School's out for SUMMER! Whoo!

Fresh outta the shower, so fresh and so clean--clean... lol

Okay I took my last final tonight, so I've now completed my first semester whooo!

Although my brain turned to mush and I'm not so sure how I did this last test... the only one I studied for too... figures

Now I need to find my hiney a job... I'm sooooo tired of being completely broke.

Oh, so I'm 21... figured I'd elaborate on my 21 year old experiences (all you old people can stop rolling your eyes now)

Well... I didn't do anything for my birthday... took a week and a half before my boyfriend deemed me important enough to even see... but he did take me out this past Saturday... first legal drinks I've had.  I've never been a drinker... never liked alcohol... but these drinks were yummy... surprisingly.  I didn't get drunk... kinda buzzed... anyway, we ended up at this place called Chacho's... lmao... yeah, boyfriend driving crazy trying to make it to last call (we were barhopping).. we get there only to find out they stop serving at 1:30... okay fine, that's cool... we're hungry anyway... Nachos... oh my god... NACHOS... 20 bucks for these nachos... let me back up, there are 3 of us... me, Johnny (boyfriend), and Rick (cool asian guy)... okay, back to the nachos... these are called King Kong Nachos... with good reason... there was enough food to feed 3 King Kongs... can we say 'challenge'?  well boyfriend was full about 10 minutes before Rick and I stopped... WEAK... I'm not going to let him forget that either... Granted Rick ate 3 chips more than me, I held my own... I'll beat them all next time... anyone up for an eating contest?

Oh, and foamy... Rick says I've gained weight, so there! Not that I consider that a good thing... but yeah *sticks tongue out*

So yeah, we got fish... little fishies... thank goodness we started with freshwater, because I think we may be killing these fish... oh, and our local pet store has this giant tank, and they give you this net... and you get to catch your own fishies... which is a LOT harder than you think... but oh so addictive.

So who here plays World of Warcraft?  I got the trial thing, haven't started it yet, but I'm getting ready to so I can see if I like it or not... Boyfriend doesn't want me to play it because he thinks I'll turn into some D&D weirdo... I get addicted to games easily... Sims, DDR, Kingdom Hearts... yeah I have problems...

And my newest problem is I'm starving... so I'm going to go get food... I'll type more laterrrssss!





Kudos on finishing for the summer and good luck in your job search. I am actually ready, willing and able to take you up on an eating contest as long as it's nachos!! They sound so yummy!

^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^
do not meddle
in the affairs of dragons
for you are crunchy
and taste good with ketchup

^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^

Glad to hear you gained some weight now quit the Ramen and keep eating real food Wink

WoW.... could never get into that game, maybe try Oblivion instead you don't have to keep spending money to play and eventually it ends

and congrats on completing your first semester Smile

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