Reality has nothing to do with it

The chance encounter followed by the prerequisite question of how are you...expected response of good and you...followed by awkward silence and then a quick good-bye. How many of us have perfected the face? You know the one I mean. The face that we carry with us to work, into the grocery store and to anywhere else where others might see us. It's the calm face with the pseudo madonna smile. The one that proclaims to the world that when asked our reply will be a far from the truth but safe "good and you." How tired it makes us yet we continue to do it. I don't know about the rest of you but I am weary. However rest assured, should you ask.... I'm good, and you?.





i know exactly what you are saying...or at least how it translated for me. the "facade." promoting the image of everything's fine.. when in reality...

because it's easier on everyone else's ears, and because who wants to get into discussing it with everyone, and that pretense...the pretending...makes it easier sometimes to get through the day. sometimes i myself forget, until a nice little reminder email or phone call pops up w/ news or snide comments to T-storm on my little pretend-"fine" day, and i crumble for a little while until i can pick it up, crumple it, and stuff it back in that corner of oblivion in the brain used for "stuff we'd rather not deal with."

so yes, i maintain that face every day. it's hard work, ya think i'd burn some calories or some sort of reward for it! ;-)

Cassandra, hang in there. and if you're ever "not fine" AND want to talk about being not fine, i'm here.

*little do they know...*

my face varies i'm afraid. brutally honest, i know. if i am caught off guard while out on errands and someone approaches me, i do not want to be held responsible for a fugly mug moment. otherwise, i'm quite animated and cheerful!

Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

What a thoughtful and quick little blog. My favorite kind.

I have the same face all the time. Its usually scowling. My quick response to the "How are you?" is generally "Peachy", sometimes "Dandy".

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