Kitty update ....

We have named her Elsa, at least for the time being ... hopefully whoever eventually adopts her won't change her name.

Elsa came through surgery just fine.  I was slightly mis-informed about the wire.  Her jaw was fracture straight down the middle, right along her chin.  The wire that is holding her jaw together apparently has part of it coming out of the underside of her chin (I haven't seem her yet, but hopefully will get a chance to tomorrow).  It will stay in for eight weeks.  After eight weeks an x-ray will be done to see how the bone has healed/regrown, and if everything is looking well then the wire will be removed.  The doc had considered putting in a nasal feeding tube if she didn't start eating, but when she called today (I was out cold, sleeping!) she said they were going to hold off.  Elsa won't eat out of a bowl yet, but she was licking tiny bits of food off of one of the tech's fingers.  Elsa also lost all four of her lower front teeth (the incisors) ... one was completely gone and the others were so damaged that they had to be removed.  The doc & techs said that she had perked up a bit, but was still very sore and slow-moving (which is to be expected).  I need to double check with Tim, but I think she's be hospitalized through the weekend and possibly come home Monday or Tuesday.  We'll have to keep her until the wire is removed from her jaw, but we're still going to probe for possible adoptees.  I'm going to take pictures of her this weekend.

One thing that really pisses me off in all this is how much this is costing us.  This is completely an act of charity, Tim and I have NO intention of keeping Elsa, and yet his boss is charging us FULL PRICE on everything she's needing done!!  Granted it would still be a chunk of  change with Tim's discount, but without it we're already up to $350 and could easily go over $600.  We can't afford that right now!!  Not with trying to put the wedding together, pay bills, and take care of our own animals.  It's very unfair, completely rude, and most uncalled for.  I'm VERY upset & disappointed with Tim's boss right now, as is Tim and most everyone else on the staff.  Yet, is anyone offering to help us out with the costs?  NOOO!  ~sighs~  Tim paid $300 up front, but the rest is going to have to sit on account and get paid off as we can, and his boss is just going to have to deal with it.  I know we'll get through this little monetary set back, but right now I'm just too overwhelmed with all that we're having to take care of ... especially this wedding!

In other news peak is over, unfortunately.  The was the shortest April peak on record ... a blaring sign to how bad the economy is right now.  It would have been nice if we had at least gone until Friday, so that we could have had almost a full week's pay.  True the 16 hour work days were kicking my ass, but it was also nice having the extra income.  The next peak is in June, and that one is only 2-3 weeks.  Hopefully we'll get the full 3 weeks ... I/we need the money if we're going to pull this wedding off.  So anyway, as of Monday I will be returning to my "normal" schedule.  That means I will have my days open for trying to get some things done, as well as possible social interaction & RP. 

Euterpe will have her ultrasound on Tuesday morning.  I AM TERRIFIED!!  I'm hoping for the best, but (with my luck) I'm expecting the worse.  I'm trying not to think that way, but with everything I've been through with my animals lately I can't help it.  I'm trying to keep myself distracted so I don't think about it too much, but so far it's not working.  All I can think about is what we'll learn//find out on Tuesday, and if I'll lose my cat or not.

Not much else to report.  With peak over, I should be caught up on my sleep by the end of this weekend.  ~L~  I was SO exhausted when I got home this morning that I slept the entire day, LITERALLY!!  I didn't wake up until after 6pm, and then dozed off again on the couch while I was trying to look at the mail.  I just woke up a little while ago, and I need to be heading out to work soon.  I'll try to post picture of Elsa, and Ashwin (our other foster cat) this weekend.  If not then, my next update will likely be Tuesday with the results of Euterpe's ultrasound ... unless I'm too distraught by the results.


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