Mommy Moments~ Magic Milk

I am a mom of 4 kids who keep me very busy. In my years of being a mom I have learned alot of fun things to share with the kids. I thought I would share some of our family traditions and kid friendly stuff here.


March ~ The Clover Hunt

March~ Magic Milk


The object is to search through the field of clovers to find a 4 leaf clover~ Once found, a prize is awarded to the "lucky ones"


I line the floor of our living room with clovers and of course have cut out 4 leaf clovers for the amount of kids that are searching. I laminate them so that I can re-use them every year.  I put on some fun Celtic music and watch the kids search. Once they find one 4 leaf clover they must bring it to me for their prize.  The prize is a pot of gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins . It has become a March tradition in our household and costs less than $10 to do.


Happy Hunting,




Magic milk


On the morning of St. Patrick's day next to our shamrock shaped pancakes (pour the batter into a big clover shaped cookie cutter don't forget to add green food coloring in the batter before pouring) we have Magic milk. This is extra special milk left by leprechauns. Younger kids get a huge kick out of it. I put a drop or two of green food coloring in the bottom of their glass before pouring their milk. I tell them a "story" that sometimes if you are really lucky leprechauns will come and switch your milk with Magic Milk. "I wonder if we just might be that lucky?" It' is great to see their reaction when just like magic their milk goes from being poured white to green in the glass.....just like magic. It's simple and easy to do and it works like a charm~ A lucky charm