MTA- Going your way?

Every single day of my life I am forced to use the New York City Transit system, better known as the MTA. Yeah, I was ticked off when they raised the fares to $2.00. I was even more upset when they raised the prices of the unlimited Metrocards. Those little extra dollars a year really adds up. However, I was able to get past the fare hikes. What irks me the most is their service!

Recently I had an incredibly terrible experience with a bunch of MTA workers. When waiting for a bus on Pelham Bay Park, I realized that there was 3 different bus stops on the same side for the same numbered bus (BX12).  So there are about 15-20 MTA workers just slumming around, so I proceed to attempt to ask one which stop I should be waiting at in order to get to my destination. So when I approached a worker to inquire, he simply looked at me like he was getting ready to hit me or somthing. Did I mention he was kind of dodging me, he seemed to be running away from me. So I couldn't believe it and lost patience and told him, "You know what never effing mind!" I couldn't believe how reluctant he was to assist me.

So I asked another worker where I can stand, and the woman replied by saying, "Well, I think you stand here." How can you not be sure if you work for the MTA? Then when I'm finally on the bus and I arrive at my destination, the bus driver doesn't release the switch for the back door, so the riders can exit. It's only when Sweetness has to shout that the back door needs top be opened that the bus driver releases the switch. Needless to say that this was not a good journey. Where is all this extra money going to? Certaintly with all this extra money they're taking from us, they can afford to give better service. It's not as if the trains and buses run any better. I still wait the same amount of time for bus/train as I have always waited. I understand that with the passing of times, one must rise to the occasion as do prices. I just think it's only fair that if you're going to raise the price, also raise your standards. Many MTA workers seem not to care b/c they're part of a union.  Where does this leave the riders?

Well, I'll tell you where it leaves this rider: Frustrated wit's end, angryangry and increasingly impatient!


So I give the MTA an official two-thumbs down! thumbs down




you nailed it stevie. we are just getting ready to launch live our first light rail system. now this will be an interesting show!


Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

You've shown us the future unless someone invents the flux-capacitor.

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