Pyrex bowl dreams...shattered

Paying tribute to a shattered Pyrex bowl


I was mixing up frosting for my cake. One of my family treasures slipped through my hands and went crashing to the floor. It was an ugly bowl. It's faded and chipped around the mouth. It’s a Brady Bunch avocado green color. It is really quite dumb that I am so sad.  I had to give it a proper burial into my hutch. I will pull out the glue later and see if I can salvage it at all.  I am really sad.


Memories of grandma & memories with mom are all contained in one green Pyrex Bowl.

The chance to create my own memories with this ugly bowl are now gone. A precious item that lived through grandma, and my childhood. I remember the stories mom would share about her time with grandma and cookie batter. I remember our kitchen in that one house making cakes and rice krispie treats. It held air popped popcorn on family movie nights. Christmas baking with all my cousins. It outlived it all. It started a new life with me and my kids 9 years ago. 


I bid a tearful farewell for days of dinner preparation and little fingers stirring. Special award recognition desserts mixed with love. I have so many memories of my childhood with this ugly green pyrex bowl. Grandma and Mom. The thousands of batches of chocolate chip cookies and meatloaf. It held contents of my pink ballerina cake for my 10th birthday. Grandma made her famous cinnamon rolls for as long as her eyes and hands allowed in this ugly bowl. Every dinner and every brownie batch this ugly bowl was there. It overheard family dinner table conversations. It even held mashed potatoes the night Mom choked on steak and the ambulance came to save the day. I remember that vividly.


It was given in love from grandma to mom. Then following the birth of my first child, mom gave it to me. I am sad …

I will puzzle it back together as well as I can. It will have a new home in my hutch with all my other memories.

Now, how do I break the news to Mom???    tear* 

~leave them wondering~





Sounds like a bowl full of wonderful memories. I know how difficult it can be to have to give up something so close to your heart but you CAN make new memories. And when your child gets the new one some day there will be new memories attached to the old, including the day you all went to the store to buy a new green bowl.

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i know how you feel about memories of things from childhood. recently i found an ugly little yellow teapot at the consignment store, it's the exact style my nana used to use every morning to heat up her water for tea. when i was a kid, i thought it was hideous, but i love this one now, it reminds me of nana in the morning, and the french toast that was always sure to follow! maybe you can get a new mixing bowl and start new memories with your daughter. if the bowl cant be glued back together, how about thinking of a way you could use the pieces to make a kind of keepsake about your mom and grandma? 

We had a hutch full of old sentimaental nik-nacs then we had to move and carefully put them in boxs. When we opend the boxs we found mom had dropped the most important one. Thank god for gorilla glue.

Miss Green~

I loved what you wrote. Yes, it's an object. But the memories it holds, it's no different than a picture. You made me think of some of my things that I have lost.

I have learned to keep what remaining items I have left, in my hutch for safe keeping. My hutch is packed because I keep adding things to it. It's getting cluttered and hubby says he'll make me a new one someday. I have had this hutch since I was 18. It had a matching table and chairs, but I just gave that to my daughter and the hutch will be hers someday. I'll be 46 years old in a few months and my hutch still has the original light bulb in it. That's a good light bulb!


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

THANKS tip95..... I am glad you understand. I feel silly getting so emotional over a stupid bowl... LOL

Leave them wondering~

Thanks .. I decided to just piece it together. It's not too bad. It broke into about 7 large pieces. I will just keep it for my own sentimental illness. I have a date with my kids this weekend to buy a new one. I decided the tradition doesn't have to end because I am so "gracefull." I will have the kids pick out a new one. Preferrably a big huge tupperware one that won't break.

 Leave them wondering~

Blame it on the dog, the basset hound not the husband.

Oh Green! I am sorry to hear about your bowl! And I totally understand.... :)

A year or more ago my grandma let me take home some food after Thanksgiving or Christmas........( ok ok maybe it was more like 2 or 3 years). She had given me the food on this brown plate (totally 70's). And I swore I'd bring the plate back. Keep in mind she doesn't use these plates anymore because she has new ones. But she made a point of saying I never return the plates so she is giving me the OLD one. I am very forgetful when it comes to that kind of thing!

Needless to say now when I take that plate out of my cabinet ;) I always think of grandma ellie. I kept the plate on purpose this time. I was going to return it (because my 11 year old KEPT reminding me) but then I decided that I was going to keep it because I liked thinking of my grandma while I was eating sometimes for no reason other then this is her plate and it was there when I was little. I even think I remember when she bought them when the supermarket was having a special deal and every week you got a different piece for a special price!

So if you need me to come over with my glue to help you try to piece together your bowl......I'll check the plane flights tonight!!!

It's the little memories that are the best!!!

Sorry to hear about your loss :(   I always thought pyrex was unbreakable? I guess not.

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