Netiquette 101

Thought a few tips for new users might come in handy here. I've snatched some of the more important new-user issues from My own commentary follows the asteriks.

1) Avoid writing e-mail or posting messages in newsgroups, forums, blogs and other online venues using all capital letters. IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE SHOUTING! Not only that, it's difficult to read.

*not only does it look like you're shouting, it's simply considered shouting in the online community.

2) Remember that anything you post to a newsgroup, forum, blog or website and type during a public chat session is a public comment. You never know who's reading it or who may copy it and spread it around. It could come back to haunt you.

* we GuGees all know the new golden rule, "Nothing on the internet is truly private." - this goes for photos, emo poetry about that ex you'll be over in a few months anyways and everything else you share online.

3) When sending e-mail, make sure that the subject line accurately describes what the message is about. If the topic changes during a string of messages, be sure to alter the subject line.

*this goes for forum help too here at GuG. A forum topic titled, "Please help!!!" isn't specific. "Need help with profile centering" tells those who know their stuff that they can help you.

4) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are handy documents to read before asking questions. Always consult them whenever available.

* too many new posts address topics already covered in depth and at length. Use "search" for the problem you're having, browse the forums for your answer and read FAQ's before you post something new. You're bound to get a flippant response if you don't do a little research first.

(and these last few being my own)
5) Use common sense and courtesy when using internet slang and abbreviations with strangers or anyone who might not be your peer. You and your friends may text/IM each other using this new language, but your mom, that eBay seller who has those rims you want, and even yours truly has no idea what "pwned" means.

6) In any forum discussing a TV show, movie, book - anything in the media: if your post involves discussion of any finale, twist, ending - title the forum with the word "Spoiler". American Idol fans on the west coast didn't need to know that Sanjaya was booted off at 6pm our time. The thread that mentioned that should have been re-labeled accordingly as a spoiler.

7) You know if you're a poor speller. Make spellcheck your friend if this is the case. Remember that what you post online could be read by millions and you don't want all those people thinking you're stupid.

Feel free to add to this, GuGees - and thank you for your time.




Ugh... so I switch my signature, and all of a sudden the old one starts to work........ grrr...

But yeah, at most of the contests have the above rules, and number one is usually 'no sticky caps' which is where I found out what it was called lol 


I didn't know it had a name....giggle...sticky...giggle

But you're right, it takes longer, so...why?  Thankfully, I haven't seen much of that on GuG...none that I can think of at all, actually. 


"He sounds different. It's the only reason they can hear him at all."

 Eww... StIcKy CaPs is one of my biggest pet peeves... tell me why would someone take that much time to type something? Shift tick, unshift tick, shift tick, unshift tick... I've actually yelled at my computer (receiving strange looks from my cat) at that one.


meet Bob... he tried to steal my Ramen.

I've seen that, it makes my brain itch.   I found a friend from HS, and her 15 y/o daughter's site has that "mee an my babii"...Only, mixed throughout, she had random caps.  Ouch!  I know she was taught better than that in school...


"He sounds different. It's the only reason they can hear him at all."

All caps is pretty horrible, but I think the "ghetto" type mentioned is even worse. It seems like the people who are typing that way have to do extra work (2 "ii"s instead of 1, extra "y"s, etc...) just to make themselves appear extra-stupid to anyone over 18 or that's ever passed a college English class...

I use it too, to emphasize individual words.  Part of it is because I'm too lazy to take my hands away from the keyboard to click the italics.  We're all guilty of caps from time to time, but when an entire post is written in nothing BUT caps (see, I just did it Foot in mouth) it makes it very hard to read.  When I open a new post and see it's in all caps, I click the back button and move along, I'm not going to try to figure out what they mean.


"He sounds different. It's the only reason they can hear him at all."

i have a bad habit of using caps when i want to put a little emphasis into what i am saying...didn't realize it came across as shouting..Sealed

To err is human, to forgive divine

I guess I should have done more than copy and paste my suggestion #4, right geek? Sorry about that - but I did search for "netiquette" before submitting this and nothing came up. 

This is just a rant gone wild, really. Recent annoyances have forced me to stand up and bring the discussion up again.

Thanks for the comment, thegeek! Great stuff on there! 

I hadn't realized "teh" was actually accepted, I just figured their typing skills are slightly worse than mine 


"He sounds different. It's the only reason they can hear him at all."

lol...the same thing happened with "the" being spelled "teh."  It's now actually considered internet slang. Hmm...I think the internet may be making us  ;)

Hey! Don't forget about our own Internet Language page! Laughing

LMAO, I had to look up "pwn" in Wiki....

 How...sad...that a TYPO is being used as a word!


"He sounds different. It's the only reason they can hear him at all."

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