She held Wanda's hand and they worked out a plan and it didn't take them long to decide

What do you do when you find out that your best friend since kindergarten's marriage is FAR worse than you could have ever imagined?  When you find out that her husband broke her cheekbone in front of their 2 small children?  He picked her up, and slammed her face first into the cement basement floor.  You can tell by my title quote, if you're familiar with the song, what my gut reaction was.  (Those black-eyed peas, they tasted alright to me)

After telling me this, and implying that it wasn't the first time, just the worst, she seemed like she was trying to mitigate his behavior.  "It's the first time he's actually broken anything", "I don't think the kids saw all of what happened", "he hasn't gotten this mad in a REALLY long time".  Gawds, she sounded just like someone on Springer or Rikki Lake.  "he didn't really mean it, he just got really mad".  I honestly think if the conversation had been in person instead of over the phone, I'd have grabbed her by her shoulders and shaken her until she came to her senses.

Do I start looking up battered women's shelters?  Do I keep my fingers crossed and hope he doesn't kill her or the kids before I move and she has someplace to go?  I don't know.





She sure is, you're a good friend Lady C.  I hope your friend finds a way out of that darkness.  Not only for herself but her two small ones as well. 

That's great LadyC. I know it hasn't "fixed" the problem yet, but it is so wonderful that you are taking these steps to help your friend. You are the kind of friend we all need to have in our lives. I hope things work out for the absolute best.

I called the National Domestic Violence Hotline, and they gave me some great advice.  Tons of websites concerning local laws, shelters, helplines and more.  Suggested things her and I could arrange, like a thumbdrive for her to bring her pictures of bruises and journal of outbursts here, where he can't find it (effing BRILLIANT!!!)  So, I'm no less concerned, but at least I have a few options for her.


"I had to let it happen, I had to change.  Couldn't stay all my life down at heel"

i'd jump all over it and wouldn't even bother trying to be anonymous. she is in a serious state of denial. been there. done that. once you get past that stage, it is all too clear. but someone needs to drag her across the finish line. do it. or PM me the details. i'll jump on that in a minute!


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