Are We in for a New Reality?

Okay, so I figured it was about time to write another blog... because I love you all, and know you worry... okay so it's just for some attention...

So I killed my laptop a little over a month ago.... poor thing... was contemplating burial services... Ashton was helping me, and then I had a bunch of drama and disappeared from the internet almost all together... just checking in for a few moments a day...

Well I came back recently... worked with Ashton a bit more... and he saved my laptop!!! WHOO!... now I'm still having some issues that I'm trying to work through, but at least it works. THANK YOU ASHTON!!! again..

I'm loving the new ChatRoom... not sure about the random people that pop in... and people I can't understand (I don't speak Croatian... sorry lol)

Okay, so I registered for my classes... I remember being told that no one has graduated with a Computer Science degree in years... want to know why? Because you can't graduate if you don't take the classes... and you can't take the classes if they keep getting dropped because not enough people sign up for them... so far my Data Structures class only has 5 people signed up.... I'm feeling like I'll be kissing that one goodbye

Lately, I've been getting freakishly interested in super natural type theories... It kinda spawned from my sit in session of watching the entire Serial Experiments Lain series... It mentioned the Schuman Resonance... which is, for those of you who don't know, the Earth's Heartbeat... Basically it's the frequency of the electromagnetic waves that the Earth produces... With that understood, we learn that this frequency is slowly rising... also that humans emit electromagnetic waves as well.

The electromagnetic wave frequency in humans changes during different states of mind, giving Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta ranges according to whether you're awake, half awake, sleeping and dreaming, and in a non-dream deep sleep.

Well the anime also introduced me to a theory (that is actually widely tested) that all humans are connected on a subconscious level (I don't know if that's the word I wanted to use... I have a point, I promise)

Another theory that is brought up in the anime (again that is widely speculated) is that if humans emit the same frequency electromagnetic waves as the Earth, it will bring us to that plane where we are all connected... causing what might be described as hallucinations, or otherwise speculated 'other reality' (I'm not sure if I'm explaining this 100% correctly, or even clearly for that matter... but it gets more interesting) This is the level where many people describe clairvoyance, ESP, and other psychic abilities... remember, this is were we're all 'connected'... a network if you will...

More interestingly, although the small amount of research I've done has come up noting that people measure the alpha, beta, theta, and delta frequency ranges differently... and say that the Earth is at different ranges than other people... it's speculated that our brains emit the same frequency as the Earth (Schuman Resonance) while we are dreaming as we sleep... I thought that was interesting as far as the 'other reality' and 'hallucinations' and 'intertwined connection' go... so does this mean that when our brains emit the same frequency as the earth (even though we happen to be sleeping at this point so far) that we have tapped into our 'clairvoyant' abilities? That we've reached that plane of connection? Again note that I mentioned that the Schuman Resonance is slowly rising... so what happens if the Earth's electromagnetic frequency reaches the same as ours when we're awake? Will we be hallucinating, or in some alter reality?

Or maybe I'm just getting overly excited over nothing, or maybe I have it all wrong and don't understand it... I know that these are just theories and speculation... but it really does seem interesting, and would be wicked awesome if it were true... so call me a nutcase or some moronic loser if you will... I just thought it seemed like a lot of coincidences, and is now a hobby for me (I just learned about an hour ago that I've been spelling 'Schuman Resonance' wrong, forgetting the 'C' in Schuman... so now I have to research more, and will probably do a better job now)

Okay....... so maybe I am nuts... I'll admit that... but it's more interesting to be crazy than normal. Can I at least get someone to agree with me there? What do you do for fun? Look up the scores for the latest football game?? Stare at myspace wondering why no one messages you? Thought so... see? Boring!

Until next time...

Do something crazy, and say something interesting.

Edit: I had to alter my title... my blog was popping up at number 2 when googling 'schuman resonance' 




 Most of mine are nightmares... or just dreams of ordinary days... boring.

I don't know about the rest of the world, but I'd rather think of living in a dream like reality rather than the end of the world come 2012... I don't think people understand the Mayan Calendar... it doesn't mean that the world ends, it just means their Calendar starts over... like a rebirth type of thing... it's too early for me to think in detail. 


Sound Soldier

hmmm..i will def check out the book &/or author. m&m's that made you fly?  

 wow...i wish i had dreams like that. sounds fun! mine are mostly morbid.

lol, I'm glad I can entertain... I couldn't resort back to the anime to find the spelling since my desktop died... so I was just spelling phonetically... and out of nowhere it just came to me to spell it with the c...

I also found that there's many books by some guy, I think his name was Gregg Braden or something... that covers some theories about this... and also brings about the 2012 Mayan calendar into the picture...

I don't know know if I care to live in a dream-state... my dreams are usually boring, or nightmares... then again I get some cool ones every now and again... had one once about magic M&M's that made me fly......


Sound Soldier

wow. this is a "deep thinking" blog. love it.  Im left with the same questions as you though anime. interesting!!  im going to read more about this, as it lies within my curiosity.  

 this made me lmao-

"I just learned about an hour ago that I've been spelling 'Schuman Resonance' wrong, forgetting the 'C' in Schuman... so now I have to research more, and will probably do a better job now."


They don't offer this course online... they only offered it at this one particular time at this particular campus... even worse news, is I can't hold my scholarship if I take it at a different school. 


Sound Soldier

That is terrible that you cant have classes because not enough people sign up for them. That has got to be very frustrating. I wonder if you could do online courses for Computer Science and still attain a Degree.


Your recent research on human brain waves.....very interesting.

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