An odd morning- Iguanas, Grapes and a Cat!

So this morning I woke up to a bit of an oddity- my roomies iguana was in my room eating cat food!
Now, in case you didnt know this isnt any ordinary iguana. Its not a cute lil green thing that fits in the palm of your hand. This is a giant Rhino Iguana that lives outside during the summer when its nice and hot out for it. Its like 5 feet long from nose to tail and weighs a BUNCH. And its tail is a big thick one that will whip you if you piss him off. Ive not had that pleasure yet and hope never to. I give this big guy a wide berth!
So maybe you can imagine my initial shock at finding this guy chillin in my bedroom with the kitties this morning. He even attempted to climb up on the bed with me- That was NOT going to happen! Yikes!!!
I lured him back outside with grapes. He Loves those! I laid out a trail down the hall, through the kitchen, out the back door. He really is well behaved and comes when you call him, but i wasnt about to put that to the test today. i decided to just play it safe and feed him grapes. Only bad part was once I got him outside, I realized I was outta grapes and he was between me and the door. Luckily my siamese kitty hopped out and he followed her. Theyre best buddies. Thats a picture of the two of them outside enjoying the heat!



That's right -LOL! I had one as a child and she closely resembled the one in your picture. Great memories :)

 Siamese and feiiiiiiisty!


"Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead? Living Dead Girl"

Funny stuff!!

Curious - is the cat a siamese?

aw i cant believe you denied him some snuggle time. haha! at least hes well behaved. pretty good for a lizard anyway... and i love the fact that the cat is his bud. my dog always knew the iguana ruled our house.

omg amiga!! I would of screamed all around the house!! that thing is HUGE!! On the other hand it would be pretty hilarious to watch it follow the grapes.. lol..


.Live. .Love. .Laugh.

Hehe, that is pretty amusing. I should get my African Spurred Desert Tortoise together with that iguana, I'd bet they would get along. He's a vegetarian too, but I don't take any chances with him, I'm sure he would mistake a finger for a carrot!

Special Note: Behind the landscape of doubt flows a reservior of "ok-ness."

 haha hes a vegetarian. or so he CLAIMS! :X



"Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead? Living Dead Girl"

okay, that's insane. he is one girthy boy. don't let the grape trick fool's the cat-snack he wants. 

btw, i would seriously pay for some actual video footage of you trailing those grapes down the hall way ;)


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