Kingdom of Bahrain -- Corona's & Prostitutes


Traveling around this part of the world is the easiest thing that I've ever experienced when traveling via plane. You just wouldn't understand it...and I'm dreading going back to the states in January and dealing w/ the Dulles & Denver airports.

This is how it goes here, our plane left
at 7:05am. Arrived at the airport at 6am, checked in (only 2 people in line,) the guy behind the counter took a whole 3 minutes to do his thing, walked thru the scanner things, picked up some Starbucks, which I can take on the plane w/ me, headed to the gate and was on the plane by 6:30am. Didn't have to go thru any bull-pucky-rooney-toot-tooty, none of this "Did you leave your bags unattended?" Blah, blah, blah....Jamie always has to remind me that well, here in the
Middle East, the terrorists don't blow up their own planes. Truthfully, it makes me feel more at ease when I board a plane here. I just have to remember that I'm the minority on the plane. However when the prayer starts playing I get a little freaked out, and then inevitably there's always some Muslim guy sitting behind me playing w/ his prayer beads non-stop. Unnerving to say the least when he doesn't stop playing w/ them the entire flight.

Our flight to
was a whole 25 minutes’. It seriously felt like we took off, flew straight for about 15 minutes’ and then started to descend. Easiest thing in the world.

So Bahrain is the "
Las Vegas
" of the middle east...w/out the gambling, but still have the alcohol & prostitutes. Yes, I said prostitutes. It's legal in
. I just don't get it, but hey, it pays their bills and it makes them happy, so be it.

Sitting in the
Crowne Plaza bar I was the only white girl in the place and beyond that, their was hardly any women to begin with. I had some good laughs though. I can't help but laugh when I see this raggedy old man w/ this young girl on his arm. Plus seeing the Arab's in their 'man jammies' drinking is so ironic that it's just stupid. Apparently the Muslims believe that Allah can't see beyond the
border, so it's okay to drink alcohol and have a little fun on the side w/ the paid girls. Yes, I know that 'man jammies' isn't the correct politically term to be using, but hey it's a lot easier to say and I can spell it w/out having to look up Disdashes.

Finally got my trip to the Gold Souk and picked up some more gold. Can't help it, it's the cheapest in the world and well, I chalk it up to bringing home souvenirs. Plus Jamie finally got his damn Hooka pipe w/
shisha. It's actually quite pretty and hopefully it'll make it home in one piece.

And I'm counting down my three month rotation again. It's seriously a pain in the ass to leave this place every 3 months. Gotta find a cheap place to go, the flights, the hotels, things to do...blah blah blah. Okay, so I really shouldn't be complaining because I'll never see these places again, so essentially I'm lucky!



Hi guys, in which night club / pub or bar can I find African girls in Manama, Bahrain?

Dear everyone:

There are good and bad people in every part of the world. Be it by religious belief or not. If something I do is may good for me but it's not necessary to be right for others.

Religion has nothing to do in people's choice. Islam itself only advising people what is good and what is bad in other words what is good for your life here after. You may believe it or not. It's up to you - there is no compulsory in religion but when there is a government under Islamic rules then you have to obey its rules like all other isms placed in the other parts world/ Nations. In detail if you are a moslim you have to pray on time and that is the reason the shops are closing here in Saudi for prayer. If you are not a moslim then you don't need to pray but respect the rules going on here. In the matter of Dubai and Bahrain or Qatar things are different.
I knew one American Christian was working in Riyadh (where I also was a staff in the same company) who do not like to drink water from the office (where he used to work) after 6 pm (office hours) because he believed it's forbidden (haram) as his duty is till 6 and enjoying anything provided by the Company after office hours is wrong!
I knew another friend of mine who told me his mother when he was a small kid (more than 50 years back) hesitated to watch movie saying it's wrong. As religion Christianity. Jewish are the predecessor religions of Islam.
Still in this modern world where values are more deteriorating, Moslims are the ones in the world are keeping their value and obey God maximum. Yes agree there are moslims like me are not doing much to/ following prophets way in its real essense. For us it's up to our choice (which is not correct at all). People who see religion as serious they will say Insha Allah (God willing) in its real essence (not only saying and sit idle!) and will try their best to achieve it/ keep the promise on time.
We all are aware God will not send us anything from the sky but we should do our part

thanks for your time

you god damn racist white trash scum.

yes its Hookah is the Turkish water pipe Nargile exactly the same thing

Don't they cut off their hands for that?

Knowing how this website works I can tell you there will be no such exchange of information here. Move along pervert.

hi can u provide any information or contact number of any young arab girl ...... i will remain grateful to u ...

I really laughed a lot, it is really fun to look at Gulf states from a foreign eyes :) You are damn right, Gulf states don't have the airport punishment like the US, not because the terrorists are not interested in the Gulf airplanes, but because we know how to deal with them even if they are operating from outside the Gulf states, such as Yaman or Afghanistan. Muslims believes that Allah can see them where ever they are, but many Muslims are a kind of relaxed Muslims, I don't think there are only two colors (black or white), drinking and having fun with paid ladies are considered sins and shameful to do in the Islamic religion/culture. I don't think Bahrain is the Las Vegas of the Middle East, I think Dubai is the real Las Vegas of the Middle East and if you want to see/try the real sheshah go to Amsterdam :)

Yes.  Ever been to a restaurant with a hookah bar?  Pretty cool.

Is a hookah roughly the same thing as what I know as a turkish water pipe?

Planning my first trip to Bahrain from Kuwait. I've done Amsterdam and Dubai! Where in Bahrain the best place to pick up a Arab Girl for the night (Egyptian, Iraqi...ect)?

Oh Jewels you don't even know!!!  Allah this, Allah that...and everything is "inshallah" which means, when god allows it.  And that boils down to when they get to it.  There's no concept of time here, if you need something right now, you could get it now, or tomorrow or 3 days from now.  I'll be writing a blog about my journey that Jamie and I took tonight.  I'm too boiled up to do it right now, so inshallah!!!!

I'll take a picture of the hooka pipe that he got...and yes, it's quite pretty.


Some people are like slinkies. Not really good for anything, but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.

 I was just explaining what a hookah was to my hubby last night.  They really do have some beautiful ones!


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

[quote]Allah can't see beyond the


OMG u cracked me up with that one! Let me know if you post any pictures of the hooka--they can be really gorgeous! Did he get it dirt cheap? I know they can be ridiculously expensive over here. 

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