No one wants scrapped knees. No one wants bad love.

I've decided to take my profile down at

I've grown tired of the dead ends I'm experiencing and last night's really put the icing on the cake.

I'm single however that doesn't make me desperate. I have children, yes, however that doesn't mean I'm going to hump the first man that comes around.

I'm quite fickle and picky at who I date.

Last night I chatted with a man that I've been corresponding via email. You can learn alot about someone by what they write OR don't write in their profiles. You can learn alot from what they say in an email.

My goodness folks was I ever wrong about this one. *sigh*.

I guess the email exchange was foreplay for him because he started asking quite sexually explicit questions that didn't get answered.

I'm just not that kind of girl. And it's regrettable that he thought otherwise.

In the end I said "goodnight" and promptly blocked all forms of communication.

Oh well. C'est la vie.



Well first of all is not a very reputable site. All that's on there are wet fish, pardon the pun. I had a profile up there once upon a time, and took it down within days when I saw what was I was reeling in. lol... In saying that, on all dating websites you are going to get guys who ask explicit questions. why? because they can, and well because they're guys, they hide behind their screens so they become verrry brave. At first, I was appalled by what they would ask, nowadays, I just say one of two things which are: 1) If you had just met me at a bar would you ask me that same question? usual answer is eh no I guess not, to which i repond, well what do you think gives you the right to ask me over the internet. Result = usually left speechless. 2) OMG what would you expect your sister/mother to say if they were asked that question? Same response, usually nothing. Don't play the game, change the game.

 No, I haven't come across/thought about speed dating. Hmm...


If love is the answer can someone please rephrase the question for me...

ugh! i cannot imagine being single. well, if i was, i'm pretty sure i would die from frequent sex Surprised! okay, re your situation, there happens to be a growing trend where i am domiciled, amongst the young urban single and wealthy men. they are all turning to dating services. similar to, however, they all as a large group meet & greet over dinner and cocktails and right into speed dating. i know several who are now engaged, a few married already, and others....well, just working it a bit to be honest. have you thought about that route?

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