New stuff in wonderland

Okay so yesterday my boss calls me into her office.  Of course the first thing I think is- "crap what did I do?".  Lol.  Turns out she wanted to tell me that I would be getting a new office aaand- an assistant of my own!  Technically inspite of my agent status, I am someone else's assistant.  We do a lot of the same work but they have been there a little longer than me and do some stuff that I don't.  And now I'm going to have someone helping ME out!  Which is such a relief, I can't even begin to express how much.  I have soooo much work and at times find myself in the office until 7.  We close before 5. 

The funny thing is the girl that's going to be helping me out is NOT a fan of mine.  Once upon a time I was supposed to teach her how to do something and her response was- "Why can't you do it?".  My response?  "Because I told you that you're doing it that's why."  Now mind you, that response was as per my boss who overheard and pulled me aside and told me to tell her that.  He was so annoyed.  She's hated me since.  So I find it a little ironic that now she has to do what I tell her anyway.  Hee-hee. 

So yeah.  It makes me feel a little bad because of my moving plans.  I mean, that isn't going to happen for at least another 6 months at the minimum.  But, despite how much I complain about my job, I know I will never find another place like it.  My bosses can be a little ridiculous but they are kind-hearted and let us get away with murder.  I'm going to see if I can't teach this girl a few more things than I'm supposed to so that maybe, when I do leave, they won't be stuck trying to find someone to take over for me.  Yeah there are a few things that I know how to do that no one else in the office does for whatever reason...weird.

Anyway, I was just kinda excited and wanted to blog it out.  As always, thanks for 'listening'!  :)




And be sure and stress that cooking popcorn in the microwave should always be ATTENDED and at the end when there are exactly 2.1 seconds between pops, they should immediately hit the STOP button.  No excuses!

Congratulations girl! You deserve it. I'm sure there are other exciting things waiting for you at your new destination..


What goes around comes around..don't forget it!

why thank you ladies.  :)

i'm sooo excited for the help.  now maybe i'll get to go home at a normal hour.  yay!


"With my big black boots and an old suitcase, I do believe I'll find myself a new place..."


lovely news! and might i add, this new gig is "well deserved!" i'm sure you more than earned it doll. congrats!


Good for you MIW! It is sweet of you to take her under your wing even if she hasn't been kind. I am sure your bosses will appreciate it, and a letter of rec. might be enough to get you a great job where ever your journey is taking you. See great things happen to great people.

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