Need Some Help Please!

Okay, so for a Government project, I'm supposed to hand out a survey... My group chose the topic: Abortion

So... I'm supposed to hand this out to at least 10 guys and 10 girls... and I would like to get a more national poll than my local Mall Rats will provide me with... so I'm here.  For those of you who want to help me, here's what I need... copy and paste the following survey in an email (via my contact form) and delete all but your answer... or you can bold your answer... anything that will show me what your answers are.

As for privacy, I'm not interested in any of your answers on a personal basis... so I probably won't even look at the email address, and I definitely won't care who you are (Well I love you all, but the emails will not change any opinion I have about you)... if you like, you can even send from a fake email address... my email is [email protected]   .... My only specification is not to send as an attachment.  Everything will be kept private... I'm just tallying up the responses for this project.

If you're wondering how you'll know if I have 10 guys or 10 girls yet... I'll keep this updated as  best as I can with the comments letting you know.  I really appreciate any help I can get... I'm trying to have this done in the next couple of days.... the sooner... the better... 

And since 2 members of my group don't seem to be participating... if I get more than 10 of each, that's great too since I'll probably end up picking up the slack.

Again, thanks for any help! 

Survey time!




1. Age ______



2. Gender_________



3. Religion ___________



4. Nationality/Ethnicity ___________



5. Are you...


Pro Choice

Pro Life




6. Abortion should be:




Government should have no say in the legalization of abortion



7. In what situations is abortion okay? (Check all that apply)


In the first trimester

Before the third trimester


If the fetus has a problem (disease, deformity, etc..)

If the pregnancy has possible life-threatening effects.

In cases of rape

If the child cannot be supported once born

Any reason


Other ________________


8. The right to abortion is reserved for:


The mother

The father



Other __________________


9. Should religion play a role in abortion?




Other _____________



10. Should age play a role in abortion?


No, abortion should be a right at any age.

Yes, (please fill all that apply below)

            only legal for those over ____

            parental consent required for those under ____



11. What should be the global outlook on abortion?

All countries should legalize abortion

All countries should ban abortion



12. Should abortion be used as a population control in third world countries?





13. If abortion is illegal should there be some kind of government support for women that are pregnant due to rape?




14. How long till the argument of abortion is resolved?


5 years


Depends on who is in office




15. What affects the everyday citizen’s opinion on abortion the most?







16. If abortion is legalized is there a chance that it will be abused by woman that will have unprotected sex knowing that they can get an abortion?




17. What is the number one reason for abortion?

Want to postpone childbearing

Cannot afford a baby

Has a relationship problem or partner does not want pregnancy

Too young; parents or others object to pregnancy

Having a child will disrupt education or job

Want no more children

Risk of fetal health

Risk of maternal health



18. Should there be a required consent from the father for abortion if legalized?




19. Agree or disagree that abortion is murder.




20. "No matter how I feel about abortion, I believe it is a decision that should be made between the woman and her doctor”







 You now have one more over quota.  Sorry I just saw this.


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......


I love you all!

Thank you so much!

Now I just have to get everything together and finish this up... 


Where are my La-La's at?!

Ok I didn't know if you still needed it but I sent mine in anime.  Smile


"Never stand between a girl and her shoes"

 The noodles are disappearing....

Still need one more female respondent........



Where are my La-La's at?!

you and your noodles!

 Soooo close.... Just need one more Female response!!!!

I can almost taste the victory... it tastes like noodles.... 


Where are my La-La's at?!

Sorry I can only translate the woof for food and the woof woof for bathroom time but he does have very strong opinions on humans thoughts on contraception in relation to furry friends 

"To err is human--and to blame it on a computer is even more so."

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 It'd be hard to categorize a dog in the mix of humans... that, and I don't know if he has a real opinion on abortion... maybe surgical contraception (ie: neutering/spaying)... But, if you can translate accurately, I don't see too big of a problem... :)


Where are my La-La's at?!

I have a boy dog that is willing but translation may be an issue 

"To err is human--and to blame it on a computer is even more so."

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 2 more left!

I need one guy and one girl to step up, be brave... and take the survey!

If privacy is an issue for any of you guys, I'm saving all of these as Word Documents, with no email information, so I don't know who's sending me what... I'm not going through any info until I have them all... I've only been looking at the genders for my countdown... So even I don't know who's saying what... unless I want to go through all the trouble of looking them up through the emails again... and this project isn't important enough for me to get personal with it. 



Where are my La-La's at?!

I sent you one- well technically two, since I cant seem to follow instructions Sealed

Got another male in...

Now I just need 2 female and 2 male respondents...

remember to share the love!

So close! 


Where are my La-La's at?!

Update as of Monday at 3PM (central)... we're getting close...

I need at least 2 Female and 3 male...

Almost there!!!

Thanks to all who have helped so far! You guys are awesome! 


Where are my La-La's at?!

I sent you one, didn't look to see of you still needed it or not.

Just sent my husband's answers to you

~I had the right to remain silent... but I didn't have the ability~

Good idea.. Asking my hubby now

I had the right to remain silent... but I didn't have the ability.

 Thanks all!

So far I still need at least 3 more female and 8 more male surveys!

Everyone's doing a great job...

I love you!! 


Where are my La-La's at?!

 Bumps for Animes school project need some men to step up to the plate

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sent through the gug contact form

Just sent you mine :)

I had the right to remain silent... but I didn't have the ability.



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I couldn't have said it better.   


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 I just sent mine in




I was standing in the park, wondering why frisbees got bigger as they got closer. Then it hit me.

i will have mine sent to you today.

 Well if you want an average, I'll give you a total tally after all members in my group have submitted their surveys... and I'll put it in percentages for ya... that way it'll cover any worries of privacy since there will be lots of other surveys tallied with these.  If I did just GuG then people might start assuming things... besides, it might be a bit more accurate that way with more people involved.


As for an update... I still need 7 female surveys and 9 male surveys... at least... more is better.

Come on guys... I know you're out there....  


Where are my La-La's at?!

Yay!  I've gotten a total of 3 surveys

I still need at least 8 female ones and 9 male ones...

Send the love!

A bit thanks to my respondents! 


Where are my La-La's at?!

 Sent it thru GuG contact page with the topic of Survey

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 Yes... listen to Elle!

Show me that you love me!!! I've had the worst First (and might I add last) Valentines day ever... the weekend has shown me nothing but misery... Yes I'm playing the pity card... anything to make this weekend a bit easier...

I've got one survey in... please send me more!!!

Love me!!!



Where are my La-La's at?!

I've barely been on GuG the past few days, just found it.  Anime, it's on the way. 


"How do you know I'm mad?" asked Alice.
"You must be", said the cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here"

Come on, geeks! You guys fill out the "are you wearing socks?" "who was the last person to text you?" goofball surveys on myspace all the time! This one actually has a purpose.. help our gal Anime out!


(PS, we love you too, Anime!) 


Your girlfriend isn't real if her name ends in ".jpg"


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