Nostradamus and the end of the world....

I wrote this blog on an old account on October 28th of last year. I hadn't thought about this until I saw the black hole/end of the world thing and there was a comment about the world ending in 2012.My writing style has thankfully improved, but I thought I would share since I saw the topic come up. Here is the original text:


Ok, so let me start off by saying that I'm not sure what I believe when it comes to seers who believed they could see the future...There for, I can't tell you if I think this is true or not... But, I just saw this special on the History Channel and found it important and interesting enough to post here:

Nostradamus was a seer that lived in the 1500's. He made books of predictions that seemly apply to present day. Many were made of 9/11, Hitler, and many other things. The special tonight was about a new book that is believed to be his was found and what it includes is the end of the world and the coming of the anti-christ.

If you want to get into a deeper discussion about this, then please message me. But, right now, I will just stick to the basics.

The sun centering itself in the EXACT center of the universe. This event only takes place every 13,000 years. Nostradamus left very specific clues that points that the end of the world will take place when this event takes place. According to this new book of drawings, there will be great fires and war with the Islams. It will be a great battle between the Christians and the Islams and will pull the entire world into conflict. The most interesting/scary thing is that 2012 will bring the sun to the dead center of the universe for the first time in 13,000 years. It seems like Nostradamus was point to this day and age, warning us of what exactly is to come... With the war in the middle east and the fights over the holy lands, its clear that we are getting closer and closer to this great battle... And the fact that the suns alignment will be perfect in 2012 is frightening. It is also worth noting that the Myans, so many years ago, ended their calendar with the year 2012, like there would be nothing after that.

Now, Nostradamus predicted 3 different anti-christs which would come through time. Based on his different predictions, it seems like the first was Napoleon was the first, Hitler was the second, and the third is left unclear... But, if we take into consideration the fight with the Islams, then Osama Bin Laden seems a likely choice for the third anti-christ.

I'm not going to go into any more detail here. If you want to talk about this more, message me or call me. Again, I'm not sure what I believe here. I just think its scarry that the end of the world could be coming as soon as 2012. We watch the news every day and see how bad our world is becoming...We are running out of water we are killing the ozone, and more then that, killing ourselves. We seem to be setting up for our own destruction sooner then later. Nostradamus did not believe that he was setting the future...Instead he predicted to try to warn us. With the book being found in this time of great war and fighting, it makes one wonder if the finding of the book now means something...

I don't know. I really don't want to think about it... I just know that for ourselves now and maybe even for our future, we need to stop the fighting and killing of so many people every day. We need to stop doing this to ourselves... Because even if it does not mean the end of the world, it does mean that we will kill off half the planet before the apocalypse can even happen.

I have always been interested by Nostradamus and will continue to study him... Its an interesting topic and one worth looking at.

Thanks for reading my random reflections on the possible end of the world. Haha

Love to all,






the mayans predictions were based a series of numbers plus eclipse calendars. They just assumed that eclipses had to do with ends and beginings of time periods.

Yes, and the Celts, Greeks, Chinese, native Americans and almost every other group of people who had the ability to tilt their heads back for enough to look up at the night sky had great knowledge of the movements of celestial bodies, that doesn't make them qualified to predict the end of the universe.


The "galactive alignment" thats keeps getting misused is actually a common occurance in earth's history. Because of the tilt and rotation of the earth's axis, every 72 years the sun's path shifts in our sky. The earth is tilted at about 23.5 degrees. That tilt also rotates around at a rate of one degree every 72 years. 360 degrees in a full cycle means that every 25,920 years the sun is back in the same section of the sky. This is called Precession. This also means that the North Star will not be directly north in 13,000 years, but instead Vega will be. Then about 13,000 years later, the North Star will be at due north once again. It also means that in about 13,000 years the Northern hemisphere will be having summer in December and the Southern hemisphere will be having winter. Right now the opposite is true.

<-----------     the sun's position in the sky "Plane of the Ecliptic"
Photo source: Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies -- SSEC / UW-Madison:

This galactic alignment occurs when the earth, the sun, and the center of the Milky Way galaxy are all in a straight line. This has actually happened over 170 times throughout earth's hisory.



Their is another galactic alignment that has to do with the amplitude at which we move up and down through the Milky way. This one happens every 30 million years or so. This alignment last occured about 3-4 million years ago.

Photo Source: Nature Publishing group (NGP)

the mayans had great knowlege of the movements of celestial objects. They just didn't know what they were compared to the definitions that we have today. they were bale to predict the movements of Venus within a couple hours over a 500 year period. We just accomplished that kind of calculation just the last couple of decades with the help of computers.

"The sun centering itself in the EXACT center of the universe. This event only takes place every 13,000 years."

Wow, I have no idea where this came from, but it's so scientifically wrong I almost don't know where to begin.


First of all, we are likely no where near the center of the universe. We really have very little knowledge of where the exact center is, or if there is a center at all. But it is fairly certain that seeing as there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe, the likely hood of the milky way being in the center is beyond improbable.


As for the sun being in the exact center of the universe every 13,000 years. If we where to assume that the milky way in which or sun Sol is a part, were actually just a little off of the center of the universe, and so making a star orbiting the galactic center the focal point of the center universe at a given point after a certain duration. Then seeing as Sol, which is in one of the spiral arms of the galaxy, takes around 250 million years to complete a rotation around the galaxy, I find it a little strange that it would somehow be in the center of the universe 19,230 times faster then it takes to make such a journey.


"And the fact that the suns alignment will be perfect in 2012 is frightening. It is also worth noting that the Myans, so many years ago, ended their calendar with the year 2012, like there would be nothing after that."


Not only is it impossible to either know or claim this with no cosmological or astronomical knowledge whatsoever. But it is also strange to me why anyone would think the Mayans, who did not have telescopes or even the basic concepts of astronomy such as the sun being a star, the stars being very far away, the earth being a sphere, the sun being the center of the solar system, the moon and planets being round hunks of rock that human beings could walk on, planets orbiting other stars and the existence of other galaxies, could at all be qualified to predict the end of the universe. Let alone how anyone could at all think that they would somehow have any knowledge of the second coming of a god from the other side of the planet, without sharing any similarities at all to the Abrahamic religions.

That's odd because the Bible is steeped in astrology. Most references damning astrology where added to later translations of the bible, they are not found in the original Greek and Hebrew texts.


There are still many references to astrology in the modern translations of the Bible. For instance, when Moses destroyed the golden calf, it a symbolic reference to the end of the age of Taurus. Moses symbolized the coming of the age of Aries the ram, that is why Jews to this day blow on rams horns in ceremonies. Jesus symbolized the age of Pisces the fish, that is why you most likely have a fish on the back of your car and why the early Christians drew fish in the sand to identify themselves.


The Magi, or three wise men which came to visit Jesus upon his birth where astrologers, they followed the star of Bethlehem because it was long since a prophecy of the Jewish astrologers that a great star would appear in the skies to symbolize the coming of the king of the Jews. The skies where seen as unchanging, any changes in the sky like a distant nova of a star or a comet where seen as signs from God of unrest or triumph.


As for the end of the world, when the Bible first mentions it, is in Mathew 28:20, in it Jesus said to his followers “and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world”. But in the Original Hebrew text It says “and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the age”, which again is an astrological reference and was removed for being so, despite it being from the mouth of Jesus. Taking the original text into consideration, was Jesus actually referring to the world ending, or the end of his reign as Messiah?


As for the book of revelations, it was written long after the death of Jesus, how do you know you can trust what was written in it? I also find it odd how it is a prophecy of the future, but still heavily references dress, architecture and technology from the time it was written. I don't expect them to use the words t-shirt, automobile, airplane or hydrogen bomb, but one would expect at least a few vague descriptions reminiscent of such technologies.

Amen sister! God is the only one who knows when is the end of the world! Keep the Faith!

Haha. Woo! At least I'm awesome in my own mind. :P

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Front page! That is cool. This blog will never go away. It may make a record for most posts by unregistered members. Maybe you'll get a badge for that.

I don't agree with you. Though I can't quote verses quite as well as you, there were plenty of prophets in the bible that all made predictions. It also says in the bible that Jesus gave us all gifts, and I believe strongly in the fact that since foretelling the future was so prominent in the bible, that its possible that some of those gifts included the ability to tell the future... Just my two sense on how faith and fortunetelling can be mixed.

P.S. Why is it always the unregistered people that stumble on my old blog? lol. I see a pattern here!

P.S.S. If you google Nostradamus end of the world, the blog makes the front page. How cool is that? :P

 ---We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion- John Keating, Dead Poets Society.---

Nostradamus was into astrology.
if you are a christian the bible tells us not to listen to them, evil spirits are active in astrology, fortune-telling-soothsaying, mediums and occults.Deuteronomy 4:19;17:2-3;Leviticus 19-31;Isaiah 44:25:Jeremiah 27:9

Though it's entertaining, we must not be tempted to disobey God's order Just like Adam and Eve. They were told not to eat from a certain tree. Maybe they wasn't given a reason why, and curiosity got the best of them. Just like a parent telling a child not to touch a hot stove, and they do it anyway out of curiosity and they get burned.

If you want to know what's going to happen in the future read or go to a bible base church that teaches the book of revelations. revelations 1:3 blessed are those who reads and those who hears the words of the prophecy (of revelations).

i also suggest you watch Jack Van Impe on PBS every Wednesday and Grant Jeffery who teaches about the end of the world and quote bible verses.Go to and buy a used book on bible prophecies or the biblical version of end times and not rely or seers.

In conclusion, the bible says that he will expose the false prophets and make fools of fortune tellers.Isaiah 44:25 So my beloved Christians your wasting your time reading about them.

I keep being amazed that this topic keeps coming back up after 6 months.

I would just like to say again, as the writer of the blog, that I don't think Obama plays into the end of the world thing. I think he is doing the best he can, and doing what he thinks is best, and isn't the anti-christ in any way, shape, or form. Thanks for your time. :)

 ---We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion- John Keating, Dead Poets Society.---

I COMPLETELY agree with the obama thing, i have always thought he was going to do that but never said anything.. he is HORRIBLE with money and have you seen him "answer" a question?! he's up to something.. hes just fronting so certain people would like him; blacks, illegals, christians, ect. im not racist in any way, its just i dont like the idea of having someone we cannot fully trust ruling our country!

The economy is getting worse and worse each day. and for some reason, there have been a lot of plane crashes lately.. i dont know if that has anything to do with this but it is questionable. the crime and drug rates going up, our battle with iraq and the middle east isnt looking any better, and apparently our ozone layer is killing off polar bears and melting the ice caps.

Sure sounds like everythings going down the drain.. People are taking advantage of how special and great life really is, and i dont like it one bit. Why cant we just appreciate all we have and live a happy, simple life without all the drama?! it just shouldnt be that hard, if people would just accept the fact that someone might not agree with you, just think how much simpler everything would be. I somewhat believe the whole ending of the world in 2012 thing. Its upsetting because thats the year i graduate highschool. Yet i'm kind of excited for that day..

Unlike some, i go by what the bible states. eternal peace in heaven with all my family and friends sounds amazing. those who confess their faith will not suffer the corruption leading to the end of the world. once jesus comes, the jew's shall realize that he is real; he is the messiah!

People should convert to christianity. It is PROVEN true, he rose again! they saw him!! jesus loves you and wants NO ONE to suffer and perish in hell, he wants you in heaven by his side! he wants the best for us, he died for us on the cross for all of our sins! Jesus is the most amazing, motivating person i have ever heard of. I love him with all of my heart, and you should too! I'm not forcing you to change your religion, but just please check out a church one day or talk to some people that work there like a preacher or a priest. Christianity is a very heartwarming, peacefull religion that should be practiced by more. Trust all that i have said because every bit of it is TRUE!!

Sorry i got real into that, i just really want everyone to live a peacefull afterlife alongside their loved ones with no worry, pain, suffering, death, physical/mental disorders, or anything. everything is perfect up there, God made Heaven for YOU! Love and cherish everything you have.. God gave it to you. <3(: Samantha B.

Been in the US Marines 24 years-going to retire now because what I have seen and read the goverment'FEMA' and our own military are planing something for 2012 dont know what "yet" but if you look a youtube under fema these coffins are for real and it is no joke please Americans start stock plieing wepons of any means any way you can dont for get food barrels of it...your going to need it if you stay in the USA. Dont take me wrong "I LOVE MY COUNTRY" but now I fear my goverment more than I do my enemys. I know this by cross traneing with the germens on american soil. Your not and no one else is supposed to know this but is true and we also have NATO here now for reasons I dont understant. Thats why Im retireing this year to get my family out of the US and then come back just to join you in the fight against our goverment in what is to come.
So please take this as a warning because our goverment is not for freedom any more.

sure nostrodamus' quatrains can possibly mean something else then what has already happened in our history, but to me he seems pretty accurate and maybe its not the end of the world,but there could be termoil. you never know

Not to correct you....but Nostradamus definately did not believe the future was preditermined.  He believed that mankind could change it's destiny.  That there were many paths to the future.  I heard today something amazing....99% of all species are extinct.  At first I laughed and way!!!! But after thinking about it, I can believe only 1% survived over the last 65 million years.  I wonder which ones?

Ok.....should have read the post under me.  Edgar Cayce!!!!  I recommend going to you tube and watching a couple documentaries about him if you haven't already.  Sorry for my stupidity!

Holy smokes!  How did it go from Nostredamus to Obama being the anti-christ!!! LOL  When I was a kid, me and a friend snuck into an "R" rated movie.  I don't even think we new what it was called....but I remember it was a movie about Nostredamus and his end of world predictions.  Scared the crap out of me!  Anyway, as an adult I really became curious about him and have seen a few documentaries.  I believe he called "Hitler" "Hister".  That is amazingly close considering (if I remember right) he lived during the 17th century.  The problem I have with him is that his predictions are sooooooo cryptic!!!  It's kind of like astrology.  But man...he hit the nail on the head with world war 1 and 2.  There is alot of banter going on about 2012.  But there was also alot of the same thing around 2000, and 1984, and I am sure other decades.  I think it is mankind's way of reminding ourselves at how fragile our existance is here.  That in a call be over.  I recall there was also a modern day "Nostradamus".  He would put himself into a trance and would tell people what medical conditions they had and exactly how to cure themselves?  He also made many predictions.  I know he was American....but I just can't remember his name.  Very interesting story.  He consulted with one of the presidents....if I am not mistaken....Kennedy.  Never took any money for his readings, his wife would record these findings while he was in a trance.  I am sure someone here know who I am talking about????  

Funny you mention that, I also had the feeling that Obama was the anti-christ. They say (if im correct) that the anti-christ will come as a wolf in sheep's clothing, he fits that description to a tee, and is about to become, pretty much, the most powerful man in the world. He's good looking, has a lot of charisma, speaks well, is very popular and all that kinda thing. I do HOPE i'm wrong and i hope he does well for our country. I didn't vote for him but I will respect him and support him and hope he does the right thing and turns the country around for the better.


What goes around comes around..don't forget it!

I had a feeling that this topic might be dug up again with the election. I personally don't think Obama is the anti-christ. I don't think they will be american, for one. I also don't think that the world will end at the end of his election... Maybe the beginning (lol), but not the end. I just don't think that Obama is the one that will set off the end events of the world... Just my two cents worth.


---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

Yeah, whats up with the sun thing. I thought it remained stationary as well. Can someone explain?

LMAO Stevie!!  Man, can I just put you in my pocket and keep you there for those moments when I need a good laugh??  LOL, but seriously..  I feel after Tuesday, PROUD!!  Not because Obama is the next president but for the growth of our nation.  For us to all come together and see that we all are as one, for our country to believe and have hope and see that WE can make a difference..  Maybe HE isn't the answer and HE may not be able to change the world but I feel that as a nation, WE believe WE can..



"Finish Judging Me SO I Can WIN!!!"  See what is in the background....

Antichrist?  People really think he's Satan's son?  Satan's proudest day!  Nah.. I think it's ominous but no, it's not The Omen.  However, if I were actually a believer in spiritual things, I might think Obama is the 2nd Coming and I would be extremely exited and would have a warm feeling.  I did have a warm feeling Tuesday night but it was because I lost control of my bladder.



You are correct, we all revolve around the sun.. 



"Finish Judging Me SO I Can WIN!!!"  See what is in the background....

How do I know Obama isn't the antichrist? It is time to turn the nonsensical challenge of the fundamentalists back on them. It is clear that the fundamentalist doesn't do what they say ought to be done. Having the Bible be "right" is more important than paying attention to what the Bible actually says. And a Bible that inerrantly confirms what you already think or are told to think by a pastor, irrespective of what the Bible actually says, is a dangerous belief system.

read the whole thing:


If the Mayans, Nostradamus, and Edgar Cayce are correct then the future is predetermined and there is nothing we can do about it.

As a species humans have not been around all that long and like many others before us, perhaps we are not meant to be long on this planet. After all so many factors need to align exactly to sustain our existence in the first place. Most of which we have no control over. How can we stop the natural evolution of this planet or any other? Something much bigger than us created this universe and it's laws.  Does this mean we live a life of sin and licentiousness? Absolutely not.  This is by not means an excuse for killing each other or waging wars. 

I would like to suggest reading Eckhart Tolles, A New Earth. He touches on exactly what you are talking about and explains how even our thoughts affect the world. I also suggest watching, What the Bleep Do We Know, it delves into quantum physics and religion. Who thought you could ever combine sience and religion and they would be in agreement?

If the world is ending in 2012 or tomorrow, we still have to do the best we all can one day at a time. I still need to plan for retirement, drive to work every day and do the right thing and change whatever I can whenever I can. I don't think we are living anywhere our potential is and life on this planet could be better than our wildest dreams. A collective conscienceness  is what is required.   Yet, we can't seem to get along with our neighbors, literally the one's next door or across the street let alone countries thousands of miles away.

Thanks for your blog, I love to discuss things like this.


I actually believe it....first there was revelations who said the beast would be of muslim descent in mid 40's...and would reign for 42 months....that's almost a presidential that would make him the democrats new president these idiots voted in(not mine)...then there is edgar casey who has only been wrong once and he says 2012 is the end.  then there is the mayan calander which ends on december 21, 2012.  and then there is nostradamus...he also predicts 2012 as the end of the world.....that's the holy bible, two psychics, and the earliest documented civilization.....i belive it...and osama bin laden is not the one you need to worry is barrack obama...i sure hope america likes the idea of dictatorship....cause that's what it's going to get because of stupid people who add 2 and 2 and get 3...thanks!!

The world was suppose to end in 1999 also, if I remember correctly. I personally don't believe the world is coming to an end. I think people take what they want out of his writings.  The Book of Revelations describes the end of the world also, but I'll be damned if I can translate it into simple english.

What goes around comes around..don't forget it!

Which is the main argument for everyone who doesn't believe in his predictions. Predicting the future isn't an exact science. You can get his book and read his predictions... And if you figure something out, share it with the world... I guess we'll see in 4 years... I hope thats one that he was wrong about.


---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

The thing about all these prophets that bugs me is that no one seems to catch these predictions till after they happen. If the 9/11 thing was so obvious, why didn't anyone say something? I know there are people who consider themselves experts on Mr. Damas , where were they beforehand?

I bet you if you took a good look at all the stuff he's written down, you'll find a healthy portion of BS to go with the few things that might have some meaning....and I say might because of the ambiguity of those writings.

So, if he wants to make a believer out of me, show me something before it happens and I'll be right there with you....guess i gotta wait 4 years to find out though.


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