifted over to our dream house, and what we want.  Radiant heat in the driveway, solar panels, maybe a Geodesic Dome house, a heated shed for my spinning wheel and other crafts, and of course, a Henge.  I said I wouldn't mind a small garden Henge, I've always wanted gardens, flowers in the front, veggies in the back.  Nope, Boyfriend is looking at making a 2/3 scale replica.  He's crazy, ya know.  Maybe Autohenge, or more specifically, Chevyhenge, constructed out of rusted out bodies and the occasional transmission as a smaller capstone.  Or maybe Critterhenge, if we can find one of those guys who carve animals out of tree trunks.  So, I pointed out to him that if we were to do that, we'd likely wind up on the local equivalent of Weird NJ, and I'd rather not draw that much attention to my home, I don't want tourists, eiw.  Plus, if you make it too cool, all the local kiddies will want to come play in our yard, and, well, no, I hate children, especially other people's children.  I thought this would deter him from his grand Henge plans, considering he actually dislikes children even more than I do. Not in the least.

Later that evening, seemingly out of nowhere, Boyfriend blurted out "I've got it!  POISON IVY HEDGES!!!"  I love him.  He's brilliant, really.  So, we now know how we're going to maintain our privacy in our new home.  The true beauty of it is, neither of us are allergic!  I was one of the only kids who didn't come home miserable from Girl Scout camp, covered in blisters and red.  He had it growing freely in the rear of his backyard as a kid, never once got a rash.  In fact, he used to pick the leaves and give them to other kids as a prank.  He'd even hide the leaves in his sister's pants pockets.  She was apparently in the unfortunate 85% of people with the allergy.  Poor thing spent half of her summers as a kid with a rash on her hands.  Now we just need to work out the mechanics of it.  Do we build a trellis to let it climb, or earthen mounds?  Can it be bred to live all winter?  Are dogs allergic?   Any botanists around, can show me the ropes on plant breeding?  haha!





In basic training we had one guy who knew all the plants we came across, all the animals, etc. Well basic training is about withdrawal.  No soda, snacks, sweet tea, on and on. So we're out and about in the field and this guy finds sarsaparilla. He digs up the plant and starts handing out roots for us to chew on. Mmmmm. Tasty. Well we had one dud who was a total moron. He took a look at the plant and decided he could find his own sarsaparilla. Well he digs up his plant and starts chewing on the root. That night he puffs up like a blow fish. Yep, poison ivy. He chewed on poison ivy root! Well he spent the next week sitting in front of a fan taking oral meds to treat his systemic reaction. The drill sergeants were not pleased. That's one of my favorite memories of basic training.



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Hate to burst your bubble here, but you can become sensitive to poison oak and ivy at anytime, and the more you are exposed to it, the more likely you are to become allergic. It's not fun stuff to deal with. Tell the boy friend to plant pyrocanthra bushes instead. Lots of thorns to keep the kiddies away.

Thanks for the heads up, never thought about burning it.  OK, note to self, keep the poison ivy OUT of the firepit.   

Nice to know dgs won't react to it, though, baths are easy enough.... 


"We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon

And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden"

great blog lady.c - - poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac....all contain the same toxin. dogs and cats, while not themselves allergic to poison plants, can brush up against them and get the sap on their fur, exposing people who come in contact with them, (washing your pet, using rubber gloves, can free him of the toxin.)

i can appreciate the humor in keeping the "ruggies" at bay. but remember to protect your "lungs." if these plants are burned, the toxin is released in the air and can be inhaled with the smoke, causing extreme irritation to the lungs.

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