My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma

"My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma."

Author Unknown


Karma. Some people believe in it. Some don't. I do, strongly. I'm not here to convert you, just interested in how many people have had wrong doing unto them by someone, only to see karma in action later down the line? For me, I do not tie religion to karma.  I don't think there is a God or Gods working together to make it happen. It just does. Maybe a spiritual awakening? Maybe a coincidence. I'm not here to offend anyone's metaphysical beliefs in karma.

The Law of Karma: All living creatures are responsible for their karma — their actions and the effects of their actions.  Well again, I do not believe any higher being is tied in my world. It just happens. So many times have I gone out of my way to make peace with people who have consistently been mean or rude just because they can. Equally so many times I have bitten my tongue in situations where I ended up just taking it up the wazoo! However, I do feel that the better person I become, the more rewarding my life has become.




LOL ok that was funny..... firehouse.....LOL

the closest thing i have to a karma story is my old roomate.

Personally I believe that karma is another way of saying the rut we build for ourselves. Some people take it as a passive fatalistic view but it can also be a matter of "how can i change the flow of my life"

my old roommate.... he was one of those "young and dumb" moves where a group of us took him in and then he ended up being unemployed like about 3 months in. we're about 22... it was my first move from my parents house and none of us were guessing he was taking us for a ride.... but.... fasten your seatbelts....
fast forward a year later and he's sleeping on the couch.... no rent... barely paid his share of the utility bills ontime... smooched food off from everyone and tried to make passes and moves on the female roommates (which inevitably meant i have to play "bouncer" a few times)
long story short he wrote to me about 2 months ago after not hearing from him for about 7 years. he says he's sorry for all he did.... he owes me money (thousandS but we agreed on $1,500) he totally swears on judy garland's grave he's going to pay me back the money.... starting next week!
next week comes....
the week after

nothing.... now at this point i figure i did my part ( i realy didn't need the money....i could have used it but not NEED it). i figured i gave him the chance to redeem himself and he blew it... i move on with my life....
through the grapevine i hear that he is STILL unemployed and STILL marginally housed and apparently never had a job once and was just looking for someone to crash with.... again
after rolling my eyes i thought about how sad this was.... the man is almost 30 and still hustling his way through life..... he's not going to be able to do that forever and he can't seem to move beyond such a sad sad life.....

 Yes.  Raising both hands.



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I've learned that whenever I decide something with kindness, I've usually made the right decision.

Damn funniest story i read in a long time! hahahaha... Perfect example.

I'm a firm believer in Karma. Seen in happen in front of my eyes, sometimes it takes days to come round sometimes it takes years, but either way, it comes round. My favorite saying is "what goes round comes around". Very true.

...and it will happen in due time.

so one of my favorite karma stories happens to be me & my former neighbor, who of which happens to be mormon. 5 years of friction, no friendly courtesy neighbor waves, ef'you's or anything. then neighbor puts her house on the market. nine months pass. no bites. i'm lovin it! she's still snubbing me. still lovin' it. suddenly neighbor is not around. don't see the kids for a few weeks. sold sign up. apparently the husband next door has been sleeping his marriage counselor.  and took up an alias name on craigslist and that is how he met his booty-calling marriage counselor turned fling!

okay, this is good. way better than any smutty chicklet book i've read as of late. better than any fake story in cosmo. this is the real deal.

how did karma work? she spent 5-yrs as my neighbor making my life hell. sarogating my daughter from the rest of the LDS neighbor kids, and her husband had to take out an add online to cheat on her arse!  *breath tuna* i feel like i should be paying him for that! '

karma. its alive and kicking.

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Karma? I'm not buying it. Maybe someday I'll be shown a reason to think otherwise...

omg.....and gtfo ladycfoureight! i am laughing so hard right now. you see, that type of shizzle always happens to me. it isn't any funnier that it happened to you.....but hey, k-a-r-m-a is a mudder!

Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

Hahaha!  OK, so flashback to when my ex and I were planning our wedding...

Our wedding was mid-September, but we booked the hall for our rehearsal dinner the previous March.  March 3, to be exact, we signed the paperwork and made the deposit as we paid for Dad's birthday dinner.  Anywho....Fast forward to the Thursday before Labor Day that same year.  As in, THREE WEEKS BEFORE MY FREAKING WEDDING, and the restaurant called me late in the afternoon, right before I was to leave work for the day.   Apparently, the owner somehow just noticed that he overbooked the night of my rehearsal dinner, the night I booked slightly more than 6 moths in advance, and he would return my deposit, he'd mail me the check.  Sounds to me like someone came along with a much bigger party, he saw dollar signs, and I got screwed.  So we scrambled, I made phone calls, I begged, I cried, and I found somewhere else to feed my guests.  A few months later, I received an invitation in the mail for a friend's baby's baptism, with a luncheon to follow, at the above mentioned restaurant.  A few weeks after that, I got a follow up invite from the same set of parents, changing the luncheon to a different location, her parent's backyard.  Turns out, he did the exact same thing to them, with even less notice!  

The following Christmas, so, just over a year after my wedding, and about 6-7 months after the baptism, one of my bridesmaids called me.  "Did you read the Herald News this morning?"  So, I jumped online, pulled up the local paper, and lo and behold, in full color, there's the restaurant, engulfed in flames, just after the previous evening's dinner rush, place was still packed.  Nobody was seriously hurt, but the owner couldn't afford to rebuild.

The irony?  The restaurant was called "The Old Firehouse", because that's exactly what it was, the town's first firehouse. 


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