Puerto Rico and their Statehood



Beautiful Island Of Vieques where US used to test bombs.

As a Nuyorican (A Puerto Rican raised in New York), I know I may not have any right to speak on any inhabitants of
Puerto Rico at all. So just for the record...there are my thoughts alone.



A coworker and I were having a conversation earlier as to if
Puerto Rico was able to vote in the Presidential election. It turns out they can vote in the Primary elections if the delegates choose to have them particpate. However, since they're not a state they cannot vote in the actual Presidential election. Which made me think that maybe our pride for our country is standing in the way of correcting many of our country’s issues?


Puerto Rico is not a state, they do not pay taxes. However, they are not entitled to SSI and receive 15% less Medicaid than a state normally would. Puerto Ricans are considered US citizens and are able to serve in the
US military forces.


So my thing is, that we're willing to die for a country that will not allow us to vote for a person that will lead them into these battles. We accept their pity help in exchange for keeping our pride. What's really stopping us from voting towards statehood?


Believe me, I know the US Government is far from being saints. I'm full aware of the hardships they have brought to
Puerto Rico: Testing bombs on our lands, and putting many out of homes. Sparing a few lives for the sake of seeing how well they can kill other people in other countries. Testing birth control on our women that inevitably made them sterile. (If you want to hear about the other injustices the US has brought forth upon
Puerto Rico, take a look at the documentary Yo Soy Boricua! Pa Que Tu lo Sepas! This roughly translates to I'm Puerto Rican, Just So You Know!)


So we have endured a many great pains that the
US was just so proud to hand out. So why not go to the next step and become a state, so perhaps we can have alleviate some of the hardship.


Maybe so many of our children would not turn to streets and crime because funding for schools makes them overpopulated.


Maybe, so many of our own people would not move to other actual states to get Government funding. When we were to visit our motherland, we can hold our heads up high and said we did what we could to make sure our land didn’t die in vain. What good does it do to try and preserve the land that you adore so much, if you do nothing to let it prosper?



...But then again this is just something I was thinking about.





 Many Puerto Ricans feel that becoming a state might take away from our heritage. New generation Puerto Ricans are more Americanized than ever and tend to even lose their language. Most of our day and age can't even speak to our grandparents. But that's on the parents. We can instill the beliefs and culture of our people even if we do become a state. You don't lose who you are b/c of government influences. You lose who you are when you choose to let it go. We chose to remain a territory because we'll still receive government funding that way. However, we don't receive half as much funding as we would if we were a state.


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You're upsetting me....on several levels.

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Besides remaining a territory or becoming a state, there is also an option of becoming an independent country.  I haven't heard anything about that in a while - is that still on the table and is that thought attractive to very many Puerto Ricans?

Wow, that is some deep thinking there and I wonder why there is not much discussion about this.  But isn't it Puerto Rico's choice to remain a territory and not become state?  What exactly is holding them back?

A really good friend of mines is Puerto Rican and I've never really thought to ask him what he thought about this.

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