My Vacation

My vacation was great!  Hubby-to-be and I went on a road trip to visit his daughter in Wisconsin, and on the way back, we stopped in Chicago to visit the lovely city.  We had a good time, and we had alot of adventures.  Hubby-to-be and I built snow forts with his daughter.  Unfortunately, the snow wasn't packing snow (a new term I learned), only fluff, so we couldn't make a snow man or make snowballs.  :(  But it's okay.  We went sledding, which is lots of work.  Blah, I need to start working out again for our next trip there, so I can actually get up the hill without wanting to collapse from exhaustion.    Hubby-to-be and I rode an RV through the snow and spinned it around on the ice.  We made snow angels and froze our butts off.  I met my stepdaughter's mom, who turned out to be alot nicer than I expected.  I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and all the hills, and we took a bunch of pictures.

We spent a day in Chicago as well, walking around downtown.  We went to Millenium Park and to the Navy Pier, and had the BEST deep dish pizza, and then drove all night to our half-way point in Tenessee. 

I hardly slept, I'm exhausted.  I'm broke, and my camera took a dive to the floor.  (Hubby-to-be dropped it, and tried to catch it with a cup of french vanilla coffee.  Yeah, it was an accident.) 

But I had so much fun!  :)




Well, we are getting married at the court on Friday, and the wedding party/reception is on Saturday.   So yeah... but  I will keep your words in mind about the rain. :)




Oh, I thought you were going to have a courthouse wedding. Don't worry I checked the weather every hour the day before my weding and it said thunderstorms all day (we were on a boat) woke up the nexgt day without a cloud in the sky.

I love weddings too :) 8 days, already? :o Congrats you must be so excited :)

We also want yummy leftover wedding cake! hehe :)

Wow, sounds like a lot of fun minus the camera. All the cities I've had pizza in, Chicago pizza wins hand down.

i love weddings. all of them. i cry like a baby no matter who it is!

we want pics. we want details. we want happily ever after for you! i have had nothing but pure wedded bliss for 19-fabulously loving years.


Gracias, 2na... I feel a little nervous.  So much to do.  We are looking at 10% chance of rain and I'm thrilled since it's an outdoor wedding... *crosses fingers for no rain*



LBL wrote:
and it's so close. 8 days and counting..

omg! you are getting married in 8 days?!

i'd be a wreck right now. you are held together well hon.


 I know.. it was our unofficial honeymoon.  and it's so close. 8 days and counting...




Ooo sounds fun! Glad you had a good time, and glad youre back now!

Yes I love Road Trips and yours sounds like a blast. It seems like a nice relaxing trip before you and your fiance tie the knot (It's getting closer!)

ladybunnylover wrote:
I met my stepdaughter's mom, who turned out to be alot nicer than I expected

road trips are a blast when you are in good company! i was curious how the meeting went. what a wonderful outcome. i know you have the strength in you to keep it that way. everybody wins!



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