Oh well, a touch of grey kinda suits you anyway...

Dad always said his grey hair came from me.  He'd point to his head and say things like, "ya see this?!?  this is what I get for having 2 girls.  This bunch here, this is from when the older one knocked her teeth out.  This patch? Ah, that's from when I lost her in a puddle.  And this?  This is from when she got expelled from high school."  He wore his greys proudly, showing them off occasionally, like an old football injury or war wound.  To him, they were almost like family photos, memories he carried with him everywhere he went.

This week, I found my first grey patch.  I've had individual grey strands before, but this is an entire patch, near my temple.  I'm certain it's a manifestation of this past summer of stress.  Every morning I look in the mirror, and I swear there's just a little bit more than there was yesterday.

I'm torn.  Do I run to the nearest salon and have it covered immediately?  Or do I wear the memory of my father's last summer, displayed on my head for all to see?  I think I see some Garnier Nutrisse in my near future...




greys are physical traits of a life well lived, the thing is, u lived thru last summer and the greys are reminders of how strong u are and of the storms u have weathered. i think u should rock the greys also and if u decide it's not a good look for u, go to that cabinet and take out that box! :)

I think grey hair is very flattering on many people. I agree with Snazzy and Bare that you should give the grey a little test drive to see if you like it. As far as the past Summer goes, you made it through and I am sure you are better for it.

Yes.  I say hang onto it for a bit.  You'll know when you are ready to cover it. 

I woke up the morning after my mom was diagnosed inoperable some 15 years ago with a Lily Dracula/Bonnie Raitt/Stacy London (trying to cover all the age groups).  Much to my surprise it disappeared all on it's own. 

As much as I like to blame my kids for my grays, I only got a few strands after each birth.  I'm sure there are more in my future.

The streak returned the day after the infamous "hair cut" a few days before my Dad passed.  This time for good.   He had a streak that had been whiter than the rest for sometime.  Like you are saying, I kept it for a bit in homage or memory or as my badge of courage.  Now, I dye it, part it strategically or just leave it depending on my mood. 

You'll know.  ;)


You have had a pretty rough summer, I can deffinately see it be a sign of stress.  I'm going to go with leave it for a few days and maybe take a photograph or two...then color it :) It'll be there any time your hair grows out :)


My hair falls out when I'm stressed...

i realize this might have been a retorical question but i say wear your hair with the grey for a while. for a bit of closure anyway. you might even begin to like it. the bombshell beauty in a box is just a bathroom cabinet away. =)

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