Muder Trial Update

Well... as I was misinformed... The kid that killed my cousin was NOT ever charged with murder.... why? because the Selma cops didn't submit all, or even full statements from the witnesses..... so they just dismissed it as 'self defense'...

Evidently my mother contacted some news reporter about it... and now that news team is gathering all the info they can, and going to gang up on the Selma Police Department, and bring this into the public eye... hopefully to get the department to actually go back and charge him with murder...........

At first I thought he was already charged... so I was confused thinking, they can't take him back to court for the same thing... but since the charges were never administered... they can... and fingers crossed... I hope they do.

As many of us feel... we don't know if we'd be able to control ourselves if we saw this kid walking free...

Let's hope this works.


Edit... found this photograph on my youngest cousin's myspace... all three of my cousins... the one that was killed is on the very right... just thought it was a cute photograph lol...




Matt came over last night... he was my cousin's best friend... we were all talking about shtuff... reminiscing... funny stories lol... and I learned a lot more about what happened that day too... which just seems to make me more angry...... and you get that hindsight thing... where you're like 'IF ONLY..' 

And then you learn... oh my god he was this disgusting kid... that would beat you up... but only to make his point, and only if you really deserved it... never over did it... but at the same time, he was the sweetest person, always looked for the good in everyone (even if he had to beat it out of you)... always gave people second, third, forth chances.... very giving... if you needed anything, go to him, he'd "get" it for you.... even if it wasn't his to give lol *IF* you catch my drift... 

Anyway.... just blah... woke up too early... going to get something to eat now.. 


I am a Sound Soldier

 Oh man.  I sure hope this happens.  Almost at a loss for words right now.  Was talking with hubby about this just last night because another senseless act happened here, 3 or 4 teenagers are gone forever.


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall...... cute is he?  so sad my dear :(  i hope everything works out okay. please keep us posted! 


Well... there was a lot of issues between them around that time... and they sort of estranged themselves from us... just recently (like this week) we gained contact with them again... my other two cousins were kind of upset about it (they'd visit), so I think they were the reason why that side of the family finally started contacting us again... 


I am a Sound Soldier

That is awful. Your cousins parents(if any) must feel as if the lack of charges towards the criminal is kind of like losing their son all over again. Im sure that justice will prevail in the end. The technicality will probably be corrected once it is brought to their attention and especially with the public getting involved. Prayers will be going to your family.

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