Snow Shovel✓ Ice Scraper✓ Bikini?

My last venture out shopping with husband of mine was to prepare ourselves for the snow we now have. It was a rather unsuccessful trip I might add. Headed to the area where Target once housed snow & winter gear, only to find a spring and summer frenzy of employees quickly working with a look of panic on their faces if they don't get that much needed summer display fully finished!

Um, we are in January. It is still very much Winter from what I know. It feels like winter. It looks like winter. Why would retailers cut their sales short by putting all of the now needed snow gear away and break out items we may not need for 4-5 months, if that?

Are retailers driving our holidays now? Have they teamed up with Hallmark in cramming holidays and seasons down our throats faster than we can swallow?

Everywhere we look there are hearts & candy. Valentine's Day is in February. Right behind the hearts, the next wave of holiday fare is staged and ready to makes it's debut. Chocolate bunnies, Easter Eggs, Marshmellow Chicks and more. When did we vote on not celebrating St. Patrick's Day? Because I'm pretty sure I didn't sign off on that memo. I look forward to getting my green drink on.

Shall we forge an alliance and let the retailers now when WE are ready for the next holiday? If they keep this up, we'll see 4th of July celebration gear by March!

So, no snow shovel. Just swim apparel.

The end.




The same thing happened to me too some years ago. My friends and I were also preparing ourselves to have some good time playing with the snow. Unfortunately, the same problem made us cancel our plan and do the exact oppsite thing. It was fun, what can I say.

I dunno if this is of any use to you at this point... but if you need to get ice off your car glass, use rubbing alcohol...

I LOVE rubbing alcohol and use it for just about anything I can think of (I stick it in a spray bottle so I can skip and sing as I spray)... so I was looking for yet MORE uses that I was unaware of and came across one that said:

Fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spritz the car glass, then wipe it with a clean cloth to clear the frost

Which makes complete sense, since the freezing temp for Alcohol is far lower than water (I was told the freezing point for pure 100% alcohol is the starting point (zero) for the celcius scale)... so alcohol will help melt frozen water... logically... and it's great for cleaning glass, leaves no streaks so 2 for 1!!!

Dunno if this actually works... since frost and ice might be two different things... so don't hold me to it if you freeze your tush off standing outside with a spray bottle of alcohol getting nothing accomplished :) ... but in theory, it should.

And if it makes you feel any better, when I worked in a dept. store a few years ago, they were putting out swimwear in December... then again it *was* San Antonio, where it's only cold like 3 weeks out of the year.


Sure will, Navy Exchange does it because military doesn't pay sales tax.

ah, that makes sense. so if you see any crazy deals, i'm buying 'em and flying 'em! send me a pm.


All sales in the military stores are for military only. I bring my family in there and they give me cash and I pay for what they want. Ya, to access their website you have to either be an active member or dependent and you have to enter a social security number.

hey PinkJammies - hook a sis'ta up! if you know of stores in YOUR area that have websites w/these sales.....send them our way ;)


i sure hope that is the case. still waiting for the big snow fall this winter. i have been told it is colder than normal. maybe that is why we do not have as much snow.


you'll have the hang of it in no time.  come this time next year you'll be a pro.



"Your typical city involved in a typical daydream.  Hang it up and see what tomorrow brings."

I went into our military department store right after Christmas and everything was purple, pink, shorts and sandals. Nice thing about it is we here in California can wear it now. It's awesome when the Uggs and winter gear go on sale.

i'm learning here to watch what weight of coats/jackets people are wearing. watching their layer techniques, and taking notes!


i'd love to go into a store and measure out the weather by length of shorts lol!  my kind of weather.  *dreams of warmer climates*




"Your typical city involved in a typical daydream.  Hang it up and see what tomorrow brings."

[quote=missb]HE!! no we ain't missing ST PADDYS DAY...[/quote]

just in case....i'm starting early!


Yep and it seems to get worse every year!!!! and HE!! no we ain't missing ST PADDYS DAY...

believe it or not Me in Wonderland, they do the same back in az. only they go from one length of shorts on display to the next! from bermuda to mid thigh, and daisy duke by summer! no real winter gear to put out except a winter grass seed. boring!



this is totally normal's insane i know.  but, everytime around this year, all the winter stuff starts disappearing off the shelves only to be replaced by spring items...i totally hear what you're saying's impossible to find gloves and such...and we still have at least 2 more months of this weather.  and February can be terrible!  and ya, all the V-day stuff and Easter stuff in the stores this whole month...i don't want to miss out on St. Paddy's day either!  lol.



"Your typical city involved in a typical daydream.  Hang it up and see what tomorrow brings."

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