Killing myself with kindness

Okay... so heres the thing... I'm a nice person.... sometimes.... but let's just go with it for a minute, okay?  Well my grandfather is some big-rig for the city... I don't know what he does... goes to meetings... makes decisions to save the world... things like that... well anyway, the city had some business appreciation dinner Saturday night, and he was running it along with some nutjob  of a lady...

Well, flash back to Friday... I get a phone call... they're going to be short on people to help buss the tables, so my grandfather asks me to help... and NICE PERSON MEEEE, agrees to help...

Back to Saturday... I park at 5 PM, and walk in... I'm informed that there are 376 places set for this diner... and 5 of us to help buss... Mind you, they weren't all filled... I'd say around 200 people actually showed up... maybe a little more.  Well 2 people stay in the back to rinse dishes (something I was hoping not to do, thankfully)... leaving 3 of us to tend to the 200+ people.........  This is what I get for being nice....

Well over 5 hours later, my my hips, legs, and feet are KILLING ME... Sunday I wake up with shin splints and my right ankle is about to fall off...... and today... the ankle is even worse... now wrapped and iced... 

I'm never being nice again... even if it is $20 an hour...

The only thing I really got out of it was a reminder as of why I hated being a sales associate.

Anyway... today I got to feel special, like I have friends... I actually had connections to help someone in their job search...

Oh... and I'm tired... I mean, really tired. Not like I want to take a nap tired, but deeply exhausted.  Granted I've been having a billion nightmares over the past few weeks, and I'm pretty sure that's contributing to it, but I'm getting a little bit loopy from the crappy quality of sleep... I almost got ran over in parking lots 5 times today... and at the gas station... and I've almost ran over some people, in cars and out lol... poor people... but now that my classes are done for the day, I'm doing the town a favor and staying inside. 

See... told you I was a nice person. 




omygoodness girl you need a merit badge!!! you are amazing!! i hope your grandpa gave you a kiss and a for the sleep deprivation, have you ever tried drinking some tea or maybe meditating before you go to bed?  i suffer from insomnia as well and i am trying to keep from taking prescriptions...i find that some calming tea and deep breathing really go a looooong could also call me, my friends like to say that I can talk just about anybody into a good nights sleep...i took it as a complement!

Well, it sounds as tho you were kinda suckered into helping out on a job that was a little short of help! You know what they say, "nice guys finish not only last", but also with very sore feet and shin flints,to boot.

Seriously,animestrinity, insomnia is nothing to belittle. It can be very tolling, and needs medical attention. I don't know exactly what your situation is, but your insomnia needs attention and the nightmares can be addressed as well. I'm sure you know these things and have surfed the web about them, but don't convince yourself they're not important enough to take care of. You have to be number one on your list of priorities. Where do your rewards come from? From within, right? Think about it... Hope your days are Peace Full and Pain Free   juliek

I can remember a time way back when I worked a full time job, then I waitressed at night. And oh yes, it was work. A lot of walking. And a lot of being nice to people who have never heard of the word nice or polite. For the most part though, I loved waitressing.

Are you caught up yet with sleep? I am sure hoping so. My son is in his first year of college and he's having such a hard time sleeping. I think he's a bit stressed, I just don't know. He requested Melatonin. His girlfriend gave him some and he said it helped until he ran out. They had 3mg and 5mg, so I got the 5mg. Bottle says its 100% vegetarian (whatever that means), that it helps establish natural sleep patterns and the rest of the writing is so small, I cannot read it and hubby has the magnifying glass. See what you have to look forward to when you get older? ;) Anyways, I got it from Wal-mart.

Sorry about the nightmares. But the lack of sleep might be contributing to that some. I know your schedule is so busy, but try to get some quality time for Miss Trinity. Okay?


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

I always thought you were! Hope you get to rest you need.

^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^
do not meddle
in the affairs of dragons
for you are crunchy
and taste good with ketchup

^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^

wow you need to get some zzzz's.

when im worried about things i often have nightmares,insomnia too, like one nightmare right after the other, crazy stuff. this may sound dumb, but what i do now, if somethings really bothering me, i write it down on a white piece of paper in big black letters, then i read it out loud. then i tell myself ok there i put my fears into black and white, no more subconsciencely putting it in the back of my mind.then i tear it up and throw it away. its crazy but even if at that moment  i don't have anymore answers of what to do it makes me feel like i can deal with it. :) 

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