just my stupid idea.....

well, I got adware. I don't know how. I am going to blame someone else who uses this computer. It's for performanceoptimizer.com . there is a reason why I am writing that out and not making a hyperlink, anyway. I have this stupid idea, to just email them a harassing email everytime I check my mail. Me just doing it, might be very mildly annoying; but if everyone who got these stupid pop-ups from these jackass's started doing it, it might at some point reach achieve the effect of dosing them, or atleast gets to the point that it can in someway inhibit there ability to conduct buisness...... which would be nice. Oh, remember to check whois.... currently I am mailing [email protected] and [email protected] .....




eh..... probably annoyed them some..... but nothing else....... they'll probably get my site's host to take it down before it gets anywhere.

I somehow overlooked this blog.

Any luck getting your goal accomplished?

update: script used does not work in IE, and causes a memory leak in Opera. But works just fine in Firefox

Yall are too funny!
Hope the whole spam the world and its fiends thing works bloody well!!!

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death to spammers

clicking that link will cause you to continuously send http requests to performanceoptimizer.com until you close the window. I might change the intervol to 5-25 seconds. But right now, it is 1.


oh crap..... I made an edit almost right after posting this. Apperently, it didn't save.

I downloaded an old version of Opera Web Browser (OldVersion.com), and disabled all the caches and opened a tab to "performanceoptimizer.com" and set it to auto refresh every 5 seconds. I might start ping soon too...

[edited because I make a lot of really stupid typos]

my motto, "if you can't beat them, join them!"

put this to good use Isaac:     http://www.spamyourenemies.com/index.php

go get 'em tiger Wink. grrrrr!


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