My Needle

Finishing school is, for me, like trying to thread a needle in a sewing machine.  Almost got, almost got... damn it!  I can't get it, so I keep trying.  Almost... just a little more!  Yes, it's in!  Pop! Damn, the thread snapped

I work full-time 8-4 M-F, and I go to school full time.  I'm 24.  I graduated high school in 2002. I went to community college for one year, finished the year, then dropped out.  I took one class every other semester for about 2 or 3 years.   Then finally, in 2006 or 2007, I thought ENOUGH!  I needed to get my associate's degree to transfer to the university I wanted to go to.  No more slacking!  

I finished all my requirements for my AA in Dec 2007; however, I couldn't graduate then because I missed the deadline for the application to graduate that semester.  I had to wait until summer of 2008 to graduate.  Fine.  On June 2008, I received my AA in the mail, six years after getting out of high school.  Better than not getting, right?

I started the university in Jan 2008 with one class. Hmmm.. okay, this isn't too difficult.  I got a B-, which means 2.7 GPA.  Fine.  I took another class in summer of 2008.  I got another B, still 3.00 GPA.  Okay.  

Right now, I have about 70 credits needed out of 120-something for my Bachelors. 

I'm taking four classes right now.  How do I find the time?  I'm still contemplating this. 

I was studying for on my tests yesterday, and I looked on my school's website for the graduate school.  I want to be a licensed family and marriage therapist.  So I'm going to go for my master's.  I hope. On the website, it says out of 200 applications they receive, they accept about 20.  20? Twenty?  2-0?! Out of 200?! I seriously thought they just accepted everybody.  And you can look at the test scores and GPA averages of the people they accept.  The average GPA is a 3.7.  That's an effing A+ in each class.  My thread snapped.  And you need recommendations.  And you need all this other crap.  

How do people do this?  I can't even find the time to study for four classes.  I can't work part-time.  I have a mortgage, and I have bills.  Thank God, no kids yet.  And yes, I get financial aid, but it covers only about 70% of tuition, and it doesn't cover books. 

I have to figure this out.  I NEED TO FINISH THIS.  So, I research on their website.  Recommendations?  I can be a part-time research assistant for the department of psychology.  They require a minimum of 10 hours a week.  I can do this.  Can I?  Maybe talk to my boss, cut out a few hours on certain days.  Weekends?  I can spare 10 hours.  Right?

I was venting to Hubby-to-be two days ago.  He says, "babe, you know I'm getting a raise soon at work," which he is.  "If I work more over-time, and help your mom more out on my free time..."  My mom just bought an investment house that needs major fixing, and she's been paying him to help fix it on his free time, painting, tearing out sheetrock, etc. "Can you work part-time?  I'll make more money and I'll work as much as you need me to, so you can go more to school."   

Wow... I'm able to thread the needle again, and I know he'll try his hardest, helping me, so I won't let it break again.  I love this man.  



That is great that he is so understanding. I went throught the same thing. I worked 2 jobs and had to pay for school myself. If you want some advice on some school choices I made that helped me get through faster PM me. The school I went to helps adult learners who work full time and they have the grad degree you are looking for.

school can be so stressing at times.. I can most definitely relate to you, I'm 21 years old, I work M-F, 9am-5pm after that I run to school (full time) and im done with all of my classes around 10:00 pm.. I go home for dinner and to work on some homework... My hectic schedule is like this M-Th since there is no school on Fridays..  I swear sometimes I get so stressed since I get reaally preassured with everything.. Im glad you have a good man to be willing to make such an effort for you. People like this are the ones who trully make things worth it and they are also that extra little push we all sometimes need.... I can see you are loved very much <3


.Live. .Love. .Laugh.

i love your blog   hold on tight to your man. sounds like he really loves you too!



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