So... I know I call him Hubby-to-be, but we really weren't engaged.  We've been together for 3+ years, so it just kinda felt like it.   But now...




I'm excited and nervous and just feel so great. We kept giggling to each other like little kids.  We kept calling each other hubby and wifey. I'm overjoyed!!!




[quote=ladybunnylover]  We kept calling each other hubby and wifey.[/quote]

i'm still playing catch up on the threads and blogs. "congrats" to you

it will be 19 years next month that i said "i do" to husband of mine, and we too still call each other "husband" and "wife" when we are talking to each other. never left the honeymoon stage!! our palms still sweat, we get giddy inside when we see each other. i hope that you too share and experience a love so strong & fresh that it is as if you just met.



Hugs Hugs Hugs and more hugs




and you got engaged on my birfday...I'm so happy for you.


Hugs hugs hugs

Congratulations LBL!  Awesome news!

congrats!  so do you have it pretty planned out already?

AWWW!! CONGRATS LBL!!! Good things are coming your way!!


.Live. .Love. .Laugh.

Congratulations!!! So how did he ask you? details please! Oh and a photograph of your new bling ;)

- One Love

OMG! Congrats! You have to post the engagement ring photograph  



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You're upsetting me....on several levels.

Yeah, I know right.. I'm just so used to driving 50 minutes to work every morning and in the afternoons, so shoot, 2 hours to another city ain't nothing.  AND technically, I'm in Katy, so that's straight I-10..





You know, we have states that aren't even that wide... and we Texans don't consider a 3-5 hour drive very far... Aren't we special...

And I'm only coming if the cake is good :P


Wedding cake is the best!  But I no longer go to reception parties afterward.

Congratulations! I wish you guys the best! Did you guys decide on a date yet?


congratulations!  that's so great!  keep us updated.  :)

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We're still making the plans since we barely got engaged... but Animes, you could come because you're only 2-3 hours away from Houston!!!  

Congratulations LBL! When's the wedding? And when do I get cake?


Congrats LBL!!

I wish you the best and I'll drink one for your happiness on saturday night! :)

Oh Wow! Congrats, being married takes a lot of work and patience. The two of you are blessed!

Yipee!!! I am so happy for you. Keep us posted on all the details. From what you have told us about him he seems like a gret guy.

Congrats, girl!!!! That's wonderful....

Congrats!  LOL my hubby and I (dated 9 yrs; married 1) call each other hubby and wifey too.  I still giggle when he calls me wifey.  May you have many many many happy years together!!!

Bunny girl!  That's great!  Congrats!

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