School is in session! *happy dance*

The first bell ring of the day on a beautiful and HOT September day is the sweetest sound my ears have been longing to hear since about mid- August.


 I loved the time at home this summer with my kids and I feel blessed that being an at home mom gives me precious times that I will want back someday but, I will not lie I had days that required a straight jacket and little men in white coats. We had alot of fun this summer and spent alot of time at the pool. We worked hard on swimming and now two more of my children know how to swim. yeah! But, I also had alot of days of stepping over those little green army men and well, not missing some of them (ouch) The constant wars over what to watch on tv, and who can forget the million Mom, he hit me, she's touching me, they won't play with me...and my favorite one is spending two days trying to find out what in the heck "that smell" was in my youngest' bedroom. (finally found it) So incredibly gross.


My two youngest girls celebrated birthdays in August and we had alot of growing up happen this summer. My two oldest girls asked the dreaded question of how babies are made. (stemming from watching Grease and the scene in the back of the car with Rizzo at the look out point) first bra shopping and first crush with my oldest. I am really, really not ready for this. I officially have a 6th grader, 5th grader, 1st grader and preschooler now. Makes me wonder where all the time went. Wasn't it just yesterday that I found out I was even pregnant? This summer was a summer of growth and change. I am taking some deep breathes and preparing myself for the years of growing up that are happening way too fast. I knew that these days would start soon but I was fooling myslef in thinking I was still safe for at least another 2 years.


 Oh and by the way if you are having to look in a 4 year old's bedroom for a horrifically bad smell...check in the toy box.. that's where little boys like to hide bologna sandwiches........






I'm doing fine, busy of course.

I can tell you, that as a parent you should always expect the unexpected. And if it can happen it probably will. As much as I wanted to be the best parent I could be, you never really are.

One of the best things I could have ever heard from my children during teen years, was a big thank you for being the parents we were, and not allowing them to run around, doing whatever they wanted, because they had seen their friends parents and the lack of discipline. To have their friends tell them that they wished they could have us as parents, that is a compliment. Their parents did not listen to them, did not interact with them, did not treat them as equals, did not give them a chance to think for themselves.

Ohhh, I could go on. We gave our children space, but also guidance and in the background we were watching their backs. Not to be meddlesome, but to insure their safety. And you can't always catch and fix everything. You just do the best you can do.

We never had a lot of money, we've always worked and worked hard, but one thing we had plenty of was love. We live in a very modest home and around here, there are lots of nicer homes and our children's friends all lived in the nicer ones, but we were home. They could be themselves here. And I loved seeing that when they would visit. And maybe some of that was my

We still aren't done raising them yet, though. Daughter just started college, has blessed us with a grandchild and works full-time. Son is away at college now. It probably isn't really ever over, being a parent. We get through the good times and the bad times, and that's enough for me.

And , potatoes as dinosaur eggs? Oh my. Glad I've never heard of that one. I do know how bad rotten potatoes smell, ugh. Hilarious.


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

hahaha ~~~ I just saw this!... Now that is funny. I would have never thought a potato could be that bad of a smell. But, then again I guess that all depends on how long it was hidden for!

Leave them wondering~

mmmm... bologna sandwich....   tasty.

Thanks Lynn! (How are ya?) My goal is to be the parent that my kids feel comfortable going to with any question but, reserved enough that they will think twice or three times maybe even four before acting on impulses..hahaha

I was ambushed by them both too and yes, they got the full story. I figure if I don't do it one of their friends (or future boyfriends) will... Lord help me then!


Leave them wondering~

 Ohhh, do I remember the question about how babies were made.  Both my kids ambushed me at the same time.

So, being who I am, they got the complete course in babymaking along with all *correct* terms of anatomy.  They listened intently and were satisfied with the truth. 

We were camping at the time and I truly believe they chose this as their bedtime story.  (I always read or made up a story for them).

As soon as I was done I asked them if they had any questions for me.  They didn't, so I tucked them in, kissed them good night and told them if they ever had any questions about anything, they could come and ask me.

Which they have done.  And I am grateful for that.


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

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