Myspace Parody.

This is a myspace parody of that song "milkshake".............its hilarious.  wayyyyyy hilarious. i love it!  ahahahhahaahahahahahhaahhahahahaha! its worth the laugh....i promise!               ;)   ugh!!!  my blog entry is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo short. sorry for all the O's.                                     




LOL -yea, i found this like 2-3yrs ago, but i was having one hell of a bad day & played made me laugh my ass off once again ;)  atleast it put me in a better mood. 

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LOL! I love seeing all the oooooooooos! I've seen that video a number of times.  Makes me laugh and grimace in disgust all at the same time!

Jleo hahahahaha that was tooo funny. Thanks for the laughs. I never heard of that before, and the picture of Tom. hahaahahahaha another good laugh.

ok i think i nearly peed myself. Surprised hahahahaha thanks jleo for the laugh

I have heard that on Myspace quite a few times, but seeing Tom in that Milkshake, was pretty damn funny!! lol

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