My Jeep

I've been gone quite a few days from GuG and I missed everyone. a client came a knocking at the door and I was off again and your email was left forgotten along with the house I don't even want to walk in to.

Boring part here~ you can skip if you want to. I've been so very busy, mostly with my daughter. She is a little rundown, so I've been over at her house, doing laundry, dishes, cleaning, baby burping, changing diapers, baking bread from scratch and apple pies and dinners and shopping and working on top of all that. I met a client at their health food store this morning and spent $51.00 on iron, flaxseed, organic apple juice and probiotics. My daughter's iron has been very low since the birth of her baby and I just found out yesterday, she was out of the iron I had bought for her after the baby was born. She's been out for a week, hence, why she is so rundown.

So, I ran them down to her and excused myself because I'd left my Jeep running, which I've been leaving running for a few days during short errands, because it keeps deciding where it wants to leave me stranded by not starting. For a mom on the go, this makes my beautiful Jeep not so beautiful to me anymore. I've replaced the old battery and cables with new (Monday) and it's still fighting me.

This morning my hubby beat on the starter and it started right up. But today is not a starter day. Tomorrow will be. And I can take my old battery back to Auto Zone to the Auto-Zone-guy-who-thought-I-didn't-know-what-it-was-I-wanted so I can get my core refund and the proration on my old battery. I told him when I bought the old one and he didn't believe me, he said there's no way my battery could last that long, but when he looked up the records, I was right. I'll be lucky to get anything back in proration.

I really do love my Jeep. It's a 96, it's a beautiful teal green and it has 86,000 miles on it. My kids have put more mileage on it than I. My daughter gave it its first boo-boo, (right front fender, still not fixed) because she thought a large pine tree would move out of her way so she could back up out of our driveway. And then last year, my hubby thought he could squeeze by my Jeep with our camper, and I'll bet he thought my Jeep would just jump out of his way, like my daughter thought about that pine tree. There's a nice couple of deep scratches along the side now. Not fair to try and wake a sleeping Jeep, I say.

I missed GuG and I love the changes I've seen! Now, if I'll ever catch up. I love seeing all the blogs I get to read too!