Prank your IM friends with AIM, AOL, ICQ. & some other things that are weird.

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Prank your friends and family on IM's like AIM, AOL & ICQ using our IM PRANK Bot! Put in their IM screenname and a computer will talk to them for ten minutes using a highly advanced Artificial Intelligence system. After the ten minutes are up, the IM conversation will be displayed. This way you can make fun of them for actually talking to a computer!
IM Prank Bot is completely safe to send on people of all ages. The IM Prank bot will respond with the same attitude as it is given... Whether your friend has one of those hostile potty mouths, or just loves to chat, you're bound to end up with some hilarious conversations. 
To get the IM Prank go to: & follow the instructions there. This is a hilarious prank! You should try the IM Prank! ;)

I heard that in 98 Microsoft installed a video file on every copy on its software to countdown the final seconds to Y2K & that the video is on every microsoft i went to "MY COMPUTER" then clicked on "LOCAL DISK (C:)" & then clicked on WINDOWS......i scrolled down until i saw "clock" & clicked on played a countdown in seconds, starting from 10. weird. This story may not be true, but why is it there? hmmm. i wonder if its a bad thing.





I'm tempted to test the limits of the IM Prank Bot. I can be fairly nasty...

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