It's time to make the donuts...

It’s time to make the donuts….

That is exactly what I think every time I hear the muezzin calling the worshipers to prayer before sunrise from the minaret (tallest point on the Mosque that has the speakers.)

I think about the donut guy and those commercials because of how he looked all those times, droopy eyes, barely awake and just starting his day, all before sunrise.

I still haven’t become accustomed to hearing the daily prayers yet. The very first night here, and the muezzin started reciting the prayers, I was so startled that I actually jumped in my seat, only to realize that Jamie was quietly laughing at me. I knew that I should be expecting it, but just didn’t realize that our apartment was next door to the local mosque. So needless to say, it was a little louder than I expected. Let’s just say that for the first week or so every time the muezzin started I almost got down on my own hands and knees to pray. It was almost like he was directly speaking to me, even though I can’t understand one word he’s saying, but yet, it’s almost like I did. This guy has the deepest voice you’ve ever heard, it’s just plain creepy to an outsider…

The number of mosques here throughout the entire country of
is astonishing. I’ve looked continuously thru the internet and even tried some local bookstores, but I’ve yet to find an exact amount. However I can say this, it’s very evident that when a new area is about to be built w/ homes, malls, or whatever else they might decide to put there, a mosque is built first and foremost. Needless to say, when it’s 3 am and I’m awakened by the prayer calls, I can hear all the other mosques in our area doing their prayer calls as well. So that really makes it creepy……

Here is a list of some things that I just find so, well, weird….

KFC – Don’t be accustomed to getting biscuits w/ your order here, you get HAMBURGER BUNS…yes, folks,

Pop - where I come from that's what I call it, comes in 2.5 liters, it's a tall skinny bottle instead of the short dumpy bottle. Aluminum cans of pop are these tiny little things, and they also have the glasses bottles still.

Just as every woman is accustomed to giving her order first at dinner as well as being served first, that is SOOOOOOOOOOO not the case here! I was at a table of 9 guys and the waiter came to me last! I was a little taken back, but that's how the women here are treated...second class citizens.

I read in one of the books about
that there are more restaurants than there are people. Tons of McDonalds, Burger Kings, Hardees, and every other fast food establishment you can think of.

As of right now, we only get 4 channels of TV. 3 from Kuwait and 1 channel from Dubai. I've noticed that all the channels censor the TV shows. I'll be watching Friends, thank goodness it's on here, and the kissing scenes or any scenes that show bras, and stuff like that will be cut out. You won't see any nudity of any kind, not even the back of a naked girl!!!! But for some reason cuss words will be bleeped or overdubbed with something else, and then again you'll hear some guy cussing like a sailor on a movie. It doesn't make any sense to me! Another crazy thing is that any movie or TV show you watch at night, you'll be watching it again during the next day! Oh joy! I've seen the same episodes of Lost so many times I just shake my head and turn it to something else that I've seen already! But on the other note, I can watch all the movies that are out in the movie theaters right now. Anyone care to have a copy of Shrek 3? Ha! And these copies are more watching people getting up in the middle of the movie and walking out of the shot, or hearing people munching on popcorn (we have a copy of Be Cool that you can literally hear a person enjoying his popcorn!!!)

TCNS (Third Country Nationals) – will wash your car while you’re eating at a restaurant, working or shopping, for 2kd, which roughly translates into about 7 bucks. Using one bucket of water, dirty at the end of the day no less, and two rags…. you’d be amazed at how clean your car is! Well worth the 2kd.

Everything is for sale here. TCNS will walk down the middle of a busy street trying to sell you a lifetime supply of Kleenex. I’ve seen knock offs for every high end brand out there that’s known to man. Ladies, purses galore….Coach, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and the list goes on. The only thing about the purses is that they don’t have any of the fancy stuff on the inside, other than that you’d never be able to tell the difference. The Tag’s, Breitling and Rolex watches are exact replicas.

But my favorite place to shop is at the Gold Souk (open-air market,) where the gold is rumored to be the cheapest in the world. Apparently it’s also been said that gold is the easiest thing to buy in
. No worries, I’ll be bringing enough of it home w/ me! The really great thing about the Gold Souk is that you barter for the price, I never leave thinking that I over paid for any of my new jewelry.

This time I’ll be posting pictures of the nice sandstorm that we had last week. Lasted 4 days and it was a daisy! If you hate dusting, which I do, then this is not the place for you. I think that I dusted 3 times a day. Everyone was walking around wearing hospital masks and basically it was a nightmare. From what I’ve learned this is a common thing during the months of April – June. I’ll so be looking forward to the next one…. 1st photograph is just a view of the sandstorm in all it's glory, 2nd photograph is of the next door mosque on a clear bright sunshiny day, whereas the 3rd photograph is the same view as the 2nd photograph but this times it's during the sandstorm at 3:30pm.


Sandstorm over Kuwait May 2007Before the Sandstorm in Kuwait May 2007During the Sandstorm in Kuwait May 2007




 GeekinthePink~~~You are my new hero!

Thank you for sharing.  Really.

I remember being overseas and could not wait to get back to the states.  Four years of no american nothing.  Even though the commissary and bx's carried american stuff, just not the same.  But it was nice knowing that the hamburger meat we bought was actually hamburger and not horse.

Stay safe.



If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

Thanks 42 cents...I'll plan on blogging about the women's beliefs and whatnot in a few days.  You'd be surprised to learn that that material is really what helps them keep cool, but that's not why they wear them.  I can tell ya this though, I'll never under dressed at Halloween from now on!    


What you do in this life, will echo for eternity.

i absolutely love reading your posts!! they are funny and informative Wink  BUNS?! ugh, they don't go too well with honey..could you tell us more about the women in high heels wrapped up from head to toe?  I heard that alot of the time they are dressed in high fashion designer clothes under all that materieal....did you ever wonder how they don't just sweat to pieces in all those layers....

To err is human, to forgive divine

Reading your response gave me goosebumps!!!  Thanks!  I'm tellin' you, the whole hamburger bun thing was crazy!  The one thing that I absolutely miss is sliced olives in a can!!!!  I've been to 3 different shopping areas.  There's not just one store that strictly sells groceries, it has a little bit of everything.  But for the life of me, I'm getting tired of trying to take the pit out of the little black olives and have no need to buy a jar of olives that weighs 3#'s.  My Kuwait pasta salad just isn't the same w/out those little black things!

Oh yes, the shopping, I'm in ~Heaven~!  And not that I can afford anything at Dolce & Gabbana, especially a purse, but hey, at least I've had one on my arm for a mere second! 

I certainly do appreciate the American ways...more now than ever before!  I've realized that I've been spoiled for 28 years, and that I should stop and smell the roses before it's too late.

Thanks again for your ever so kind words! 

What you do in this life, will echo for eternity.

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