Locked in my Bathroom










Yes, that is where I currently am... if I hadn't locked myself in here I might actually attempt to seriously hurt Boyfriend... I'm oh so pissed off.

So here goes my rant... skip over this paragraph if you don't want to hear about it lol... so yesterday an old friend of mine's band was going to play... said be there at 5... so we get there at 5 only to not have any music start until six... not cool... well we wait... and wait... and they still hadn't gone on, so around 7:45 we're bored and finally leave, I say my goodbyes and we're off to come home... we get home and I'm not feeling well so I lay down and boyfriend lays with me... we both fall asleep only he gets up an hour or so later and I hear him get on his computer to play counterstrike... okay, cool... so I fall back asleep and wake up at 1 am....... that was like a 5 hour nap............ lol, okay and he's still playing counterstrike... I get up and get something to drink... go back to bed and pull out the laptop where I surf around and watch some vh1... around 4 am he comes to bed (btw, wtf was bon jovi doing at the #1 slot on the countdown...?) so I'm having to guess he played counterstrike for about 6 straight hours.... fine whatever... we go to bed (not an easy task after a  5 hour nap) and wake up around 10 - 10 30ish... he told me through the whole night he dreamt about counterstrike........ oooookay... (there is a point to this, I swear)... so he's playing counterstrike all day again and finally when he gets up I run and steal his computer and play for a minute or so, where he's finally like, okay we need to get the game for my computer... so off to the gamestore where about a quarter mile out I'm like, 'well can't we just get the cd key online since we already have the disks?'... U-turn.   back home I'm trying to load counterstrike onto my computer... end up with a steam.dll error because it won't load...... then when I go to check on the internet to see what I should do, *poof*... no internet connection... not cool... not cool at all.  after about 5 minutes of trying to figure out what was wrong, boyfriend's computer (he was still playing counterstrike) looses internet connection... so we go to the source, find out that it should be working... boyfriend goes and restores my computer... without my knowledge. Not cool since I made a bunch of updates since that restore point... changes as well that I've now gotta go redo... so I'm a little irked... just a little... and I ask him (where he's now again put himself in front of counterstrike playing away) why did he restore my computer... his response: it's the only thing I could think to do since everything worked before you loaded the game......... so my next question: then why couldn't you just uninstall the game?  his response: well restoring deletes the game anyway....... now in my mind I'm thinking, yes, buuutttttt restoring did a bunch of unnecessary things when you could have simply just uninstalled the game.  but I didn't say any of this... but evidently my questioning got him killed in counterstrike and he got extremely pissy and goes: FINE, I WON'T HELP YOU ANYMORE!... okay, that wasn't needed.... so whatever, my computer finally loads up and I ask the simple question, 'so should I try to load it again?' wondering if it's going to do the same thing... and I get 'NO! I'm NOT helping you.' This is where my temper rose and I had to get out of the room before I threw his computer through the window. (the reason I had to purchase accidental insurance on my laptop) Now tell me... he's been playing counterstrike for almost 24 hours (this is including his dreams)..... am I wrong for being pissed off for being treated as such because his game is oh-so-serious? It's a f***ing game... and because he was too much in a rush to play it and couldn't take the consideration of all the updating and changes I've made to my computer, he took the easy way out so he could get back to his game, and now throws a fit because he doesn't want to part from it for a few minutes to help me.

So here I am in my bathroom, on the floor running as many bandwidth eating applications as I can, seeing as doing this seriously interferes with his game playing... seriously thinking about yanking the internet cable... we're getting it free anyway, so it's not like he could say anything. but then that means no internet for me either... that's the drawback. I'll think about it...

Well anyway, I have lots of stuff to talk about, I just can't seem to remember what it is at the moment... must be the frustration clouding my mind... or the bleach fumes coming from the bathtub... I'll write another blog when I remember... I'm kinda curious as to what you guys think of my situation... dramatic as it is... yes I know I'm not being helpful by locking myself in the bathroom... but 1) It's the only place in my apartment with a lock (not including the front door)where I can be left alone 2) It's entertaining to know that if he needs the bathroom he'll have to go knocking on our neighbor's doors... and 3) if I don't lock myself away from him, I might lose my temper and break something so this is the best way I can think to handle myself at the moment.

So should I hit him with a frying pan? Disconnect the internet? I'd make him sleep on the couch but I can't lock the bedroom door to keep him out... not to mention, that still gives him all his access to the computer game... or what? My natural reaction is to just ignore him altogether and go somewhere else. any ideas?




 Oh, and Foamy, you are the best!  Great idea!


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

 OMG Miss Trinity, talk about ROTFLMAO, you had me laughing so hard, at the NOOOOOO  DEEEEAAAARRRR, I actually fell off my chair backwards!!!!!! owie, but so funny!

I had to get UP off the FLOOR and SIT back in my CHAIR, girl, so I could read the rest of it!  

I have tears in my eyes, thanks to your humor, and my fall to say the least!  I'm blinking away the tears so I can read the rest......just a min.....

muahhahaha......is right.  

oh, I need to recover right now.  Thank you for the laugh AND the fall!




If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

Lol... Foamy gave me a good way to irritate him while he's gaming... testing my internet speed from different servers over and over again... I kept hearing 'ARE YOU DOWNLOADING SOMETHING?!!!' and I honestly replied 'NO DEAAAAAAAR, NOT DOWNLOADING A THING!' and when he comes sulking into the room I'm in to check if I really am or not, I just ctrl+w my windows so it goes away... even better, I was doing it about 12 times at the same time in different tabs so that it would knock him off his server real quickly.

Right now he's in real trouble at the moment.. he's even told me I need to make a punishment and reward book so there will be a standard set of punishments and rewards to go around... sounds like a good idea to me... I'm going to elaborate on my creative idea for this in my next blog....  anyway, so far his punishment is to get the bedroom rearranged back to where I want it this weekend, and to go dress shopping with me tomorrow... at one of the biggest malls in the city... every store... every dress... hey, it's his formal event... and then next will be the shoes mwahahah


I just had a SuperGlue accident... everyone remain calm...

 Miss Trinity,

I sure hope you aren't still sitting on that bathroom floor!  You had me cracking up over this.  I know....I know...so not funny at the time....but it will be someday.  

I tried to reply the other day to this, but got swept away.  I was saying that I like to hit the 'Repair' button and that kind of fixes things on the gamers end for a bit and fixes my mood at the same time.  Then when he comes running in and asks if I'm having problems with the internet, I just say, no dear, everything is okay here.......

Hope all is better now.  You reacted just as I would have.  I should say, as I do

Our men are our men, with faults and all, and if you are still with this one 20 years from now, nothing will have changed, you will have just come up with some sneaky better comebacks from all the practice you will get.  ;)




If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

aww... haha.

It's a game... he should really get over it. I throw a bit of a hissy fit if my boyfriend gets mad at me because of something he did in game. well, not really a hissy-fit but he gets the message. I just leave the room and it takes him hours to realize I'm mad at him.. but as long as he realizes it on his own, it's ok. Then he offers to remove the game from his computer... and I end up begging him not to becuase he likes the game. haha. That's not the reason he acts that way anyway, removing the game will only divert his attention to something else. There's an underlying reason to the moody-ness. haha. I think men get PMS too. =oP

Besides, he needs his game time and I need my... game time =oP . haha. We can't do EVERYTHING together.

BTW, if he died in game.. Ooh big deal... wait a bit, then start over. hah.
if he was playing mission objectives.. Tell him to start from his last SAVE point... if it's alot further back than he actually was.. well, isn't that the same thing as what he did to your computer? =oP

I think, since you've already confronted him about it, that ignoring/drawing back from him is important to establish the fact that you won't tolerate his behavior and you "can" walk away from him if you really wanted to. (not necessarily that you will, but to let him know he can't treat you like crap)

Keep us updated!

Hmm...I am assuming that you have a wireless router (or your just sneaking in on someone else's unsecured network...in which case my suggestion won't work) if you get internet access in your bathroom...lol. You could always log into the router set up and block his MAC address...poof...you have still have internet access on your laptop and he doesn't. Just a thought...but on a serious note, I hope you guys work it out, fighting sucks.

lmao!  bon jovi?!  ahaha!  entertaining blog;) 




AH Anime! You found yourself a Peter Pan too? That is what I call my husband when he acts like that. He doesn't care too much for the pet name in moments like these. But, that is exactly what they can act like. Maybe not all men but, definitely mine. As far as advice? After 9 years together I would have to side with . I rather enjoy the time he becomes a turtle and I have some quiet time. I did read the comment a few entries above. I would agree that a game vs. human contact shouldn't be tolerated. But, I am just as guilty by not wanting the crap of a big blow out fight over something he will do again next week. I have rather grown fond of his turtle-like moments. He tucks his head away in his shell and stays there for a while.  I choose to have my own seclusion away. my bathtub a door lock, music , candles and a very long book. I announce my time away as I'll be back later" which translates to Mom/Wife is going into her land of happy thoughts so upon penalty of death and dismemberment do not knock or enter" I am sorry I don't have any grand advice, or  wise old answer for you.. but, you do have my understanding!


~Leave them wondering~

So we've confronted each other and he thinks I was all pissed off when I was asking the questions... which I guess is grounds for him to treat me like sh**... just because he's impatient and takes things differently because he'd rather play his game isn't my fault... so I've come to the conclusion that until he realizes that he's being an a$$ho*e, he can stay away from me... not touch me, not get any food I decide to make... or go out with me... it can just be him and his computer... hope it keeps him warm tonight


I just had a SuperGlue accident... everyone remain calm...

animestrinity aww girl hang in there. Believe it or not I think a lot of women go through the same thing. You have to find ways to make him appreciate you. Some times a guy thinks that you need them and they feed off of that. They pretty much take advantage of that. My husband can plain out be lazy and just irating and ughhh so much else. Whatever I did for him I stopped doing. No really I did. haha Just thinking about it gives me the giggles. Me and the kids were eating steak and rice while poor ol lazy was eating frozen pizza. I only had time to do my clothes while his sat. Show him you really don't need him GUG is always here to help! If it's meant to be then he'll change his ways. You don't deserve to be treated like that and I hope everything works out. Oh and if you break anything break his stuff! haha

 Anime see that mat in the bathroom there that you walk over and dry your feet on after a shower? As long as you don't confront issues in a relationship which drive you into the bathroom you are that mat. I know you have to pick your battles and that is healthy for everyone but you seem to have a lot of battles to pick from. Maybe its time to cut your losses find a person who would rather spend quality time with you rather than quality time with a video game.

Oh well good luck and if you have to throw anything use cheap crap from the bathroom but avoid the base of the skull as your target area 

***on a side note am I the only one who thinks passing up time with a human for a video game seems really crazy or am I just old and out of touch? 

"There is no human problem which could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise "

I'm torn between laughing and crying reading your post.  My boyfriend and I have been BRAWLING since Thursday.  want to know what started it?  He left a bright red grease pencil in his work shirt pocket, and it got all over an entire load of laundry, in the dryer. AARRGGHH!!!!! 

Guys do dumb shit.  They don't mean to, they don't try to, they just don't always realize they're doing dumb shit, or worse yet, being royal a$$holes...I'll be in the chatroom if ya want to, well, chat... 


"They know not if it's dark outside or light"

Yeah, thought of that too... that's why I then went along to mention the top of the toilet lol... I need not make it easier for him in here... the guys already have it easy in this room


I just had a SuperGlue accident... everyone remain calm...

Lol... yes, I've already come across that situation... which is why I was amused at the fact of wondering what he's going to do when he realizes he's gotta use the bathroom...

As for why I'm mad, it's not the video games, it's the fact that he's backtracked my progress on my computer so he could play, and then refused to help me and got angry when I asked him a simple question.

So... do you know of a good grout cleaner for bathroom floors? 


I just had a SuperGlue accident... everyone remain calm...

Oh MY dear Anime, They can be such pig headed thugs, these men of ours. How old is this child that tries to play grown up( and i don't mean geek, either)? I will get back to you because the dinner bell has just been rung  please feel better    juliek

And I could always disconnect the toilet seat and hit him with that... or the top of the toilet thing... that's heavy... maybe that would work... listerine bottle maybe?


I just had a SuperGlue accident... everyone remain calm...

Lol... yes... he can be.  I'm starting to think my best strategy in this situation is to be a b**ch until he either straightens out or leaves... the latter means I can make like a starfish in bed tonight lmao...


I just had a SuperGlue accident... everyone remain calm...

I was going to say this after your last blog but felt it was inappropriate. Is your boyfriend really an @$$#0!& or what?! Ha ha, you can take that as a joke if you want...

Sorry, I don't have any advice. I'm much better at making things worse than better...

Do you have a frying pan with you in the bathroom? Maybe a whack upside the head will make you feel better. Oops, I meant his head, not yours. Or either way... sorry.

Still sitting by myself on the bathroom floor... in the chatroom by my lonesome singing to myselfff hoping for a little advice.... please? Petty I know, but I really don't believe I deserved to be treated like that.


I just had a SuperGlue accident... everyone remain calm...

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