Just to vent and reveal one of my pet-peeves...


What trust do employers put on their employees by constantly questioning their capability? You create bad morale and resentment by not even allowing the employees to mess up. Do not call me to ask if I'm done with the assignment you gave me five minutes ago. No it's not done! Yes, I will call you when it is done! No, I'm not having any issues with it, I just got it!

Throughout the day, I get plenty down without you breathing down my neck. There are all sorts of things that have to get done everyday that you don't harp about. Why only choose certain things to dwell on? I know, you want to remind me that you have the higher position. Well kudos to you! The damn company MADE up a title for you b/c they did'n't want to have a law suit on their hands. (But that's another story). So go ahead and strut your authority around!

But stop calling me to look in the same programs and software that you can access from your own computer! Stop calling me to transfer you to people that you know damn well you could have called yourself! Stop making me bother our clients with retard questions about their emergency contact info and email addresses. These people do not want to be bothered. Stop saying hello everytime you pass my desk. You pass it an approxiamte number of 15 times...I get the point. You're here.

People don't like other people who nit-pick. If you're a nag, stop it! I apologize ten times over to my sweetness if I ever got overbearing with him by asking him to do something more than once. Things get done quicker if you allow that person time to do it. Maybe it's the hormones...but I just can't take it anymore. : upset :



I'm over a 3-shift shipping operation in a factory that ships 30-40 semi-tractor trailerloads of mixed product a day.  There are 11 shipping people.  I try to train them to make their own decisions and to be confident without relying on my constant direction.

It makes life easier on me and they like being able to do their jobs without someone watching their every move.  I hate it when my bosses try to micro-manage me so I know what it feels like.

....you need to reply once to mr. micro and say, "well it won't get done any quicker with you hovering over me!"

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hells yea to that!!!

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