Mommy has gone bye bye

Ever have one of those days.. nothing fits in your closet. The kids are all fighting. But, they are not just fighting. They are fighting over who gets to carry in tha last abandoned glass from the coffee table so mom can finish dishes. WHY? I mean if they are going to fight why not over a cartoon or coloring book you know something kid fun.. but a coffee cup? It's not like they were in such a mad hurry to help mom clean. It was the power of victory over who won... the coffee cup. I Guess, like

all things it turns out to be hubby's fault. I know he knows where the cups are. And he knows where the coffee pot is. He even knows where the sink is to fill the coffee pot with water to in fact have coffee. But, it does not register to take the 28 steps (yes, I did count them) to the kitchen make a sharp right and deposit said cup into the sink. I will even rinse and put in the dishwasher which is 3 steps and to the right. Down about 3 inches. (just in case he reads this)... I am sure the men reading this will say.. It's always our fault. Aat least that is what my hubby believes. *It is by the power of the female who weareth the diamond to unrationaly declare fault to said spouse at will or anytime therein.~ see it is on the little tiny font size which can change as often as our cycles dictate it can. Yep, Mommy has gone bye bye. Let's see it is now 1 am. I cannot sleep. I am in the middle of baking. I have already done this once today. I left my cakes 2 8-inch and 2 6-inch rounds of dark chocolate on my stove while running errands with my darlings. I came back to chocolate crumbs all over my house. I have a dog. A bassett hound. I don't have to say much more. Poor thing is outside tonight. My neighbors must love me. But, he is getting really good at howling his rendition of unchained melody. I will probably give in soon and let him back in. He is a perpetual toddler and I am being told Bassett's do not outgrow this behavior. Somehow, I will find a way to pass blame on to my husband. I have not found my angle yet. But, I will. (of course I am kidding. This was completely my own fault~ dee dee dee) Enough about our dear pet who is affectionately being called Hoover this evening. I am re-baking cakes. Which will have to cool before I have the chance to begin decorating them. My not so great day has become a very very long one. Of course I say this all in sarcasm. I love my kids. I love my husband. I even love the stupid dog. But, somedays I just want to slip on to an airplane and land where the sand is white and the water is clear and blue. I want to sit in the sun wearing my pre-kids figure with a drink or two or three filled in a coconut sporting the traditional umbrella. (*pinches myself awake)

Now, that I have vented I am feeling much more...... rational. I will take my own advice and savor today's challenges and trade them in as blessings. Gifts for me to cherish rather than complain to whoever is reading this silly thing. I love being a wife and mom. Even the crappy days are better at 1 am when everyone is sleeping lol. I will sit here and smell the cakes bake and pour myself another Irish cofee (see my recipe for Irish cream liqueur in the cooking forum) Wink


~Leave them wondering~




yeah nice blog, I needed to know that Im not alone here, lol

I had a Simoian and a Black Lab that ate an ENTIRE pan of lasagna, just out of the oven, when I went to the store to by bread...they were outside for a looong time, too!

wow. i wanted to drink after reading this. jk!  great blog!!! ;)  love the "perpetual toddler" line!   

--. And remember, no matter where you go, there you are . --

Hi Green,

Love the blog. 

I've heard that having a dog is like have a 3 year old in the house....for 12 to 13 years!!! At least kids have opposing thumbs to better execute their training.

Right now I have a house full of teenagers - and I sit in the sanctuary of my office...overlooking the dunes and shoreline of Cocoa Beach.

I think I see you and down there on the sand, giggling over your frozen coconut margaritas and pinching a tanned and toned cabana-boy's tush! Hahaha Laughing


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle

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