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Bloggin' on GuG cherry that is, what kind of cherry were you thinking? You people have some nasty minds, lol, jk.

Ok, so here goes my 1st blog and I don't know what to write about, so here is a little bit about what's going on in Maribel's Life . Well if you have gone on my page and read the About Me section you should know that I got married a year ago on October 13th. So I got married at the age of 20, yes very young but when you find The One it's hard not to marry him/her, lol. So I'm a new wife and new step-mother to a beautiful 6 going on 7 in November little girl. We bought our first home in March right before I turned 21 then shortly after I bought a new car, Honda Accord '07 and of course it's black, my favorite color along with purple and blue. I work from home taking inbound calls to help people consolidate their debt and get lowers APR's, educate clients on how to get caught up on their delinquent mortgage, and tell them how to spend their money :)

This summer we went to our annual Rocky Point, Mexico trip with a bunch of friends and stayed at one of their best resorts. I used to go on vacations every summer for 1-2months, but with being a homeowner now I have to work to pay the bills, money doesn't grow on trees, and I could finally say I fully understand that meaning now, lol. I'm pretty much turning into my mother, which I thought would never happen, but it did. My mom is a wonderful person though and being like her doesn't bother me at all.

I have a HUGE family on both my dad's and mother's side of the family, I only have both of my grandpa's left :( and 18 aunts and uncle's (counting in-laws) on my mom's side along with twenty-some cousins and 22 aunts and uncle's on my dad's side along with over 50 cousins, another fifty-some second cousins, and thirty some 3rd cousins-No I don't know them all but I knnow that majority.

Ok, I'm pretty random as you can tell and go on and off subject rather easily. So this summer didn't really do much other than going to Mexico and this past weekend up to Flagstaff which I didn't really enjoy that much. Lately I have been pretty depressed, I'm just always stuck at home working or doing housework. I don't get to go out all that much because we live paycheck to paycheck and we're getting adjusted to our new lifestyle. Also, I have been at my job for 3 years and I have been working from home for over a year now and it's getting old. I'm to the point where I'm just working for the paycheck, I don't have a drive nor care about helping these client's out which is sad but true, I'm simply burnt out so stop using credit cards people, use cash and if you can't afford it, DON'T BUY IT!!<-- My opinion.  I NEED A NEW JOB!! If I could choose my ideal job it would be a  Party Planner, I love that stuff and I'm so good at it! But I ond't know if it pays that well and people are just starting to do their own party planning so I would probably end up without a job if I were to go that route.  I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. I got married so that's done; bought a house, done; bought the car I wanted, done; Career of my dreams, NOT DONE; Kids of my own, on the works (you want more grandbabies Tuna??? I'm taking orders...girl, boy, tall, short?? lol, jk.); Happiness.... to a certain extent, I guess we're never, truly, entirely 100% happy and that's just life, always wanting MORE. Now don't get me wrong, everything that I have accomplished in the 21 years of my life is a lot for someone my age, and I'm proud of that, and I LOVE my husband and family, but there's something missing. What's missing? I don't have a clue.  Of course, materialistically we always need/want more but there's something much bigger than that that I don't have and I want. Going back to church is in the works (I stopped going for over a year) and I have seen/noticed a difference, I'm happier now in that aspect but what else??? Something is missing......Maybe I would like to live closer to my family and friends? Maybe i need a new job? Maybe I need to loose some weight? Hmmmmm..... Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just not happy with myself...but why not? I don't know, but hopefully, soon I will find out. I'm working on getting a new job, working on loosing the weight I gained (gained 20lbs since I met husband of mine), and living closer to family and friends, well that's not going to happen any time soon. I wrote so much yet nothing at the same time, just speaking my mind as always. Well stick around to if you want to find out what's missing in my life......hopefully sometime soon I will know, in the meantime, see you around GuG.




Hmm, how'd I miss this blog?  Well anyhow, bella my dear, you have so much so early in life.  It is truly a wonderful thing.  You're such a sweet person and deserve it all.  About what's missing in life- I believe that everyone has that sense of something missing but, like vash, I think it's that sense of the missing that makes me strive to improve not only myself but all around me.  So, in general, I don't think that feeling like something is missing is necessarily a bad thing.


"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect."

No Problem Bella!  Anytime! Just remember you are not alone. We all may come from different cultures but that still doesnt take away that we are women and we do at one point feel the same, but the good thing about it is that you are not scared to admit what you feel.  You have the courage to open up and listen to others input on how you feel.  There is not alot of women out there that can do that.  It's sad to say that those are the ones that really need help.  So dont worry Bella you are very NORMAL.  Have a great weekend!


.......Cherish today as if it were your last!

Wow. thanks for those words Skittles!  Yeah I do miss the office a lot. I mean I went in to work in the office yesterday and for once I didn't hate my job. I had a blast at the office, yes as weird as that sounds-can you tell I work from home and I'm always lonely? lol. Youre so sweet Skittles. *muahs*

-Pain is weakness leaving the body- USMC OOrah!

Well Bella Congratulations on all your accomplishments.  I think every woman has an insecurity, but its kinda up to us to overcome it.  Dont worry about the weight gain. Marriage does that to some, and besides you are not even fat. I know you might not be the same size you were when you married but remember you are Latina and we have curves and we love our curves! We just dont like Lonjas!  I feel you girl.   But as far as the job goes, I think that when you feel no interest in what you do and whatever you do for a living is not fulfilling you anymore, then it is time for a change.  Working from home can get old fast too.  I have a home office and I use it only on the weekends when I need to, but other than that I make it to the office every day.  I think the interaction with co-workers is healthy.  I mean I know there is office drama and its funny to watch it, but hey at least we are not talking to ourselves right?  Try to take a night away from home with you and your honey and go out for cocktails and mingle with other couples.  That is always fun.  And never forget to take time and hang out with your girls.  I do it once a year.  A few months ago me and the girls went to Old Sacramento and hung out for the weekend then drove out to Tahoe.  Let me tell you I missed my family but I so loved just hangin out with the girls, letting our hair down and just reminiscing on old times.  Its nice to see how far we all have come and you seem to realize how truely blessed you really are when you take time out for yourself!  You gotta make sure you are taken care of first so that you can take care of everyone else in the house!  Dont worry! Cuando se siera una puerta, se habren 3 mas!


.......Cherish today as if it were your last!

Ha! I wish I could go out with my friends...ask your son, I'm a homebody, and when I do go out I go out with your son to a sportsbar or something (boring), Last time I went out dancing was July 26th and that was just because it was my bff's b-day and before that on my birthday in March.  I was just talking with Hubby'o'mine and he thinks it's my job, who knows, we shall find out. Oh yeah, Thank you sooo much for helping me out with my resume, God told you I needed your help huh? Well thanks again *muahs!*


-Pain is weakness leaving the body- USMC OOrah!

process of elimination: some people are just not the happy camper type. you happen to be one that is the happy happy joy joy! so make changes slowly so you can gauge which change it is you are making that is either working or not.

newlywed: the weight gain is a very normal part of your newly wed stage. once you hit that year mark next month, you'll bounce back to your former bella size. i can relate to the working from home scene. i did it to while managing a non profit organization. the only time i needed to leave was for monthly board meetings. of which, either i had my ass handed to be on a platter, or i was praised for excellent fund raising. so, it got old after 48 months. i'll have your resume done by morning.

nesting: the other adustment you didn't mention is the "nesting." which is remaining home on the weekends w/husband-of-yours instead of clubbing w/girl friends and living the single life. - -that alone is a huge adjustment to over come.

yes, i'm always up for grandchildren. on your terms. when you are ready.


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