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It is been very busy here in the green household. The end of school year is fast approaching. The kids are ecstatic and I am ..well, not quite as enthused. Don't get me wrong I love my children with all my heart and soul but.... oh my!


I have been preparing for summer for about a month now. The kids have no idea that I have plotted to keep them busy so that I can stay sane for the 77 days 8 hours and 50 minutes of summer approaching fast. The dollar shops love me. I visit them weekly and have filled our treasure chest half full so far to prepare for emergency situations. I have been making playdough in every possible color for really hot days inside. Construction paper will soon become our indoor handprint flower garden that will line the walls of our dining room. Pipe cleaners in bright colors will be made into butterflies, ladybugs and bumble bees. These work great to hang from the ceiling with thumb tacks. I have been saving 2-liter soda bottles for patio bowling tournaments. I have decided this summer we will choose a day with the neighbor kids to make a cardboard city. this easily keeps the whole block entertained for a good week. The only adult effort required is about 3-4 hours to cut out the shapes and the kids do all the decorating. Then someone always becomes Godzilla and I am forced to retrieve the emergency treasure box and soon all tears are smiles again. I have been shaving crayons with sharpeners for a week and keeping each color separated by snack size plastic bags. These shavings along with black poster board for frames, wax paper, and a hot iron become sun catchers for the kitchen window on sunny afternoons. Of all the fun stuff I am trying to get ready my greatest challenge is and has always been bedtime. My kids seem to think that since school is out .. all other rules are out too. Regardless of how many times mom says.. nice try but, no way. In a previous blog I shared how we choose one of our kids to be the star of the day and all decisions are given to them for their way that day. Such as what cartoon to watch. What cereal to have for breakfast.... you get the idea. I decided to put a new twist on bedtime and our tradition of star time. I have decided that my children will have to earn this special right this summer. They are getting older so, responsibilitles of behavior and recognition for positive behavior should be encouraged not always just given to them. I will have to share if this new way works but here is my idea. (if you have any ideas or feedback- please share) My kids will have the opportunity to become the star of the day if they go to sleep when they are supposed to. If I have a problem with a certain child getting up 20,000 times for one more drink of water. Or if a have a child that has to use the bathroom 60 times in 20 minutes, or (here's my favorite) They think that negotiations for umpteen million different things should be attempted 15 to 20 minutes after bedtime kisses have been given. These acts will disqualify them from being included in my new rendition of star kid. If they have followed all rules and have gone to sleep as they should they can look above their door and if their name is the one inside a golden star they are the winner today. If I have a night noone follows rules and Mom appears in the star....Mom believes in manual labor as punishment and my walls will shine that day...ok so, I rambled on about nothing really.. just that I love the summer time with my kids and I know I will miss it....until then however, Calgon take me away



 Playdough recipe:

  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 tablespoon cream of tartar
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1 cup water
  • food coloring  
  1. Combine ingredients in a saucepan.  Heat gently, stirring all the time.  When the dough has a good consistency, take it off the heat and allow to cool. add desired food coloring. wrap in wax paper. place in zipper bag for storage.


Handprint Flower Garden:

  • colored construction paper
  • two sided tape
  • pencil
  • scissors
  1. line the desired wall with green construction paper about 5 inches wide. cut small slits about 2 inches along the the length of your garden. Use the pencil to half curl each blade of grass. trace child's hand and attach to a stem and leaf cut from colored paper.


Pipe cleaner summer bugs

  • sandwich size zip close baggies
  • tissue paper in a variety of colors
  • 6" long pipe cleaner
  • pencil
  1. Cut the tissue paper into 1/2" squares. Fill the zip close baggie with tissue squares . Close the baggie and let out some of the air. Gather baggie in the middle with the zip close at the top. Twist pipe cleaner in the middle to form butterfly wings with antennae. Curl the ends of the of the antennas with a pencil.

Backyard Bowling

  • desired amount of empty 2 liter soda bottles
  • small to medium sized ball
  • snack size plastic bag
  • sand or pebbles (small)
  1. clean and peel off label from soda bottle. place small amounts of sand or pebbles into snack bags and place inside the bottle. arrange bottles in V shape on solid and even ground.

cardboard city

  • begin saving boxes from cereal. oatmeal or large items
  • scissors
  • sharp knife
  • black marker
  • washable markers or crayons
  • masking tape
  1.  This one I let the kids' imagination do all the work. I am simply there to cut the desired windows or doors from really big boxes. The older kids can be put in charge of the masking tape. 


Crayon shavings sun catchers

  • crayons
  • pencil sharpener
  • wax paper
  • string
  • hole puncher
  • stapler
  • iron and iron board
  • old towel
  • scissors
  • black poster board
  1. Heat iron on highest setting. prepare two sheets of wax paper one on top of the other. Have child place desired amount of crayon shavings in center of wax papers. Line iron board with an old towel. (this part can get a little messy) parent melts crayon shavings with iron by gently rubbing top of wax paper sheets. Let cool for 15 minutes. cut sides of art to fit desired frame size. (use poster board to create frame) staple into place. use hole punch to string window catcher. Tie to desired hanging length in front of window.




Thanks Lynn. Copy away. Thats why it's here. Have fun!!! 

Leave them wondering~

 Miss Green, I really like your 'Mom in the Star'.  Wonderful ideas for keeping the children occupied, happy and momma sane. 

All your preparations reminded me of when I was a Camp Fire leader.  I had the most fun with those girls.

Even though my children are grown up, my daughter and I are going to get the modeling clay you can buy that you bake.  I have a little turtle and a little ladybug, each about 1 and a half inches long, that is stuck on a wire stick.  These go in my garden.  We want to make more of them.  It's fun when your daughter as her own child now and wants to do crafty things.  Your ideas above will help her later on, so I plan on copying them with your permission and printing them along with other ideas I come across and put them in a "Rainy Day" box to give her later.  I know she'll love it.

You're a great mom, Green!




f I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

You must be the coolest and funnest mom on the block! What time do I show up?!?

^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^
do not meddle
in the affairs of dragons
for you are crunchy
and taste good with ketchup

^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^

I remember using the "last drink" trick...

"manual labor as punishment" made me laugh... that's great.

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