Ok maybe im going out on a limb here

 well for my first blog on GUG Im going to write about something thats been on the media and my mind a lot lately.

Im sick of turning on the TV and seeing shit about brittney spears on every channel. At first I didnt feel bad for her at all. Now that I see all the media coverage and the things she is going through I honestly I have to say I feel for her in a wierd way. We both have many things in common to be truthfull about the matter.

First off I know what it is like to battle addictions with drugs and alcohol. Addiction isnt just something you can take a medicine for. Addiction is a life long struggle and that needs constant monitoring. If people who werent addicts knew what it was like to feel sober you wouldnt want us to be sober. After being junked up for so long and then coming clean its hard to get your drive back and to be happy. It doesnt take days or weeks it take months upon months even years, just to get some happiness back. Addiction to me is a disease of the mind and body and can kill you just like cancer can. 

Secondly, just by watching her actions I can tell you she has some sort of mental illness. I know im not a doctor but having a mental disorder I can tell you what things you do and the actions you portray to seem as mentally ill. I have borderline personality disorder, along with Gen. Anxiety disorder, and severe depression.  Having a mental illness along with addiction is not a joke. It really takes a toll on you and having people in your face 24-7 doesnt help either. I myself have been under a lot of scrutiny from family and friends and I cant imagine what it feels like to have the media in your face all the f@*king time. When people are up in your sh*t all the time you need to realize it isnt going to help. I have been in a strapped down in restraints more than once and hospitalized and it isnt any fun. It makes you feel like an animal. I dont know about you people but im sure you wouldnt like it or having docs and nurses up in your face every 30 minutes asking if you feel suicidial or homicidial.  That in itself is enough to make someone go crazy needless to say they go as far to even watch what you eat. It  sucks. The only way this woman will get better is if the media leave her the f. alone. Soon she will breakdown even worse than she is broken now and come face to face with what is going on and say OH Crap I dont want to die and I dont want to feel like this anymore I want help. She will reach out and she will try her hardest to get better or she will be forced to get better by a court maybe. In some cases which is the only way some people will get better, like I had to do and am still doing. I know this is cliche because I dont know this woman , but I can say I do feel for her and hope that she gets better.  Its a sad sight to see and I can relate to her. When I seen those photograph of her being wheeled out by an ambulance and in restraints was a chilling reminder to the things I have been through on more than one occasion. So I hope the best for her.

I know Im wierd but when I see people like this  no matter who it is, it really gets to me.



( I tried proof reading this to make sure I didnt get out of hand with curse words so if I forgot one without putting the @&#* in it Im sorry :(  )




lmao Hot2na!! i must confess too. i am addicted to perez's site. *cough* do a search on there for cisco adler...omfg! gross. who has balls like that man? eww. im going to check out that x17online..... :)


here's the cisco link...scroll down to his photograph where its concealing & then hit click here, then you will see the full photograph:


Very well said p izzle. I also agree with your wife. Im almost certain if the media doesnt cool down on her that she will take her own life. I feel so sorry for those boys who havent done anything wrong and have to wonder where is mommy and whys she sick. These boys are probably going to unfortunately walk the same path as there mother because of the emotional stress they will suffer. Its just like Anna Nicoles little girl she is only a year old and has already experienced hell. Poor thing almost doesnt stand a chance with her mother and brother gone


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I agree that media is half the problem. Brittney  wants to stay famous and the paparazzi is the easiest path to that. I have no problem with paparazzi taking pics of people at events or other normal famous people situations but when you get into filming and photographing some ones life twenty four hours a day that's just unfair. Especially for some one in a custody fight. That being said, the judge wouldn't know about just how unstable she is with out that information. I do feel bad for celebrities sometimes. Mostly when they can't go about normal activities because there are so many people taking there picture. I would seriously punch somebody.

  I have to say I was shocked Brittney was released from the hospital and suicide watch after only 24 hours. I was more shocked when Dr. Phil violated her right to privacy by telling me and several million viewers about her mental issues. Really, it's disturbing that the whole custody battle is public. All of that should be a private matter. Those children are going to have to grow up with the full knowledge of what happened. That will change how they feel about there mom and that kind of sucks. Don't get me wrong, they'd probably grow up to dislike her any way but at least they would come to that on there own. 

 My wife feels certain she will kill her self. She always says how Brittney is breaking her heart. I think I agree with the wife. She certainly seems like she would kill her self.  That would be the biggest loss for those kids and for that alone the media should leave it be and let Brittney, Kevin and the judge work things out. Maybe without all the added pressure she could be an ok mom. Not a great mom but an ok one. 


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I would rather bank off of something else then someone elses stupidity, there are tons a site like that now a days. I just dont like the guy hes annoying. Every time hes on TV all I hear is a whiney voice bahhhhhhhh 


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hmm. from my perspective, it was a business opportunity. capitalizing on someone else's stupidity ...all the way to the bank baby Money mouth. wish i owned that website.


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WOW you were right jleo_35 That perezhilton site was horrible and he had the balls to call her a glamwhore Oh please. This dude is some kind of douche bag popping off about everyone else misfortunes when hes the fat slob with a different hair color everyday and cant say anything descent about anyone way to hide your insecurities you F-ing coward! So whos the glamwhore pshh


"If everybody is thinking alike then nobody is thinking"

jleo_35 - - i have yet to hit the perezhilton.com site, however, i cannot live without my daily....<confession time> sometimes hourly fix of x17online.com and when i type hourly....sometimes their paps are on a story so juicy i salivate just waiting for the play-by-play Embarassed....




"A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future.”

- Coco Chanel

Very selfish indeed but thats the main personality trait of a true addict. I believe she probably does want her boys back and does want help but it scared of confinement. Anyone who has been catered to there whole life would probably fear for their life in any kind of confinement.


"If everybody is thinking alike then nobody is thinking"

yeah, you are right, she doesnt seem to stand a chance. i havent followed much of any of the details of the britney situation, but i would think that if someone lost their kids that they would stay in the country and accept help so that they could have their kids back. she sounds selfish running off just to avoid hospitalization. woman, go to the hospital, get your stabilty back, stay off drugs so that you can get your kids back. do you want them growing up with "issues" as well! I know addiction is hard, but it can be overcome sometimes.

but yeah, like you said there is hope for some--but probably not in her case. and like LadyCerridwen48 said--brittney never learned the coping skills most people learn as a child/young adult. she learned adult financial business skills when she was a child. that wont get you far if you lack the day to day down to earth coping skills. 

Addiction takes over any hope you have because when you are that far into it the only thing you are hoping for is your next buzz and nothing else.



well said . im just a realist i suppose. if i hope, it leads to false hope & then i get let down. i do believe there is hope for some individuals, but in her case...i think not. i personally like the perezhilton.com website, but i think he pushes her too far. he shows pics of her vajayjay (thats what i call 'it' ...lol),  all the way to calling her a sl*t & a bad mother.  if you havent been to his site, check it out. its pretty raw. 


Your right LadyC, she really isnt mentally an "adult". I remember one time my therapist telling me that the age you start using is which age you emotionally stop growing so whenever britney started abusing substances is technically her age. She will need a lot of therapy to so called grow up emotionally into an adult.


"If everybody is thinking alike then nobody is thinking"

I can't disagree with you, DownGirl. It's sad, society's thirst for celebrity breakdowns and mishaps, and Brit has become the media's easiest target. At first, I had no sympathy. Like 007Martini said, she is an adult making adult decisions. That being said, I don't think Britney Spears really qualifies as an "adult", despite her age. We're talking about a kid who's formal education ended somewhere around 4th grade. Sure, she was provided with tutors and such, but when her career took off with "The Mickey Mouse Club", her education essentially ended. A high school education isn't just about booklearning, there are a lot of coping skills, life skills, that are learned through experience. Little things, like social dynamics, how to tolerate those you don't necessarily like, etc. When those lack of social skills collide with a LOT of money, no parental supervision, AND addiction, well, Britney's right where anyone would expect her to be. Unfortunately, those 2 little boys of hers are right there with her, and to me, that's the tragedy.


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these threads are very heart & soul. and i truly respect any person who can blog very personal and intimate details such as these.

this sort of thing happens to men & women everyday around the world. i do not think celebrity status warrants any more special treatment or sympathy than the john and jane does of real america.

i on the other hand have a difficult time finding sympathy for adults making adult decisions whether it be good, bad, or indifferent.


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I think you are probably right jleo and I hope we are wrong because I see something else in her. When you are an addict its almost like you can see through other addicts souls and see there inner core and right away you know if they are truly a good hearted person or a person full of evil. I believe She is very much a good hearted woman and a good mother deep down, who just lost her way.  Like I said the media is going to kill her and they will be dumb enough not to take any responsibility for it


"If everybody is thinking alike then nobody is thinking"

Pat you are right there is always a hope for a new day , but I think when you are that far gone you dont care and your hope is completely gone, thats the differance between depression and addiction. Addiction takes over any hope you have because when you are that far into it the only thing you are hoping for is your next buzz and nothing else.


"If everybody is thinking alike then nobody is thinking"

Good post!

I think if people stopped buying the magazines that employ the paparazzi who stalk her they just  *might* leave her alone. I mean why take a photo of someone if no one cares? 

not to dive too deep into my personal life because i am a very private person, but in my experience--there is Hope for a new day. I have dealt with a dark depression every single day--almost every second--of my life that has made each day hard to make it to the next. But I wont give in to ending life.

this song helps the days go by.

well, no one should "give in", but i still stand by my use of the word 'rarely'. 


I think a lot of the people who put her down (news and random people) aren't considering what their every move would look like on T.V. Seriously if my life a couple years ago was documented like hers has always been, oh geez. I wouldn't listen to people either if everyone everywhere had an opinion about what I do day to day. It seems to me like she's just dealing with constant crap in her own way. She can't even drive somewhere without practically running over photographers. It would make a world of difference if she were left alone for a while, maybe she doesn't want so much help, just some time without constant bombardment. I agree, I feel for her too. I only have a step son, but it would crush me to be told on every other website that I was a bad mother by people who don't know anything real about me.

I got a badge! :)

hopefully britney wont give in. there is always Hope for a new day..

 nice blog. i come from a family of addicts & i can completely relate to addiction as well.  As for britney, unfortunately, i think she will be gone soon. 


Its a pity that the media will probably end up being behind the reason of her death. I have never been a britney fan or do i like pop music its just that I know how she feels and I wouldnt wish that upon my worst enemy


"If everybody is thinking alike then nobody is thinking"

you are not weird. your honesty is amazing. 


they will never leave brittney alone until time passes and they find someone new to pick on. they pick on her to mask their own issues--defense mechanism. 

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