Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.... your kitchen! I know. Shocker Surprised! So I am sitting here MAC'n it googling high end appliances for my next dream home. At which time I stumble upon, and a more than interesting read on who makes what appliance. While it is no longer a secret that I am a bit on the spoiled side, like everyone else I want the top of the line gadget or must have in my kitchen. So I proceed to read the article and my mind is completely blown when I find out who really makes my Viking cooktop, and when I read who makes my sub-zero. I can tell you it is certainly NOT the name on the appliance. So of course my mind shifts to....."GTFO!" I am so shocked Surprised a really juicy piece of gossip or a bargain sale at Nordstroms, I'm bursting at seams needing to tell someone. That's where you come in. "Can you ef'ing believe it Yell?" Just don't tell me this is like....common knowledge or something.  I don't think I can handle two jolts in one evening Wink!

Okay, how do you feel about your appliances now? Betrayed? "Oh I knew this 2na?!" or.....meh..what-e-v-e-r!




You found it? Duh me, never thought of looking it up.

I loved it. Best potato ever, I think. And I have no idea why. going to check out your link. Thank you!


 Edit:  Make sure it's stainless steel.  Rust no good.


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

hey now! i'm thinking that may be my next "it" gadget LynnH. i just looked it up, the potato ricer. never heard of it before.

Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

I miss my Sub-Zero and my Jenn Air. And my ice machine. Lol.

I really was going to keep this to myself.....but every time I go through my kitchen cabinets I think of your post regarding kitchen gadgets and everything that everyone has and I think I must have most of everything. The juicer, the set it and forget it. I do not have enough room for all of it. I am a pack rat of kitchen goodies.

But what I really miss and would like to find again is my potato ricer. I loved that thing!


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

LOL Deary me, well back in ye olde days my mum as a teenager worked in a jam factory. She said it was all the same jam in different jars. A famous jam brand then the cheaper smaller brand had the same jam in it. She uses that excuse to tell me not to buy the expensive beauty products.
With some things I'm sure she's right but sometimes I can't help myself when the pricey ones promise the results I want! :p

Awwww......don't feel bad 2na!!  Lots of things have deceiving "brand" names. I used to drive a was "Made in the USA".  When others drive American cars "Made in Mexico".  AND let me tell ya....... I used to work for a Milk Home Delivery Company and I learned that alot of products are packaged just with different labels on them.  So sometimes the "no name" brand is the same exact thing as the top of the line brand.....Tongue out

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