For the Love of Hairties!

Okay... so I have this cat... he's the prettiest thing.  He's sorta retarded sometimes, but is adorable most of the other times... he talks to me, comes when I call him (shocker!).... usually... and drools when he's uber happy... His name is Boo.

Well when I lived by myself, he had toys... he would play with these toys... and used to play in his waterbowl, tipped his waterbowl, and put his toys in his waterbowl... his favorite toys amongst all of the purchased ones... were crumpled paper balls, and hairties...

I didn't know the hairtie thing was really that big... until I realized I was all out... and later when I moved... I moved some stuff around in the kitchen, and found over 40 of them... who knows how many got lost under the stove and fridge.

So later on I move in with my mother... there are dogs... Boo no longer plays with toys... he beats up my mothers golden retriever (ahahahah!) and sleeps on the warm stove (god knows we never used it lol)

And now... I've moved in with my fiance... and he got Boo a stocking full of kitty toys for Christmas... well Boo wasn't all that thrilled at first... but by the next day, he was allll over them. Jingle balls, stuffed mice, a stuffed sparkly fish, a feather thing he LOVESSSS to lick on, and some other stuff... and then... the hairties started disappearing... I kept thinking I was just not paying attention to where I put them, but I always take them off and put them by my brush... well the cat was yoinking them overnight...

I have to throw in here, that he's not interested in just ANY hairtie... but ONLY hairties that have been in my hair... I've tried giving him his own new ones... he just bats it around for a second and then sticks his nose in the air walking away.

So whatever... nothing new... just back to his old self... well then he discovered the bathtub... evidently the bathtub is more fun to bat hairties around in because when you knock one up the side, it comes back down... the kitchen floor means he has to chase it and sometimes they disappear under appliances...

Now at all hours of the night and day, we hear him hop in the tub... play for a little bit... then come out with the hairtie in his mouth.

Recently, I was running out the door and didn't know where my hairtie was, so I just grabbed one he was playing with... later that evening, he hopped up on the headboard of the bed I was sitting against, and started playing with my hair... it took me a few seconds to realize that he was trying to GET THE HAIRTIE out of my hair... Evidently, that one is his favorite...

It's gotten ridiculous. He carries it around like it's his baby.  If I take it from him, he follows me around until I give it back... he's even jumped to get it from my hands (which, my cat doesn't jump for anything...) I've even caught him sleeping with it... it goes where he goes... living room, kitchen, bathroom, even on the bed when he's being social, or napping, or whatever... I've even found it in his water bowl... I assume he wasn't going to take the face plunge to get it out...

He still steals any that I use... but this one particular one (which stands out because the elastic is starting to fray on it) he won't leave alone..

I think it's sorta cute... but weird at the same time...

Oh... and on a completely different note... I have someone trying to hack into my myspace?? I keep getting the CAPTCHAs when I login, and even 'this account login has been locked due to excessive failed login attempts...'... if you're stalking me, I figure you read these blogs... I dunno who you are, but how lame do you have to be to want in my myspace? It's pretty boring... doesn't really say anything... I don't really have real-life friends on it... my pictures are all fairly boring... look, even in my blog all I have to talk about is my cat... nothing scandalous... so quit being a loser plzkthx :)





What? so they can fight over them?? lol

Boo doesn't slobber on these really... mostly bats them around... maybe he'd drool on a scrunchie though....

Boo had a best friend... but he's back in San Antonio... it was this weird stray lovable cat, but he seemed to think he belonged to us... would welcome himself in... nap on our furniture... it was cute... but really weird... it was the only cat around that didn't beat up Boo... and would actually play with him... so we allowed it...

Boo's a little socially retarded... okay a LOT... he hides from new people... and is slow when it comes to playing (hence getting beat up)... and spoiled... so he gets himself into trouble when he wants something another cat has... I've come to terms with my cat being retarded... he's going on 4 years old and has yet to figure out how to properly work a litterbox... but as gunner says (making him seem even more retardedly-pathetic) "at least he tries..."

name the time and place... he's been driving me crazy lately...


Most of my hair-Ties (lol... sorry, it's one word to me... hairtie, elastic, pony-tail-holder, etc... scrunchies to me are bulky and have a lot of material on it... so it's not a scrunchie) end up gone forever under kitchen appliances... I don't get many uses out of my hair ties, usually just the one before it goes MIA... so if you like buying in bulk... then it's cute... it's not so cute when you have none left and are trying to put your hair up...

Side note... boo is currently playing with his favorite one on the bed...


 I wish my rabbits played with my hair ties.  :(  I want a cat now.




My boyfriend's Nickname is you want a virtual him too :P

I B CUTE! Don't argue with me I know I'm cute!

Ha, I'm dislexic. I seriously read it as harties. Whatever. I spend all day in special ed. I'm like a genius to those kids.

Unless it's a brand name, a "hairtie" should more properly and recognizably be spelled as "hair tie."  Or perhaps "hair-tie."


- - - - - - - - - -


This makes me miss my baby. I had to leave her at home when we moved to our apartment. Boo seems to have a great personality.

One question though, what is a hartie? Is it like a scrunchie?

 Thats cute. Boo and My Tardo could be best friends. Tardo has a purple scrunchie that is HER baby. its usually covered in slobber so i dont even try to take it from her. Its futile. I have given in to the fact that my cats are the boss and I am their slave. *sigh* Tardo and Boo should have a play date.


"So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb. "

I have only one thing to say to this blog post:

Awwwwwww!  =^_^=


- - - - - - - - - -

-Raffy be honest w/you, i was really wanting you to snip me some boo fur. but i'll gladly take what gunner yanked off. we're an ice cream family, granola too! not sure where to acquire fortune cookies around here....yet!


He likes granola... and fortune cookies... and ice cream...

As for a furball... like one he puked up? or like one from when Gunner stepped on his tail and yanked out a chunk of BooFur?

Webcam... hmm... maybe that could be arranged... you might only see his nose sniffing the camera though... and maybe his whacking me in the head with his tail... he seems to love doing that...


deal! and i may need some personal visits.... so boo and i can peer into each others eye's via a webcam. oh, and mail me a fur ball.  does boo eat......*gulp* we may need to change is diet.


What's sad is that he knows he's pretty... I think if he was shaved, he'd hide under blankets until he wasn't ugly.

Yes... lots of cash... I'll send the virtual adoption papers... I'll cuddle him, feed him, and laugh at him when he falls... I'll just post pictures so you can pretend that it's you :)

For an extra fee, I can probably get him to talk to you on the phone, but I make no guarantees... he likes to repeat me... I call him MowMows (long story about teaching him to meow... don't ask...) and when I say it he goes 'rowrow!'


[quote=animestrinity]Oh... and on a completely different note... I have someone trying to hack into my myspace?? I keep getting the CAPTCHAs when I login, and even 'this account login has been locked due to excessive failed login attempts...[/quote]

join the club, luva!  gee...and all this time i thought "i" was the popular one .

so now you have me wanting a boo cat. and you know i'm not fan of them, primarily due to the family's severe allergies. otherwise, i'd be at the pet store right at this moment. so i am going to need boo to be my virtual highly unattainable cat. and i am going to need pictures please. *do i need to send mad amounts of cash and sign virtual adoption papers*


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