My good deed for Earth Day ....

Okay so it may not exactly be an Earth Day related thing, but demmit it made me feel good!!

Earlier this morning (2am-ish) I was heading from my peak job to my normal job. I was running a little later than normal because I'd gotten out of the peak job late, and took a little longer to chance than I normally do. Anyway, I was about half way there when I drove by this cat sitting in the road, in one of the lanes going the opposite direction. As soon as I started to come upon what looked like a creature in the road I immediately started to get upset. I hate, hate, HATE seeing any kind of animal that's been hit. Whether it be a wild animal or possibly someone's pet it make me very sad, and I always offer a prayer to the Goddess for that poor creature's soul. Here is where time seemed to slow, and yet happen in the blink of an eye ... all of what follows happened within a matter of seconds. As I'm passing this cat and looking at it out the driver's side window, the cat turns it's head and looks at me!! Even though I wasn't all that close to the cat and it was dark, right away I saw something that looked like blood on it's face. Also, even though there was a full lane between us, it stunned me that the cat didn't move ... not an inch!! There was an on coming SUV heading directly towards that cat, and not seeming to see it or slow down. Without thinking or second guessing I swerved in front of the oncoming car, jumped out of my truck, and started to carefully/slowly approach the cat talking to it softly & kindly. I almost got within reach of grabbing it, but it ran across the road (to my side of the road) into a small retail parking lot. Actually it kind of half ran, half hobbled because one of it's back legs seemed to not be working right. For a second I cursed and panicked, because I was afraid that I might not be able to catch it. I didn't want this poor thing running around injured, or possibly dieing in horrific pain. I jumped back into my truck and started to back up so I wasn't blocking this other person, and so I could pull into the lot and try again to catch the cat. During this whole time the other drive just sat there patiently, never once laying on his horn or getting out to curse me, and as he drove off even waved to me as if in thanks. I was shocked by that, honestly, and very grateful too. I puled into the parking lot, shut my truck off, and stared to carefully approach the cat again. I worked my way slowly, crouching most of the way, talking softly & sweetly to the cat. I could tell the cat was in shock and scared, it growled at me once or twice when I got really close to it. I was afraid it might run off again, but I just kept my hand out & offered to it. I finally got close enough that it left me stroke it's head with a finger, and then I was able to scruff it & pick it up as gently as possible as to not injure it further.

I set it on the floor or the passenger side, and drove home as carefully & quickly as I could. I woke Tim up, quickly told him what had happened, he ran out to the truck to take a quick look, and then we sped off to the clinic. Tim gave it a quick look over at the clinic ... mostly to make sure it was primarily stable, and because he really wasn't allowed to do much else with out the doc there. We determined that "it" was a she ... a very pretty little Snowshoe at that. At that time Tim didn't think her back leg was broken, but it was badly swollen and had terrible road rash on the inside of the upper thigh. Her mouth was bloody, she was missing a couple teeth, and it must have been sore, because she didn't like us trying to look inside. We set her up in a hospital cage with a litter box & water, and a note explaining the situation, and asking for the doc to give us a call & let us know what was up when she got in and gave the cat a better look-over in the morning.

Doc called around 10am. Her leg is not broken and she doesn't seem to have any internal injuries. However, her jaw is broken and she had to have surgery to have it wired ... not wired shut, but just a wire run through and around the bone to stabilize it while it heals. She can still eat this way, but only very soft foods. She's on IV fluids and will probably have to stay at the clinic for the rest of today and maybe tomorrow. Doc also confirmed what Tim and I had been thinking earlier that morning ... she once was someone's pet (because she was spayed), but not all of the dirt on her was from the tumble with the car, so she's probably been a stray for a little bit.

We can NOT keep this cat. We can't even bring her home to foster because we still have the other foster cat ... we would if we could, but we just don't have the space. Tim is going to hit up his theater family and see if anyone is interested. Obviously we don't know much about her temperament or personality, but she doesn't seem feral & she seems very sweet. She never once tried to bite or claw (not when I was trying to catch her or when we were looking her over), and at one point when we had her in the clinic she cuddled up to me and was purring.

There is more that I need to post but I over slept, it's getting very late, and I'm going to be late for my last day at peak if I don't get the H3LL out of here ASAP. I will try to post more tomorrow if I have time.






 ~straightens her halo over her horns~  Why thank you!  ~LOL~  I do what I can, when I can, where I can in my little corner of this planet.  I also try to help out in other corners, but right now that requires more time and money than I have at the moment.  Hopefully I can get back to some of my charity work soon. 


"Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity." ~Unknown

 You know, I didn't even think about that when I jumped out in front of that other vehicle ... and there are people out there who wouldn't stop for another person, much less an animal!  Thank you, that means a lot. 


"Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity." ~Unknown

 Thank you.    I hope you never have to deal with something like that with one of your guys.  I don't wish that on anyone.  Sadly there are very few people out there who will stop and help an animal in a situation like that ... much less slow down & prevent the incident from happening all together.


"Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity." ~Unknown

 You're an angel <3333  I'm so glad people like you walk this earth :)

Z there is a place fort you in heaven for sure! ive stopped in the middle of the road before for ducks turtles even a snake. my hubby always sighs and tells me to be careful. hes worried about all the other ignorant people who wont stop for the animal and will more than likely curse or blow the horn or worse..not stop for me. all in all he understands too and we would want the same treatment for one of our critters. so i just want to say thank you!


~No pressure, no diamonds.~

   ~blushes~  Thank you ... it's who I am and what I do.  If I hadn't stopped, I don't know how I could continued with my night/morning & lived with myself .


"Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity." ~Unknown

I hope that if something like that ever happens to one of my pets, someone like you is around



 Zeev you are my hero. I mean that. <3


"If lightning strikes twice, I dont want to be standing next to you! "

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