Kitty Sneezes


Let's start this out with a question... Is it weird to say my Gramma uses a chainsaw?

Well, now that we've got you confused... and picturing an old lady with a chainsaw... My Gramma almost chopped off her pinky finger cutting a branch with a chainsaw... her hand was all sorts of mangled... thankfully she didn't do any serious damage, although she got a nerve so her pinky is numb.... they're going to try and fix that next month after she's mostly healed... because that makes so much sense to wait till it's healed to cut it back open.

And thennnn... remember in April, how I told you about Boyfriend's little sister (who's my age) and how she got into the car accident and lost her daughter? Well evidently her husband accused her of cheating about 2 weeks ago, packed up her stuff, told her that she killed his daughter, and kicked her out... so she moved in with the parents..... where there's no room... and about a day or so after she moved in, she disappeared one night and went and popped a lot of pills, drank a lot, and then slit her wrists....... drama.... granted, I feel bad for her... but I think attempting suicide is moronic and selfish... That's just a personal opinion.

School sucks.... let me rephrase... my teachers suck... but it's not like I have choice this far in, so oh well.... *waves bye-bye to 4.0*

So now to the present... I'm sick... I have a cold... I feel like crap... aaaaand so does my cat. It's sad, but funny to see him bounce around when he sneezes. And he's even crankier than usual. Not to mention, this is the first time I've ever seen a cat with a cold.

This morning I got up... or was woken up by a phone call... I got up, and my cat followed me... well, the door was open and he went outside... okay whatever... but the dog we're babysitting went out after him.  Side note, my cat doesn't even have the energy to jump onto a counter... well the dog started chasing my poor cat and Boo tried to run up the tree... only, he didn't make it up... about 5 feet off the ground, he fell to the ground... not even on his feet... (so that myth has been busted).... so we now know my cat is not a tree climber.... well he runs and hides in the yard and the dog sits and barks at him... we finally got the dog in, and I spent the next half hour searching for Boo... I couldn't find him aaaanywhere.... so I'm standing by the door and I hear his rapid session of sneezes... I look around... and I found him in the tree... guess he found a way up... only, like I said, he doesn't climb trees.... and he's too terrified to get down. My poor sick cat.

So after some coaxing, he slowly came down the branch, but that's as far as he would go... which was about 5 inches higher than my reach... I doubt it would work, but I tried anyway to see if he would jump to me.... well, unsurprisingly he just cried at me, wanting me to come to him, rather than the other way around... guess he figured he had gone through enough... so I found something to stand on, reached up and brought him down... took him to his food and let him eat some...

THEN it was time to get ready for school... off to class, two near freak accidents and a train blocking my way.... so I finally get there... there's a note outside the class saying the room has changed... i go to that room, upstairs mind you .... only to find out, that it HASN'T changed... don't know what that was about... so I went back.... downstairs... took my test... came home... well, then I found out MY dog had escaped..... had to go look for her....... she's back now...

I should have just stayed in bed. I've come to the realization, that had I stayed in bed, and not gone to school, none of this would have happened.

Now I'm hungry... then again I was too sick to eat yesterday.... anyone want to come over and make me some ramen? lol, at least it's the weekend... boyfriend gets off around 5... he'll take care of me... one of the reasons I love him... not to mention it's a bonus that he works in a hospital and knows *HOW* to take care of me lol... nothing sadder than someone who does more harm than good...

So did you get the whole 'DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA' part at the beginning? Do you agree with me now?



So as for an update on Boo... he's fine now...

Boyfriend took him to the vet (a lot cheaper on base than out here in the civilian world)

And they just gave him antibiotics... said that he just has to heal himself in time... the night before we took him, he started drinking water on his own, so I knew he was doing a lot better...

And now, he's back to normal... biting me as much as before he was sick... thankfully, he didn't give it to any of the other 8 cats that roam around... (Gramma's cats... and some strays that think they live here) so I think we did  a good job of keeping him quarantined. 


I am a Sound Soldier

I wasn't trying to sound callous, but to be honest, anyone attempting suicide has lost all common sense (obviously)... and in her case, her attempt was because of guilt and grief over losing her daughter... so my question is, why would you cause your Mother, Brother, little Sister, Father, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents (they're mexican, so very family oriented) and Cousins to go through the SAME kind of grief... especially when they grew up with, or raised you... she's 21 years old.... that's a stronger attachment than to a 10 month old... 

Not that I'm underestimating her grief, but why put even more people through the same feelings you're going through? That's why I say that it's moronic and selfish... making other's feel even more grief just so you don't have to?

Guess that last statement covers my whole opinion on suicide in general as well. 


I am a Sound Soldier

I'm sorry to hear about all of that... I do know something that got through to my cousin (the one who was killed)... well he attempted suicide last year, and while in the hospital, as soon as his older brother got in there, he punched him... hard..... told him he's an idiot and not to do it ever again...... after that, he never seemed to get in that state of mind again...

Well I wish "her" luck in getting through the next 5 years... 


I am a Sound Soldier

you know something anime, i seriously have to give you kudos, for posting all of this.  ....i've gone through the same ordeals as you this year, but i dont have the guts to post it, so here is a piece of me i'd like to share:  i had a family member try suicide, while i was on the phone with them.  Keep in mind, i look up to the person & never knew there was that bad of a problem, such as suicide. So, she pops pills, gets drunk, calls me & attempts to use a knife to kill herself. Now, her child is in the other room, who called me crying, asking me to come over. We'll just call the child, "her"..."her" & i are VERY close. Almost like sister & sister.  so, i haul ass over there, get "her" mother into treatment, & try to save the day. This happened 2 months ago, & all i can hope for, while im watching her play with her baby brother, is she wont somehow resent her mother for this later on like i did. i know shes traumatized, as i was when i was younger, but i had hoped this would never happen to her. She's 13 & this is when shit starts sinking in ya know? i dunno...i just want to say "i feel ya, on this whole drama era". it sucks.


:jawdrop: i thought my day was bad until i read this! holy sh*t! *band-aid to your gramma* & *some soup for you* :(


"but I think attempting suicide is moronic and selfish..."

my mother's words exactly...mine too. I once had a kittykat named boo -my ex has him. We at one time, were taking care of 30 rescued cats & kittens. The sneezes were insane! One of them would sneeze like 15 times in a row, it was pretty funny, but pitiful. I was constantly distributing meds for them, because if we rescued another one or someone brought one to us, they would give the others a cold...even if we isolated them, they still got it. it was sad. i hated it. pooooooooooor boo man! give him a hug from me. & i hope you are both feeling better!


P.s. in response to going to a vet, if you cant afford one, just look up your local non-profit or rescue org's & tell them you have a rescued cat who has a cold & you need assistance. They always help you out, because you are helping a cat out. That's how my cats now stay healthy. I could never afford those vet bills man. never. I get their advantage, de-wormers & if needed, anti-bio's for free. I only have 3 kitty's now though, but if i did have to take them to the vet, the amount would be outrageous! I used to take them to the vet all the time, but i just couldnt afford that anymore. When rescue org's, help out like that, it just goes to show there are animal org's that do help people out that ask for it. ;)


I thought you seemed a little callous about it, but then I didn't know your history with the girl (haven't backtracked thru the blog posts.)

Hey, I'm sorry about your drama.

 About your cute cat...  Cats can get allergies and get sneezy, but s/he shouldn't be lethargic as well.  A kitty cold may need medications so it doesn't progress to something worse.  And your vet may take x-rays to make sure it isn't something worse.  I don't want you to worry.  If this was my cat, I would take her to the vet just to be safe. 

Good luck.


guess I forgot to mention in all my previous blogs that before her accident, she spent 2 years attempting to break me and her brother up by telling them lies that I was cheating on him and that she knew me in highschool (also a lie) and that I was a whore.......

There was no disdain toward her... that was just my personal opinion on the general topic of suicide... my cousin that was recently murdered also attempted suicide a good while back... I felt the same way... it's nothing personal... just common sense.

I feel bad for her, and I've always been nice to her, even when she was telling people lies about me... so I don't know what you're trying to get at...


I am a Sound Soldier

>>[he] told her that she killed his daughter, and kicked her out...


For him to say that to her is absolutely reprehensible,  too horrible for words.. I can't even imagine the psychological damage it must have inflicted. Losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to a person... then to have your relationship fall apart and be angrily blamed by your partner for the death of the child, when you're already racked with survivor's guilt, and then you have to move back in with your parents (which is depressing for anyone who's taken a stab at independence)....   that girl needs your empathy, not your disdain. just saying. 

That is understandable. It is a defense mechanism we build, if you know what I mean. Hang in there ok.


completely different circumstances, but I know exactly what you mean.....

I hope you feel better soon.

Wow.. suicide is so very ugly. I hope that your doing ok through all of this emotional stuff, illness, sick animals, and school to take care of. It won't always be like this..... I know, I remind myself of that everytime I go through periods where the ground falls out from under me... take care of yourself and what a blessing that you have someone to take care of you when you are too sick to do it..... 

 Leave them wondering~

And somehow I wonder if the smoke is making it worse for you and Boo. Exasperating both your cold symptoms. **tissues for Anime and Boo**


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

Could you send me a link to that site?  Thanks a ton!

I'd be squirting water down Gwen's throat, too.  She's been drinking a lot more than normal lately, though, maybe she's drinking Boo's share. 


"How do you know I'm mad?" asked Alice.
"You must be", said the cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here"

I found a site, by a vet... that gave info on certain meds I could give the cat... vitamin C, an antihistamine, and baby nose drops... all in very small doses... but even still, I don't want to resort to giving him medicine yet... although he's worrying me because he hasn't had anything to drink in 3 days... I got so worried I found an eye dropper and squirted some water down his throat... not very much, but some


Hehe, yeah... it's weird, because I don't even realize how much has happened in the past couple of months... it's crazy... I used to get stressed when I had 2 tests in a week... now I've got people cutting off fingers, people dying, car accidents, school stress, people attempting suicide, animals running away or getting sick... and I'm not even remotely fazed... 


hey anime, so sorry to hear of all your troubles. i was thinking of you yesterday, and wonderin' about you, and now i know why. i musta been pickin up those vibes that were stressin' ya. depending on the virus, humans and animals can interchange the germs, so it's possible you and boo have the same bug. well feel better, and take care of boo. sorry to hear your boyfriend's sister is in such a bad place and i hope gramma's aim with the chainsaw improves and there is no mistaking fingers for branches. your pal, juliek

Poor Boo! I always feel bad when Gwen gets the sniffles (she catches a cold at least twice a year). At least when I'm all stuffed up, I can take something and hope it helps, but the poor critters just have to suffer through it!


EDIT: They have to wait for your Gramma's hand to heal some because nerve damage isn't always evident at first, and can be hard to work on if there's swelling nearby, which there most likely is.  My next door neighbor when I was a kid somehow got his hand mangled by a lawnmower blade (I can't imagine how), and wound up having 6 or 7 surgeries before they were able to fix everything, and a lot of the delay was because of swelling.  Hope she feels better soon! 


"How do you know I'm mad?" asked Alice.
"You must be", said the cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here"

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