Can I scream...NOW?!

Okay. As most of you already know I leave for Iowa for 8 days tomorrow morning. My boyfriend's mom keeps telling me to drive my car. I can't because I don't have a vailid DL. She's like well have your stepdad meet you downtown..I said he's meeting me at o'hare. Well why don't you just drive yourself? I explained again that I don't have valid tags on my car, no insurance, no DL. Well you'll be fine people drive around with different tags from different states all the time. (I have Iowa tags)She is making me more than frustrated this morning. I'm not taking my car. There is no reason for me to take my car. I'm leaving the keys so that my boyfriend can move it if he needs to. Why would they tow my car when they haven't in the last 6 months I've lived here? What difference is 7 days going to make? NONE! I needed to vent and for some reason I still don't feel better....GRRRRR! Today is taking too long and I want it to take longer. I really am hating being me right now....UGH!


As if there wasn't enough stress about me being gone..thanks...thanks for adding's just EXACTLY what I needed...




Well, wherever the car winds up, I hope you have a safe trip!


"Everybody's going nowhere slowly, they're only fighting for the chance to be last.  There's nothing wrong with going nowhere, baby, but we should be going nowhere fast"

ibcute81 wrote:
She is making me more than frustrated this morning.

stand your ground. it'll only take once for you to stand up for yourself and say, "thank you for the advice, i really appreciate what you are trying to do - but i've got it covered." *then smile real big*



 *sigh* some people just never know when theyre hurting more than helping. Im sure in some warped way of thinking she thinks shes doing you a favor. When all shes really doing is making u want to kick walls. We've all been there hun!

"If lightning strikes twice, I dont want to be standing next to you! "

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